Zero Punctuation: Red Faction Guerrilla

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it's not that he's losing his spark it's just the summer game drout

Best review I have seen for a while.

that sounds like the revolutionary war

America- colonialist that don't like their resources being taken

Britain- stupidly oppressive forces that had there economy tipped over

Agreed. Yahtzee needs to be faster, I cant get my healthy dose of Zero Punctuation if there are ambiguous commas laying on the floor. Kind of like when you're eating Rasin Bran and see horse flies about the room and start realising that rasins kinda look like flies in milk.

For a game he said he didn't like, he sold it to me quite well.

"A box came up saying my morale had gone down. No it fuckin hadn't Red Faction: Guerilla!"
I'm a bit surprised a game setting you up to destroy things tries to keep you from destroying things.

Yeah it felt really short...

I so need to make an icon of Yahtzee and Saints Row 2 getting married. Such a touching scene...

No Evil Genius ??

Ah cmon man give it a review.

Nice one anyway.... thanks... love your work.

I agree with this review totally. I got bore about a third of the way into the game, and just quit. Now it collects dust and sometimes serves as a coaster.

A quite good review. I do have to agree about how just when you feel you can go and destroy the world with your hammer and rocket launcher the game pulls you back in and says no.

The Earth forces are kinda cartoonishly evil. The comment about the Norse god/biscuit buildings was funny. As for needing ammo, ever tried picking up the Earth forces' weapons? It's pretty much the same. Last sentence was funny. This week's review was good.

wait isnt guerrilla warfare were you run in guns blasing shooting people then before you can get hurt you run like shit back to base?

Agreed. Yahtzee needs to be faster, I cant get my healthy dose of Zero Punctuation if there are ambiguous commas laying on the floor. Kind of like when you're eating Rasin Bran and see horse flies about the room and start realising that rasins kinda look like flies in milk.

shut up shut up shut up!!!

C'mon, I liked the original Red Faction

the only part of Redfaction 1 that i liked was when you added the cheat codes, then you can dig by explosives through the map. but without the codes, it got boring and the story seemed like a cheap dime store scifi novelette. the reviews i read on this game convinced me not to buy it because they all practically said, " it's fun to topple buildings but it sucks to try to get to that point in the game."

I enjoyed Red Faction 2's multiplayer, mostly because you could make your own bots to play with when friends were unavailable. I havent played this one yet, but a friend of mine said that the game itself was really fun.

Unshait the shait. That made me laugh.

He did a slow rant this time. I am brazilian and was able to understand 90% of it without rewinding.

He seemed to slur a bit when he said "But then a little message came up saying that my morale had gone down. No it fuckin' ha'n't, Red Faction Guerilla, now ge' ou' of the way so I can break all your stuff."

But oh well, yes, I know all too well how one game can make you pessimistic about any further games. Turok 2 for the N64 was all it took for me to completely disown any game from 1st person perspective... Yes I can be petty.

I'm not sure why so many people are complaining about little things like him talking slightly slower, he'll catch on and speed it back up for you whiners if you must have your lack of commas. Maybe he'll just replace it with "mutherfucker".

Loved the stuff about getting engaged to Saints row 2 ^_^

I never out loud "laugh" during a new Yahtzee review because I'm afraid I'll miss something witty and have to rewind. And, like a menstrua- no, never mind, I'll stop referencing his reviews now.

...You lazy ni-

He's right about how the game doesn't focus around guerrilla actions. The AI will suggest you give serious planning before downing high priority buildings (since they are well guarded). But I found after all my planning the simplest thing to do was drive a car up a mountain, fly off the edge, jump out of the car, activate my jetpack and land on the roof right after my car plows through it. I then run in and between my rocket launcher, remote charges, and nano rifle (think star trek fazer set to kill only it disintegrates large chunks of building and people) I'll tear it down in several seconds. Hop in a car and hang out in the safe house.

This was on hard mode. It's not easy, but careful planning is pointless when acting like a chimp gets the job done easier.

they honestly should make a Red Faction game where everything will break., not just structures or terain

Red Faction Guerrilla is actually pretty good when you consider it's predecessors, but what it really needs is co-op or like yahtzee said; SOME GOD DAMNED GUERRILLA WARFARE!

I like the David Bowie reference, he rocks.

So that's how you pronounce mjolnir.

I've only seen it in print and thought it was like Mizholnir with the J sound like Jean-Claude.

'cause I don't know what the plus sign and upside-down omega symble is supposed to sound like


Awsome referance to an obscure David Bowie song at the end there Yahtzee.

Also very nice to see you did this, given the advertising they did on the Escapist (even going so far as to have a badge) it's nice to see that they still let you critique them in your own unique and wonderful style.

David Bowie did a song called "Green Spiders From Mars". I thought Yahtzee's last text comment about wanting to for mars, but hearing about all the giant spiders up there, was a lot funnier than the Gueriella/Chimpanzee pun. But I guess it's a bit too dated, you sort of had to be listening to David Bowie's music about the time he played "The Goblin King" in Labyrinth.


Hmmm, well as I've said twice now I thought it was a referance to a David Bowie song. BUT then again part of the point is that it can refer to a number of things hence why he keeps hearing about them.

Still, given that I do remember when David Bowie was popular, but was too old to see much of "Biker Mice From Mars" it probably explains why I would think of Dave before more recent referances.

I feel old.

...yet, apparently, not old enough.

You do know what Bowie did before the Labyrinth era, right? No, before that. No, after that. 1972-ish. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Not "green" (for which Google turns up nothing), not a song per se, and...not really obscure.

Okay, I stand corrected (as several people have pointed out). It has been a while.

Cool episode and btw where can i find the obama image on 3:19, its awesome.

The last pun was nice :P Still it is a game about destroying stuff and that gimmick has taken it far I see.

Ah the strength of polystyrene and biscuit construction. Nice one Yahtzee

No Evil Genius ??

Ah cmon man give it a review.

Agreed- I'd even be willing to wait a fortnight to see Yahtzee's maniacal personality come to full potential with 2 weeks of experimenting with deathtraps and henchmen in that game...

I like the part about the hammer being Mjolnir...because that's exacly what I did.

With a battle cry of "Thor!", I proceeded to crush everyone in my path.

Until the tanks showed up.


I enjoyed it, but did anyone else feel it was a bit short? or perhaps it's just sleep deprivation sending me nuts :D

actually I think it is just the sleep deprivation. :)

I thought it was a bit short but maybe when your only positive reason to get outta bed ona wednesday is "OMFG NEW ZP TODAY YESSS!!" then all his new vid's seem a bit short lol

eitherway short or not loved it, love 'em all, Yahtzee will forever remain the king

Side note: Is is just me or does it seem you can go on any give ZP thread and theres always at lest 2 or 3 people getting banned/suspened/warnings?

I think it was mainly the last crack, with the chimpanzee warfare, it just made the end feel a bit abrupt :/ though I do agree, ZP is the highlight of my average Wednesday, and a 4-5 minute video is a bit, not sure how to put it, but you get what Im saying :) and yes, always the first 3 posts are along the lines of "first" and banned. though in fairness my post was just that primitive part of my brain wanting first page, but I tried to at least put something relevant :D

You don't even know man.
That norse god stuff.
That is the first damn thing I thought of, and the reason I love the game so much.
You can even get a hammer that looks pretty Thor worthy online. Shit is so cash.

He seems to talk slower now.

I agree that it has as much guerilla warfare as the french army (heck it has more conventional warfare then the french army, but thats not the point).

But the destruction is just so beautiful. For instance for one high value target I elected to drive what I presume to be a martian dumper truck off the edge of a cliff into said high value target, smashing clean through and landing on several EDF the other side.

and the nano rifle, is a pretty awesome weapon, but for the love of god why only 25 shots!

Also I see yahtzee has once again completly failed to acknowledge multiplayer in a game. Anyone know why? It's not a complaint but it just seems odd.

Well, truth be told I found myself agreeing with Yahtzee on this one (which is a rarity for me, truth be told, I found Prototype and Infamous absolutely unbearable for example).

I didn't give the multiplayer a fair play, but the single player... just... seemed strained at best. Yes, it's Mars and the terrain isn't supposed to be pretty, but for the love of God, they could come up with something aside from just more red rock and miscellaneous destructables. It is the future, isn't it? Then by creative-license law, you can make it whatever you damned well please to look like.

And yes, the senseless destruction is nice and all, and I agree that the constraints on it are aggravating and, well, kinda stupid, but truth be told if the gimmick of the game is just going around and smashing stuff, I'd rather do so in something like GTA or The Sims, wherein you can actually get some sort of good feeling about it.

Another thing that I found personally annoying was the whole "scrap for money" aspect. Yes, this makes it so you have to get more destruction as part of the game if you want to get anywhere, but for the love of GOD, who wants to farm in a game? Even if the farming includes senseless destruction, it's just too damned annoying to spend the amount of time necessary to get much of anything quickly. Yes, it's new, shiny, and innovative, but it doesn't mean it still doesn't have a lot of work to get polished to something that everybody everywhere will be happy with. Just like Mirror's Edge.

I've not played the original Red Faction games, and truth be told, I don't intend to due to the failure of this new title to illicit anything but boredom and a few longing sighs for better games.

And for those of you confused as to why Yahtzee's irked about the whole "no true guerrilla warfare", he's pointing at the title "Red Faction: GUERRILLA". Probably another thing much like SH: Homecoming in which if they changed the title, then maybe it'd be a little less... stupid.

The story is dismal and bland, the terrains are bland and repetitive, and the gimmick of the whole game gets kinda boring after a good two-hour rampage. At least that's how I see it...

Good review as always, Yahtzee, and keep up the ZP hilariousness, regardless of what speed it tends to be in, it's still quality review in a soothing Australian accent... well, no, not soothing at all, really, just makes me laugh more. God I love Aussies..

... If Yahtzee reviews Monkey Island next week I will die a happy man.

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