212: Destroy All Consoles

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"I would love to sort of brag that we're changing the world," says Helgason, "but the world is really changing anyhow." This is pretend humility. What he is really saying is, I want you to associate us with the ability to change the world. It's the same as the inverse, "I'm not going to say he's ugly, but..." That's not humility at all. In fact, it's clear as can be he has daydreams about how he is revolutionizing the world.

i think their best bet would becasual gamer market.
just looked at their site, and its "hardcore" titles i noticed on their home page, i dont think the typical "hardcore" gamer would take a risk on this

It sounds good;

trouble is that my internet is crap so the games look crap and the lag is crap. Whilst my hardware is good enough (with a couple of programs to give a boost), so for now, i'm just gonna stick with steam.

Until F2P can match the quality of a regular console experience then I'll firmly resist any kind of change like this. The only place they could be considered even close is PC MMOs.

The best download speed I get when downloading stuff is 170kb/s. On a good day I can stream a 360p youtube video without pausing. Until faster internet speeds that can manage uninterrupted speed become far more common do I see this getting even close to a regular console's popularity for the big industry model of games. Let alone killing them outright.

Hey, I'm down with this if they:

1) Make all broadband plans worldwide unlimited bandwidth.
2) Get fiber optic cables to every gamers house worldwide.

Chances of this even coming close to happening : ZERO.

So, well... I guess I'm not down with this.

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