Doomsday Arcade: Episode 14

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"That is really becoming annoying." - I lol'd

The special effects are super effective. You need to show us how you actually did those visual trick... special feature on the Doomsday Arcade DVD maybe?

Ok, this scared me a fair bit, with all that loud shrieking and teleporting Alma stuff.
But that thing were she hadn't disappeared, just walked a bit to the side was hilarious, for some reason.

Loved the Plants vs. Zombies reference, and the first scream made me jump. Another brilliant show as always.

Oh is it the right week?
Oh I guess it is sorry.

Excellent work as always guys and even though this quotes becoming thoroughly cliche in this forum: "I like the Fear bit."

Really loved the F.E.A.R. part. It started off being quite creepy, but then just became funny and annoying as intended.

Excellent work.

LOL that actually made me jump! Like two time, then it started getting predictable.

*Alma disintegrates*
"So is she gone?"
*Looks around*
"Oh no there she is"
*points at Alma behind fire*
"Should we split?"
"yeah lets....."


It's Gish, the main character in the Gish pc game.[/quote]

Thanks brah!

This pretty much sums up my problem with F.E.A.R. The just plain stupid scare bits that get old quick, which for some reason are supposed to make it differ from every other "Kill super solider X" FPS... I remember the first "big scare" in the school from the demo of F.E.A.R 2, The part with the ghost thing trying to attack you at all the rusty color. The thing is I wasn't able to find the exit for a while and I just walk around trying to find an the way out...

Out of all of the episodes this is my favorite, its more of an insult to the problems of the game rather than just game culture references and jokes. But The Plants vs. Zombies was way to slow and really does fall flat...The rest make up for it though. So I'm all similes.

I don't care for this show to much, but i always thought when it was on, they brought it! Today you guys brought it! Good Job. FEAR for the win.

dalek sec:
I loved the Plants vs Zombies segment and I really wish they could have broken out into song and dance. The Fear part was creepy the first time around and then it's just got dull (guess exactly like it is in the game).

Yes it is.
At least someone finally got it.

yeah, once Almer is figured to do nothing the FEAR part of F.E.A.R. is just moderately startling

Hahaha loved the plants vs zombies part!

This was great guys!

The FEAR and plant were technically well done, but the humour was poor. This series seems to be sacrificing its original quirky fun writing for effects and camerawork. Cant we have both?

Agree, the humour was pretty poor throughout this episode (for once, its the first episode I'm not giggling like a little girl for all its duration).
The end still got me though with "is she gone" "think so" "oh no there she is".

I have to agree though, I never played FEAR, got FEAR 2 and was surprised how boring the horror part of it was.

FEAR- It's more than just a job. It's a complete mindf***
:D (I liked those games...all 3 of em )

I actually jumped the first time the FEAR girl showed up. Great episode. Just one thing that bugs me, was the interviewer male or female. I couldn't tell. Either way thats just one unfortunate person
Still, great episode, keep it coming

I loved the plants vs zombies bit, and the fact that Lund + Shanks just completely ignored them. And the fucking Alma bit. I hate fucking screamers. The bastards

Dammit, I thought that was Samara for a moment.

I'll agree that I was actually looking forward to a Plants vs Zombies episode and the joke felt a little flat.

just like the zombie!

heh *small cough*

the little girl scared me at first with the damn noise, but after i didn't care

was kinda reminded of the grudge 2, with the face and all

Got Dammit the first half of the F.E.A.R. section got me. Then it went back to the funny.

The Plant vs Zombie thing was alright but that F.E.A.R. was phenomenal I have got to know how you guys manage those special effects

I see what you did there, and I liked it.

Although not as good as the earlier episodes I'd argue - you spent too long on the build up in the PvZ bit, and it could be argued in the FEAR bit as well if it wasn't such a good parody - this is still the best webseries I've seen by miles.

Oh thank the Gods, no more purple tracksuit! // I like this one, the graphics are gettin much better(someone been saving all the allowance money) and the zombie v flowers parody was really nicely done


F.E.A.R. part scared me at the beginning. Then It got lulzy lol.

Plants Vs Zombies!!! lol, great episode... when i first saw the zombie step on the plant then grab one i didnt know wat the hell it was, then i realised... F.E.A.R worked great here, and all they say is true!

Heh that was actually pretty scary. For a moment...
Guess its just like in the actual game. The Plants vs. Zombies reference was brilliant as well :).
Keep up to good work because this series is really entertaining. But... please try making some about the actual main plot. It got kinda lost few episodes ago ;p.

Great episode, although it fell a little flat for me because I didn't play F.E.A.R. I felt the same about the Fallout episode, though, and now it's one of my favourites.

I guess we finally learned which game the zombie from the third episode had come from...

And you totally missed your chance to put a screamer at the end, srsly.

BTW, I'd say F.E.A.R. is a pretty regular name for an elite police unit thing. Better than S.W.A.T., anyway.

What the hell did Shanks land on?

Not incredibly sure but I think it's called Gish, Black blob thing from an independant flash game.

It's alright but really boring after a while (like five minutes) which might be why Lund says he's landed in shit...

Loved this episode, I damn near fell off my admittedly already broken chair on the first few screams...

After a while it did the same route as F.E.A.R and got samey and predictable...

Beautifully represented.

Very well done - glad to see you guys are back to the tried and tested video-game satire

FEAR bit startled me the first time but after it continued it did just get annoying. Well done with the special effects blokes!

Luckily I was re-heating my coffee instead of drinking it. I loved the transition from "GAH! JESUS CHRIST!" to "... Oh look. Explosion. Creepy girl. Ooh, juice!"

Wow, that FEAR reference started scary, but actually did become annoying after a while.

So, what to say now...


The job interview was quite fun actually, the most fun part in the whole video. And surprisingly enough, I didn't jump when the girl screamed (I say surprisingly enough because I tend to jump to the roof when seeing things like those)

it was terrifying.

and then it wasnt.

but thats the point.

.... :) awesome video!

dalek sec:
I loved the Plants vs Zombies segment and I really wish they could have broken out into song and dance.

Oh man, that would've been great! I've never played F.E.A.R., but apparently, your depiction was pretty accurate: Scary once, and then just annoying. Still, very funny.

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