Red Faction: Guerilla

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I loved that read, as an aspiring journalist it was fun to look at how i could entail some of Yahtzee's writing into my own. "NO im not black im a white person that just my brown nose" :)

I started RF:G on hard thinking I could just stealth my way through, picking off guards, and being the generally anal gamer I usually am. At that point, I realized how super-permeable the character is compared to the enemies and, per usual with this type of games, discovered the best weapon is a solid vehicle (don't get me started on handling). After finishing on hard, the game cranks up to masochistic. The task then of saving every side mission hostage through the barage of enemy gunfire wasn't worth the stress.

Sadly, stealth is dead. It died after I fell in love with the first Tenchu game and have tumbled down that sad mountain of hope since.

On that note: Yahtzee, are you going to test fate and review the Silent Hill Wii game? :P

I would seriously buy a game called 'Sergeant Cockthrust's Adrenaline Fistfights.' No matter how bad it was!

On the plus side to these articles, at least less Yahtzee fans are likely to visit and foul the place up since there's actual reading involved.

this is the perfect case of a game where the advertising and labeling make it out to be "guerrilla", while the tv commercials just show shit blowing up and rampaging. id say they just threw guerrilla on the title to make it sound cool, without actually thinking that players would evaluate or read into the situation much

In every business/corporation, the consumer is thought to be an idiot. It's sad to see that.

When it comes to naming games, Re Faction totally fails at it. I thought Yahtzee's review was a bit bias, but I told myself I had to try it before I can comment on his Review. So I did, and what Yahtzee said was absolutely correct. Why the F do you just barge into an enemy base and destroy every thing where is the Guerrilla in that. The game was mindless destruction with little story in it, where in games called guerrilla they should have more stealth involved . I agree with Yahtzee 100%.

so yahtzee is upset that the game isnt something it never attempted to be? thats like being upset when you buy a bigmac at mcdonalds and being upset because its not very sweet, that it doesnt taste like like a big apple

I don't get it. He enjoys stealthy games, but hates MGS4 in general? The only thing I can think of why he wouldn't like about MGS is the stor... oh. Wait. Nevermind then.

Anyway - is it weird that I got a semi hardon towards the end of the first page, and it was erupting into a full blown chubby at the start of the next page?

I try to make Zero Punctuation episodes in my head when I read these.

You're making a big deal out of nothing in my opinion.

The game is lots of fun when you play it at 3 in the morning and you and your friend pile hydrogen tanks into the back of a truck and make it a giant car bomb. Did you know that if a car hits you while you carry a tank you explode?

The key to this is 3 in the morning when you are tired and stop thinking straight.

Clearly, someone hasn't played the game on hard; Smash and run tactics simply don't work. Stealth does. Seriously, play hard and tell me this game doesn't live up to the title.

Wrecking crew is amazing fun with a bunch of mates, a big screen, big base, and some 1812 overture in the background...

I agree that Red Faction should let you go around and blow up wateva, but that would conflict with the story.

it's nice to see that yahtzee would also like to be a terrorist. his description of how he thinks this game should play sounds very terrorist-ish and this appeals to me. it'd make a nice change to play as a proper terrorist.

I got half way through page two before giving up and posting. If this has already been said, it needs repeating.

Any game that allows you to blow up half the flipping planet should have stealth. The major problem with most games is a terrible stealth element. In RF:G, it would be incredible to perform what Yahtzee described. With terrain deformation should naturally come the ability to dig through it undetected. Stuff the headlong assault, I want to plant demo charges on the generators, down the power and kill them Sam Fisher style. Sneaking around guards and setting demo charges along all major paths to make them impassible is something I know woulda helped in the MGS games.

Perhaps the physics engine can be described as a supercar; you're never going to fully exploit its potential. Doing so could ruin your day. The same goes for the geo-mod engine (that's what the original was called, if memory serves); you don't have to perform every mission in a shooty-boomy manner that puts a Die Hard action sequence to shame. The greatest point of a system that allows total destruction is that you don't have to cause total destruction. Wouldn't you feel prouder knowing you've managed to just kill off all the guards in an outpost and set booby traps for the inevitable reinforcements destined to see 'why radio contact has been broken'? Wouldn't you rather perform a precise demolition and watch the engine perform its thankless task of bringing the building down for you?

That's the obligation Volition should have spotted when making RF:G. That you can blow it all to hell and back, but you don't have to. You should have been able to sneak into the base undetected. You should be able to take them out without them ever knowing you're there.

And it should make sense, right? With all the samey shooters nowadays, the lads who made RF:G could have made a stealth system that would rival the system used by MGS4. Then Volition would have nailed it. It could have been the last shooter you'd ever need; the ability to take lots in, give lots out, but not have to be a one-man armageddon. You could try and use stealth, to sneak in, to perform batman-esque takedowns. And if it all goes to hell, you have one very big RPG to take them out with. You could try, in one game, the techniques offered in six or seven different ones. And that would have made RF:G a defining game in the shooter genre; the game that finally got it all right. The game that's as close to FPS heaven as you could get.

And I know such a system is possible; look at what most games nowadays can put out. Look at Arkham Asylum, Mirror's Edge, Prototype, Infamous... They all have good mechanics. Imagine Crysis with a terraforming engine and a decent stealth system. Would that not be one of the best games of all times? And if dealing with slightly inferior graphics is the only real downside, then I say bring it on! There's no sense in polishing up a shit game now, is there?

I thought the biggest problem with trying to stealth through RF:G (which is possible in most scenarios by choosing unexpected entry routes and sticking to the hammer for as long as possible) was that the "money" in the game had to be picked up off the ground after blowing up a building, meaning that the game actively encouraged you to stick around the site of your attacks and sift through the rubble rather than run for it, guerrilla-style. In a should-have-been-excellent game with many questionable design choices, I thought this was by far the worst.

Woah..he reads the comments of the forums?

I'm kinda blown away here. I should watch my mouth.

I always thought Yahtzee had to little time to read the comments, you know because of his 'mightier than thou' demeanor and general hatred (or disgust) of humanity.

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