Doomsday Arcade: Episode 14

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Hmmm. Not really sure what to make of that one. The Plants vs. Zombies bit was average, although a good reference; in fact the only really funny bit in my opinion was the interview and Shanks gouging his eyes out after playing FEAR 2. Also, Shanks' awesome 8-bit tie was missing.
Overall this wasn't as good as previous episodes. Oh well, you've gotta take the mediocre with the good. Keen for the next episode as always.

The FEAR part hurt my ears, that scream.

Yeah I can understand why some would be scared but It mainly startled me and the noises kinda screwed with me but all in all good episode.
Best part:
"You may encounter telekinetic soldiers and a girl who is possesed by satan...."
yeah that's always fun

My god that fear part surprised me with its quality. I pooed a little bit in my pants the first time she screamed. That was very well done and very representative of the game. it reminded me of so many so called scary movies.

Loved the interview part too.
"Please consider getting fucked. You crazy bitch"

I can't believe no one has realized that in the beginning when they both landed from their fall Shanks landed on top of Laser Cat.

I love the fear part how the characters are like 'OH SHIT WERE ALL GONNA DIE' sorta thing then two minutes later its like. 'Boooooring.'

lol pink floyd!

good ep, liked the fear bit :)

Nice episode. The first encounter with Alma really made me jump - well made. And it worked exactly like in the game, eventually you stop being scared.
Also, the interview part was great fun:)

OMG I love this series SO DAMN MUCH. FEAR, overal, was a great game. But yeah, alma was kind of annoying. Tough, later in the game, she can hurt you and even kill you. At the end, in the hospital, you need to shot her really fast with the pistol or she one shot you. After that, there is HORDE of ghost that come from everywhere while you try to escape. Then the NUKE. I think I will reinstal it. Was an awesome game, thanks for reminding me of that! >:)

<3 <3 <3

Also, your special effect are really really impressing. Every episodes Im amazed at the quality of them and the originality. God damn its awesome. Wonder what game its going to be next time. :)

I believe EVE could be a good chalenge and it have so many flaws as pointed in ZERO punctuation. Did you do half-life yet? Or even, counter-strike... lol, pick a side. Dead space? Loved dead space... Psychonauts, great platformer. STALKER? I loved stalker, but yeah, its similar to fallout so nope I guess.

Wow my post is ridiculus... ANYWAY, great series, keep it up! <3

Wow... I always see Doomsday Arcade as a humorous show to relax with it. I boot up the episode, and guess what?

I t scared the living daylights out of me o.O

I need new pants...

I loved the Gish tie-in, I was not expecting that, awesome episode.

Epic win. Much more sense than 13, but still not progressing much in story. Keep 'em coming.

Im looking forward to seeing how Gish comes into the story.... if he does. I wasnt expecting him to make a cameo.
And the fucking Fear bit scared the shit through me. I knew it was Alma on the swings when i saw her first, but I was kinda expecting some kinda dumb joke where she'd turn out to be a really decent, nice person. Haha wishful thinking. I jumped a couple of metres when she first started screaming!

its just so clever and well done in all aspects of the show.
id love if after it was finished a dvd was released :D

the best episode yet was episode 13 tho with the hammer time sequence i luvd it this episode 14 is still gr8 keep em comin

Excellent once again, the effects on the zombie in half was immense; what programme do you guys use for that? The effects for the FEAR segment were cool as well

The FEAR bit was clever and I'm really glad you brought up the fact that acronyms in video games often seem to spell something

dalek sec:
I loved the Plants vs Zombies segment and I really wish they could have broken out into song and dance. The Fear part was creepy the first time around and then it's just got dull (guess exactly like it is in the game).

Depends on how invested and immersed you get. I tend to get very immersed in games, so FEAR was scary to me throughout. As it is, even though I've played through the game multiple times, I'm still scared during the latter third of the game, and one particular part still gives me shivers just thinking about it. But yes, if you aren't immersed in it or plan to analyze it, you stop being scared quickly.

Oh, and FYI, Alma can actually kill you twice in the game, one of those times being right in the beginning to keep you on your toes.

Agree, the humour was pretty poor throughout this episode (for once, its the first episode I'm not giggling like a little girl for all its duration).
The end still got me though with "is she gone" "think so" "oh no there she is".

I have to agree though, I never played FEAR, got FEAR 2 and was surprised how boring the horror part of it was.

Play the original. The original was great, the second was bad.

The F.E.A.R job interview camera-works looks identical to The Office's!

I found the Fear promotion interview the best part. The actress really played the part well. Trying to keep the details unspoken, stuck with an impossible sell.

Great work again guy's i always look forward to your episodes

i was expecting alma to turn around and scream and i was braced. and then shanks just pats her on the shoulder and nothing happens...5 seconds later i got a big scare

ok seriously..? we wait 2 weeks for a plants vs. zombies reference and a couple alma jokes? albeit funny...NOTHING HAPPENED! that was not a fortnight's worth of episode...

Dammit... the most scariest of all of em.

I would agree that i was looking forward to a Plants Vs Zombies video. But the FEAR part was just funny as hell. i jumped at the first scream. but then it was just annoying. FEAR is a scary game in the "hey look over here, BOO!!!" insteed of the deep into your soul type of scary

I loved the Gish reference, I thought i was the only person who knew about that game

The fear part was a little loud...but probably the funniest part.

really well made ep 1st bit of the F.E.A.R part was scary after it got meh-ish XD Camera work ect. is getting better and the atmosphere you actually effectively created for the F.E.A.R bit was pretty cool. Still not as good as the rave music in 13..

10/10 for Alma, Amazing!

I loved the part where the sunflower and the zombie failed to defeat there common enemy "were are both useless" lol!

I got scared of the Alma part first time I saw the episode couldn't stop laughing when she disappeared but was just walking away and when she dissolved.

10/10 great episode

I thought this was the best one yet. Excellent.

Thanks for reminding me that my headphones are up too loud. >.<

Great use of audio in addition to visual stimuli to bring about a startle. I love good sound design ;)

The bit from fear was actually quite scary. A pretty good episode, but the bit with the zombie and the sunflower should have been left out. keep um' coming guys.

The sunflower and zombie thing was a reference to plants v., yeah.

FInally, a new episode that isnt just really boring dialogue and plot...


The bit from fear was actually quite scary. A pretty good episode, but the bit with the zombie and the sunflower should have been left out. keep um' coming guys.

The sunflower and zombie thing was a reference to plants v., yeah.

FInally, a new episode that isnt just really boring dialogue and plot...

::SARCASM:: Cause God knows, We wouldn't want plot! ::SARCASM::

You played the "destroy main enemy" card too early and now it just feels like your going backwards. I liked the episode but the story is now basically:
Step 1: Game characters invade real world
Step 2: Main characters find people with which to assualt enemy fortress
Step 3: Main characters retreat from enemy fortress with nothing.

I can only assume you'll have to repeat step 2 which, to me, feels like sloppy writing.

P.S The humour and references are top notch and I have no problems with them.

Wow, 4:40 was really... discomforting. And Plants vs. Zombies was just hilarious!

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