Zero Punctuation: Wii Sports Resort

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meh, I'm not a big fan of the Wii but it does have a few good games and I really liked Wii bowling. it's fun. the yatz just doesn't make me laff as much as he once did. but i too think it's weird that they have dog fighting in it.

When he said "Wii Cycling," it sounded like a kid with a speech impediment trying to say 'recycling.' I got a kick out of it.

I knew it would turn out like this, Wii resort I mean. There really isn't that much to it to even make a review on the blasted game! It's mainly just there to keep the casual audience thrilled and use the controller in new annoying ways.

I love the new term 'Wii hate', I think it's perfectly understandable hate after you see the shelves filled with shallow games like this. Anyway great review again Yahtzee.

I've always thought that the Wii motion controls were never more immersive than a controller with buttons since the first Wii sports.

Very funny review as well.

Honestly I own a wii and I can just thank god that I had enough money to get another console.
I do most my gaming on the pc anyhow which trumps all your consoles, you can flame me now because deep down inside you know it's true and just can't deal with it.

i got a wii, and an xbos 360...i think the last time i used the wii was as a paper wieght. the wii is like a holloween, good only once a year and ment for little kids only. Another thing they have in commen is that if your old and you love it your a petifile.

Damn, another round of Wii, what's next on the menu?

The only way a motion control could be as immersive as the Wii promises to be is that they abandon the nonimposing austerity of the bland Wiimote and instead have every game with an accessory that is made specifically and entirely for that game, not unlike GH/RB controllers. Otherwise it's just half an attempt that promises more and gives less.

Well done, Sir, well done. Albeit, I'm still curious if you'll step up to the plate and play Conduit, because it looked (surprisingly) well done, yes, even for one of those ironic "hardcore Wii games".

With the first Wii Sports, I found that in tennis; flailing wildly to Pro is your best option. Bowling; you better pray to whatever god you believe in to give you some divine power to get those damned stubborn pins down. Baseball; [insert rant here]. Golf; the controls are a bit too touchy, so you don't get the real "golf" feeling, but once you get used to them it's just like real golf... especially when the damned ball flits around the cup just barely and you throw a raging tantrum.

No, Wii isn't a perfect system by far. Yes, it's mostly a casual gaming system. I "own" my friend's Wii because he's too lazy to take it back to his house, and only ever plays it when his friends are over anyway, and that's exactly why the Wii "fails" in so many people's opinions. Honestly, Wii isn't failing at all, it's just a different type of system (like a DDR machine), and every hardcore gamer has popped up to say "OMFG IT SUXX" because it's not all pretty graphics and using your thumbs for everything.

Personally, I like the Wii quite a bit because, hey, it actually gives gamers a reason to get together aside from those LAN parties. Also, it's bringing in casual gamers, and truth be told it's making it so people are less picked on for enjoying vid'ja games. As much as the hardcore gamer deep down inside me wants to throttle Nintendo for not making a system like the N64 was, and keeping up the inevitable "Sony vs Nintendo" war, I can't bring myself to hate them. It's like Yahtzee said a little while ago, "I guess it's better to be the king of idiot land than to try and continue the epic struggle to please one's fanbase."

Wii Sports 2 might be more casual hoopla, but hey, at least it's pretty fun casual hoopla.

Controllers made of fruit, yum.

A controller made out of fruit sounds awesome.

In the immortal words of some show I can't remember making fun of Nintendo

Nintendo has milked the cash cow and every one of it's calves dry, and now it's looking for another one.

Wait, you mean this isn't the Jesus 2.0 we've all be waiting for. Let me just try to muster up some shock.

hey jsut cuz it aint the jesus 2.0, does that mean we cant crucify it anymore?

Finally found a game worth putting a lot of energy into. Awersome!

Wii Love You! No, not really.

I just have to say that this was a very funny ZP. One of the better ones in a while.

Wii Bowling!!!!

One of the best ones. I think I injured myself laughing.

I am a Wii owner Yatzee and I still proudly support you. In all honestly I love your reviews, I never base if I am going to buy a game off of them or anything of the sort, but I tend to find them humorous and insightful. So even knowing I will likely be suckered into Sports Resort, I salute you for giving me the heads up and am glad I have friends to play it with so I won't be the loser who is better then everyone else (Yes, Brawl reference ...)

I keep saying the same thing that Yahtzee says, that motion controls will not work until there is something to move against, whether that be having an actual racing wheel fighting your turn, or having bullets whiz by you in 3D to dodge. I'm surprised and disappointed that Nintendo hasn't moved on towards incorporating 3D into their game. At least give me a reason to flail about and attempt to dodge. Not that they would actually make a game that uses it, just more inane mini-games. Maybe Microsoft or the PS3 will surprise, but I pretty much know that it won't be Nintendo that actually furthers the game playing medium.

Great review; I was laughing my ass off before the video even started; just the idea of you having to sit down and review wii resort.

he gave it to them we owners e did! at first i thought he wasnt lying at the beginning wit the postitve(or at least not negative) review but at the end he was completely right with telling people to stop buying the wii because it is ONLY FOR CASUAL GAMERS and that is all it will ever be, you cant play a game intensely like an actual game when you use a motion for the control, you just cant

Yhatzee rags on everything. No reason to send bitchy letters over just one of many many MANY things yhatzee hates.

What really bothers me is this argument that the Wii should be a 1:1 machine. Go ahead have a 12 year old golf like they really would. Think you can serve like Andy Roddick? Lol, no. Or perhaps you would like resistance behind your sword every time you hit someone? Guess you are going to be playing about a half level a day because there is no way you are going to be hacking shrubbery looking for gems like in the original Zelda....your arm would fall off. So perhaps it is time to realize it is a game console, not an everything simulator, and perhaps the motions are a little more enjoyable than the "skill" required to play the games Yahtzee showed in the video. Those skills being....memorizing the timing of button presses and combinations, plus a bit of muscle memory for moving the analog sticks. Wait....oh the Wii just uses memorization of timing for specific motions, and a tons of muscle memory....clearly far less "skill."

When I go to swipe a ball in 3 on 3 basketball in Wii resort, I wag the Wiimote. Yeah not a full swiping motion, but if it was on Xbox 360 your thumb would move a millimeter. Not to mention....I can play against other people in the same room. The horror! I am still convinced that Natal will require everyone to game in separate rooms. 1:1 is not fun. Maybe some simulator type games would be good, but just accept it is still a game. Take a moment sometime when you are playing some wonderful deep game and look at what you are doing with your hands (likely twiddling one thumb while mashing buttons with the the same repetitive motion).

The motion plus is like adding a bunch of buttons to a controller. Suddenly there are more options to make your GAME a little more complex. That is the strength of Wii Sports Resort, everything is a little more complex than in all the other Wii games. Yes the games do not have the depth of a dedicated sports title, but until that EA basketball game come out....this is the next best thing.

No I am not a Nintendo fanboy. I have played a total of 10 games on Wii, not all are great. I am primarily a hardcore high end PC gamer. The amount of irrational hate and lack of real discussion about the Wii is just infuriating to me. You wonder why every game is the same Yahtzee, read the comments on your reviews..........

This defiantly isn't one of my favorite ZP vids even though it is funny as.

Funny. I liked it. A good funny review. Please no one get angry at me for this but do you think Micheal J. Fox would be good at the Wii? Oh god im going to hell lol. I would like to try Wii Sports Resorts though just for the Basic stuff not the canoeing or Biking.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Wii Sports Resort

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Wii Sports Resort.

Watch Video

Anyone know the song used at the beginning and end of the vid? It rocks!

Nice work sir! This is your absolute funniest review yet. Not only that, but it is truth. Well done.

I want a controller made of fruit, so that way when i get bored out of my skull i can have a snack! Well in that case i may as well just buy the fruit instead of wasting the money on the controller!



Oh, just you wait till Nintendo releases the 3D glasses, you fools!

thinking of wiis i dont own one because i porably just play harvest moon and retro games

So many bans in this thread. Screw the video, let's just laugh at the ignorance of some posters.

Best review in a while, though I was ashamed at the lack of child pornography which was mentioned I MEAN WHAT.

The industry should employ Yahtzee...AND LISTEN TO HIM. Certainly would improve the quality.




As fun as listening to that review was, everyone knows Sony started the motion sensor stuff with that blasted eyetoy

That's funny, cause I thought Nintendo started it with the Power Glove back in the 80's before Sony had a console.

That's not funny. Because Nintendo didn't make the Power Glove. Mattel did. Also, it flopped, hard.

I stand corrected on who made the power glove, and re-reading I see how I mis-phrased my sentence, it should have said: "It started with the Power Glove for the NES". Don't know what it flopping has to do with it. . . Random trivial fact?

It is a fact, but it's not really trivial or random. Flopping means it was poorly implemented by Nintendo. Surely somebody should be acknowledged for being the first to implement something that was actually worth using, right? Well, that wouldn't be the Power glove according to its poor sales figure and poor reception.

If I invent the flying car but it's a horrible piece of crap and nobody would dare try to use it, then O.K., that's a random trivial fact. It seems like, I'd rather be the guy that actually innovates the flying car into something people can actually use and would want to purchase.

The industry should employ Yahtzee...AND LISTEN TO HIM. Certainly would improve the quality.

improves the quality and the bankruptcy. wii is a huge succes. Financially. In the multimillion business that games are these days, it's hard to be just about "let's make awesome games"

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