Zero Punctuation: Red Faction Guerrilla

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Is it me or is Yahtzee's rant style getting slower?

It is, but there is more variety in the jokes (ie fewer dick ones) which makes it more interesting to watch, so it balances it out.

Nice to see that someone else hates the occasional gravity-defying second floor.

A "meh" review but I liked the ziggy and the spiders from mars reference in the credits

Great episode, and yahtzee being the bride to SR2 made my laugh even more

As I was watching Yahtzee point out the shit parts of Red Faction Guerrilla it made me think of what happens in GTA 4 whenever you shoot a gun even if it doesn't kill anyone so I was wondering if it may also have killing people in a fight in front of a cop without him doing anything about it as well as reckless driving or in relation to Red Faction Guerrilla smashing people with a hammer in front of cops and driving recklessly around them and they would do nothing.....until you crash into and break something.

Those were my thoughts until Yahtzee mentioned it being like a Dilluted Saints Row 2.

Is it me or is Yahtzee's rant style getting slower?

It's not just that for me as well, I noticed that I could read those notes during the end credits without having to pause or rewind the video.

Loved the Ziggy Stardust reference at the end.

I quite liked the first Red Faction, especially when playing it with friends. The second one was utter tripe, and the third (guerilla) is one of the worst next-gen games I've ever played.

I know these reviews are written for entertainment purposes but no offense Yahtzee, get a dictionary. Guerilla warfare is defined as a type of warfare fought by irregulars in fast-moving, small-scale actions against orthodox military and police forces (EDF) and, on occasion, against rival insurgent forces (Marauders), either independently or in conjunction with a larger political-military strategy. I'm quite sure this game captured Guerilla warfare perfectly. It is suppose to be erratic and unorthodox. You hit them and then run and regroup. You don't stick around to fight a drawn out battle because you don't have the resources, you take out key targets through raids and ambushes. The aim of a Guerilla insurgency is to wear down the more powerful force over an extended period of time. Small cells make them harder to track and helps keep valuable resources (soldiers, food, weapons) out of the line of combat. In any case the game put a fresh spin on a very dull and boring genre.

I'm assuming Yahtzee and Saints Row 2 are honeymooning wherever one of those Dizzy games took place.

I thought the game was pretty fun, but im kind of dismayed not to hear him talk about the multiplayer. It was absolutely amazing. It's the exact multiplayer I wish Saints Row 2 had.

same here, last week was great, but this week, it freezes on the load.
About ten or more times, despite disabling pop up blocks...

Yahtzee as always you mangage to make a respectable though funny review. I don't like Red Faction a lot anyway so I agree with you. I only like destroying every single bloody thing! The controls were hard at first.

Yahtzee doesn't like Red Faction 1 the game that got me into serious gaming(?) Thats a suprise as it was always credited as being the best of the two games before RF:Guerilla came out. I loved the bit with the dalek very funny. And I never knew Yahtzee liked Saints Row so much.

Hiya Yatzee-- I hope you make a tshirt of the Yatzee "HOPE" poster. It would look great on military green. Shephard Fairey can't sue for a work of satire :).

gee another doctor who joke , made me chuckle , red faction guerrilla is on my games list... my used games list , yeah the geo mod stuff was good ,now it's standard or should be, and the security after you for minor things pisses me off

Doctor Who references = Epic Win

Wonderful video. =]

Haha pretty good...

This is possibly the first ZP Ive felt the compunction to post about. I can't believe I'm doing this. Anyway.
While I can see the point in a lot of what he's saying this review seems to show up that what Yahtzee often does is take a whole bunch of nitpicks, glom them together and call them a review.
Point in fact:
1)'You can't control when you get reinforcements.'
Not directly, no, but if you raise your Morale stat you'll find them turning up a lot more often. Fortunately, you get Morale by killing people and doing some of the more fun missions. And besides, I don't see why you should be able to control when you get reinforcements anyway.
2)'Then they die and you lose morale'
Yes, that's true. But it's not a hefty morale loss (1 per person) and you can get 4 morale back by killing three baddies in quick succession. 5 for killing 4, 6 for killing 5 and so on. It's not that hard.
3)'Sometimes you get reinforcements at the weirdest times'
That's true. It's a bit silly but it's not game-breaking. Besides, if you're getting reinforcements at the drop of a hat it's because you have a high Morale: I thought that was what you wanted since you were complaining about having more control over when you get reinforcements?
All in all, it's actually quite easy to tailor Morale to the level you want. If you want reinforcements instantly, work on your Morale and keep it there (which is simple). If you only want reinforcements late in a fight when it's clear that you're in serious doo-doo, keep it in the mid-range so that you don't get guerrilla buddies when you knock over a lamp pole. If you don't like support, keep it low by shooting civilians, letting guerrillas die (or killing them) and not doing the Morale upping missions. Even when I was trying I found that my Badlands Morale peaked at 64 - just right if you're worried about guerrillas turning up to shoot up the icecream store.
4)'Ammo runs out quick'
Yes and no. Certainly you run out a lot. Personally, I like that. It makes you feel like a guerrilla because you have to make your strike, shoot some people up, blow some buildings and bug out before the fuzz chase you down. What's more, if you work on your Morale stat, you'll find that the ammo pick-ups that are dotted all around the map will increase in frequency and the amount of ammo they give you. But still, there is a bit of running to base. While annoying, it's certainly more realistic. A guerrilla doesn't pack the same kind of ammo an army grunt might. What's more, it often creates exciting moments in-game where you're desperately trying to reach the safe house before those chasing you shoot you down (though admittedly it creates more "1 more minute and I'll have my ammo back" moments).
5)'Enemies descend on you really quick'
Yes. It can be frustrating (bear in mind that I play on Hard mode - on Normal it should be easier) but again, it's a bit like a real guerrilla situation: plan your hit, make it and get out.
6)'It's not very much like being a guerrilla'
What?! You just said that the ammo is low, the enemies chase you down like a pack of hunting dogs and you never quite have time to blow everything up. How is that not like a guerrilla strike? It's not very much like a real world guerrilla situation, but the realism is very much on the opposite end of the spectrum. You're closer to a god of destruction than a scared little ambusher who has to run at the slightest hints of bullets. But isn't that part of the fun?
Of course, if you're caught in the open, or a few of the 'drones' get a good bead on you for a bit you'll die. But this makes the game more exciting, IMO, than if you were basically the Master Chief blowing shit up.
Besides, I found that as long as you keep moving, use cover, and don't take on your enemies all at once, you can kill a lot of dudes and survive for quite a long time before they finally hunt you down. I like that. It's more fun and frantic spending half of your time running away and improvising a solution to overwhelming numbers than being a Greek god of war. There are enough games like that anyway.
7)'It stops you from destroying everything'
Perhaps it won't let you destroy everything, but I found the ratio of 'blow this up'/'don't blow this up' was fairly high. Yes, there's the home bases you shouldn't blow up and a few homesteads of colonists who are On Your Side, but still, I found far more EDF targets than colonial houses. Far more. And you can easily get away with destroying homes so long as you don't kill the civilians. Really, how is that different to GTA, when killing a bystander gets cops on your ass?

This ZP doesn't even have a coherent line of argument with which to lampoon the game. It's scattershot and incoherent. He complains that the game's not really about being a guerrilla then jabs at it because you don't always have enough ammo to take on the scout patrol regiments that come after you. He complains that the Morale system is hokey when it's actually quite easy to get the Morale level you want and keep it there.

Good review as always, Yahtzee, and keep up the ZP hilariousness, regardless of what speed it tends to be in, it's still quality review in a soothing Australian accent... well, no, not soothing at all, really, just makes me laugh more. God I love Aussies..

He doesn't have an Ozzie accent. He's a Brit in Australia.

In the Red Faction games, do you happen to play on the side of socialist forces? That's what I've read...

you said you really like prince of persia and its that most of your reviws aint about thise kind of game maybe you should try adventure game the basic games like like maybe ratcht and clanck i got it 3 years and i didnt really find a good reson why is bad but im sure you can change it - crash,spyro,jack and dexter - i think their great games much more then all of those boring shoting games you allways reviw like halo,gears of war maybe you should something else its seem you might like it

Call me a freak but I rather liked the first Red Faction.

Freak.... What, you wanted me to say it, right?

Finally, I got to play before he reviews, and he was pretty much on target.

I was having fun until I hit EOS, where all of a sudden all the Drones were upgraded to what I like to call "Super-zombie-space-ninja" mode (ala Halo)...with rail guns! Instead of sneaking around blowing stuff up and having the odd skirmish, I instead hi-jacked an arty-tank and just took out everything in 30 minutes. Talk about a way to kill fun. And that was on Normal.

By the way, did anyone else (besides my younger brother) kill Mason's brother in the tutorial mission? We cracked up seeing that message -

Akai Shizuku:
In the Red Faction games, do you happen to play on the side of socialist forces? That's what I've read...

You happen to play on the side of a "Red Faction" whose symbol is deliberately close to the old hammer and scythe and whose stated aim is to free themselves from the (imperialist) yoke of the (capitalist) Earth oppressors.
So it's not technically about socialism, but it's deliberately working off the modern pop culture understanding of socialist revolution, probably because players 'get it' a lot quicker than if you had a Green Faction. Sometimes I dislike the parallels and it feels eery when every single non-EDF Martian colonist is secretly a member of the Red Faction. I'm not even joking. If you take a car the driver will say something like "Hurry Mason, I'll hold the EDF off." And any civilian might draw a previously invisible gun from their backs if you trip the 'wanted level' of the game.
So it's not socialist but it uses socialist trappings to get people on the same page - and to be a bit edgy.

Loved it, as always. Especially loved the 'count of monte cristo plot twist' where he mentions Saints Row 2 and how he made a wedding proposal speech to it. Cruel fate! I think I laughed hardest at the 'Your morale dropped - no it f***ing didn't Red Faction'.

Is it me or is Yahtzee's rant style getting slower?

Maybe, but at least this particular review had style, unlike any of the last three.

We seem to be on more or less the same page, I too played Red Faction with high hopes and I too became disillusioned because the destructible terrain was less revolutionary mechanic and more pointless gimmick. In all cases where the terrain was destructible and you could use this to your advantage I remember it being infinitely more efficient to shoot the rocket at the enemy instead, completely undermining the entire selling point of the game.

Usually I love Yahtzee's reviews, and laugh at most of them even when they're trashing games I like. This review however I didn't really find any of the jokes all that funny. Well he's had his ups and downs with the quality of the jokes before so, ok.

Now his points; many of them seem off. If anything, I think this time he fell into the same misconception that most brainless shooter tards fall into: thinking that just because this game is a third person shooter and has massive amounts of destruction that it would take no thought or planning, just like most of the other shooters out there. Break a window and an army arrives? Try clearing the enemies out of the their base first, without being seen (use hammer and nano rifle), and then plan the destruction. Plan, not swing hammer, plan. That means planting mines and setting things up so that the first blast into a building will destroy most of it. I mean I find it strange that on the one hand, he mocks how the sledgehammer is unrealistically powerfully, then on the other hand complains that starting to smash a building with said hammer causes an army to arrive before finishing. It's a hammer, he thinks it can destroy an entire building within an occupying forces base before anyone notices? And he thought it was unrealistically strong? Which way does he want it?

And as said above, kill the enemies unseen, then plan a symphony of destruction, then get the hell out. I don't know how it could of been more guerrilla, so his chimp point seems void. It's certainly not that the game can't be played guerrilla style, more like he lacked the skill or the patience to do so. Calls it chimp gameplay but he initially decides to destroy building by walking up to them and hammer them down one wall and support at a time... then later decides it is better to drive a vehicle right into it... Those may have been the only ways he could imagine doing the missions, but maybe if he actually tried planning an attack guerrilla style, it would have worked (provided he has the skill/patience). So we are left with yet another contradiction: he claims the gameplay isn't guerrilla at all, but then he complains his initial chosen style of walking up to a building and destroying one broken window at a time is too difficult...

And lastly, the morale system comments, the same one many others have whined about. Ok so guerrillas are dumb, get themselves killed, and morale goes down; who cares. It's only 1 morale point per rebel; the player isn't supposed to obsess over morale staying at 100 always, the player is supposed to accept that morale will fluctuate a few points here and there but for the most part always be near 100. Most of the side missions yields +10 to +25 morale, not to mention destroying propaganda yields +5 and killing multiple EDF yields +3+. In a mission a few die and morale drops to 97, big deal, go destroy a sign or start the next mission that's worth +20 morale. It is a war, the resistance's morale should be every changing. If anything, this game makes it almost too easy to keep morale up. And this is all said without mentioning that morale can be completely ignored if one likes. Eventhough I tried to keep it high during my playthrough, I really didn't have to. All it really does for the player is add more ammo to the crates, ammo I used maybe twice since one full loadout from base was all I ever needed to finished most missions when played right (and this was on normal, can't imagine how easy it would become on casual).

Well those are my thoughts on his points anyway. Like I said, I usually enjoy his reviews even if I like the game, but this one seemed to contradictory and the jokes fell flat, for me. Will still keep watching of course, as I have everyone that he has ever done so far. Of course I'm still a ZP fan :)

[edit] One thing Yahtzee was right about is this, it is weird that sometimes buildings stay up on toothpicks for a dozen seconds before collapsing, but that is that way for two reasons: 1) fun above all else, having it collapse immediately on the player was not fun so this gives them time to get away, and 2) this game already pushes the current generation consoles to the limit of what they can process. The engine is actually capable of doing much more accurate destruction, it just had to be scaled back to run at a decent framerate (which is alway why co-op couldn't make it in). [/edit]

This ZP doesn't even have a coherent line of argument with which to lampoon the game. It's scattershot and incoherent. He complains that the game's not really about being a guerrilla then jabs at it because you don't always have enough ammo to take on the scout patrol regiments that come after you. He complains that the Morale system is hokey when it's actually quite easy to get the Morale level you want and keep it there.


hahah. I liked it. Still, Red fraction seems like a decent game to play. I'll maybe rent it in the future

Love this one!

Silly Yahtzee bought a FPS on a console when there was a version simultaneously for the PC?

He has nobody to blame but himself!

The Youth Counselor:
Silly Yahtzee bought a FPS on a console when there was a version simultaneously for the PC?

He has nobody to blame but himself!

It's not an fps, it's a third person sandbox game.


The Youth Counselor:
Silly Yahtzee bought a FPS on a console when there was a version simultaneously for the PC?

He has nobody to blame but himself!

It's not an fps, it's a third person sandbox game.

I'm referring to the original Red Faction, that Yahtzee bought for the PS2 when there was a superior version simultaneously released for the PC.

And the original Red Faction was a linear FPS.

I'm glad someone else likened the buildings to bisuits - I actually had to keep pausing the game because I kept feeling peckish during de-urbanisation rampages.

I feel Yahtzee, and many others, have mistaken "guerrilla warfare" for something else; "Guerrilla warfare is the unconventional warfare and combat in which a small group of combatants use mobile tactics in the form of ambushes and raids to combat a larger and less mobile formal army."

Ambushes and raids. As in running in, breaking shit, and running away again. Sounds familiar... possibly because that's what this game consists of. And it's fun. Also, Yahtzee's complaints of not having enough ammo seem extremely odd. I'm yet to experience such a problem. The enemies drop a fair amount of ammo, for one, and there are also a hell of a lot of ammo crates (marked on the map) which you can use to restock if necessary. I can't help but feel that maybe Yahtzee is just bad at this game.

Saints Row 2 & 1, Fallout 3, GTA4, well any GTA for that matter but yeah those are some.

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