Unskippable: Devil May Cry

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I just had a really dumb idea, but hear me out...

The moon jokes are really funny and one of the best running gags of the series, what if you guys just 'happen' to do a riff on a Dragonball Z game and it just 'happens' to be a cutscene when Piccolo blows up the moon? ...I told you it was a dumb idea. Just put a pin in it.

...Oh, his name is Piccolo... cuz he's green... like a pickle... I just got that.

What the hell did I just watch???

Good video, made me laugh a couple of times.

Bland, pretentious and outright annoying. Didn't laugh at a single joke in this.

This coming from someone who's watched a good share of bad movies on the Internet.

Damn you moon, you're always up to no good. We must expect it by now but we never do. Someone needs to blow it up. Using some kind of 'Death Star', or something...

That bit with the jumping at the end was great. Way to use the seemless change to play time :)

Hmmm, Judged by his walls Dante has a part time job hunting the members of slipknot. lol

Oh, that reminds me Japan: no more pseudo-quasi-Christian nonsense either. You can still have angels and demons and devils, but you're not allowed to use Christian symbolism for anything but actual Christian themes. I know it's not a big part of your culture, and I'm not saying it offends me personally, but it's just ridiculous. Use some creativity and find some other way to create antagonists.

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