Unskippable: Devil May Cry

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Devil May Cry

Graham and Paul get to play with swords, guns, and demons in Devil May Cry.

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Did a hand just fly out at me at the end? I don't get it, anyone care to enlighten me?

great video guys i agree about the wolverine-crybaby dante-badass part

When you say 'Metal Gear August', does that mean you'll be butchering all of the Metal Gear Solid games in sequential order? ...I'd just like to know, is all.
And what exactly is with that hand?

I hope Metal Gear August is what I think it is...

Liked the game-play jumpy bit at the end :P

I've been waiting for this. Great video, guys. Looking forward to Metal Gear August if it is what I think it is.


This is likely one of my favorite ones you two have done so far. I was waiting for the day you leaped into the Devil May Cry World. The actual game play jumping at the end was great, the whole dialogue when he gets stabbed was priceless.

"The legend of the legendary dark legend..."

"He has a picture of her on his desk but he can't recognize her wearing sunglasses?"
"A few too many swords to the brain, perhaps?"

"That's the second biggest Melee Island I've ever seen."
Look out, it's a three-headed Melee Island!

MGS August? That sounds, well, I don't know how it sounds.

Don't you just hate it when it's the start of the day and you know you won't get anywhere...

And what exactly is with that hand?

Drive-through movie theaters tend to have people around. Sometimes, mischievous kids will climb on the framework if the movie is boring them, or their parents are making out in the back seat. You can see where this is going.

Sparda sure doesnt remind me of anything.

cough cough *Diablo* cough cough

"unlike Wolverine he isn't a cry baby about it"
priceless. this one was awesome.

Aaaah good memories! It's true though, why didin't she just throw down a rope?

I agree - being shot at does strike me as a little bit of an over-reaction to being asked to start the game.
And Dante, like so many protagonists nowadays, is anomalously oblivious to the concept of door handles.
Nice video, guys - but if you're going to be having a go at the opening sequences of all four MGS games one after the other I'd make sure there aren't any sharp implements nearby.

Dammit Trish
This is gonna be a long day.


Now I'm excited about "Metal Gear August." The ending to this one was pure hilarity.

"God, It's OPEN. No one knocks!" Plus the jumping bit at the end.

Can't wait for Metal Gear August, guys. Nice job.

lol he kept jumping :P

I love the last bit with gameplay trying to jump up "damn it Trish"

nice joke on whole bathroom thing "whoa slow down babe if nature calls its out in the back"


Well, there is something in the DMC - they like piercing people to the walls with 2-meter long swords.

You guys have to show gameplay more often, between this and Alone in the dark It's just class.

Did a hand just fly out at me at the end? I don't get it, anyone care to enlighten me?

I believe that's a reference to Revolver Ocelot losing his arm? Just a wild guess on my part.

Hmmm... I think it's funny how she throws a motorcycle at him right after she stabs him with a sword and then tells him that she's not his enemy.

Funny as always guys. High fives all around.

Haha, loved the part at the end with Dante trying to jump.

Quite suprised you did this one rather than Devil May Cry 3 or 4.

dude I wish they could have done the part where Dante gets impaled by Alastor.

OR last bit with Dante and Trish
"I should have been the one to fill you dark should with LIGHT!"

It's millenia, people.
If you have to use Latin terms in your games, use them correctly.

And Mêlée Island is from Monkey Island.

I won't even comment on the rest of this crap.
Great episode, though.

Wow, references to two of my favorite Discovery shows. I'll be waiting for the day Jamie and Adam try to prove that you actually can flip a thrown motorcycle. With bullets!

The jumping part at the end had me reeling.

jumping at the end was hilarious

I approve highly! Great Job with this one!

Ending was the best part, and I liked the wolverine comments. I don't this this was the best one but still rather good

"Dammit, moon, I knew you were up to no good!"

A long time coming with that callback, but so worth it!

I've never noticed it before, but nobody just opens a door in a Devil May Cry game, they always kick it in or blow it open. They're keeping repairmen in business.

Metal Gear August? It's going to take you the entire month of August just to get through one Metal Gear Solid 4 cutscene? You guys must be doing one of the shorter ones.

lol epic game

I believe the hand thing at the end was just there for the hell of it. Why not add gore to your explosions?

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