Rebecca Mayes Muses: Ghostbusters

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a long time after hearing both songs I found the music in my head. I found myself again and laughing at the same place.

So I think it was good and i hope for more videos like this.

God, I bet she's freaked out by total strangers commenting on her looks.

Unfortunately, shes an attractive lady that likes Rooibos tea on a site full of sad perve's that also enjoy a fine mug of rooibos.
(That was me in case you missed the hint, I'm the sad perve.)

Awesome song. Someone give her a record deal!

Well I think you have the voice of an Angel and each of your videos resonates with me and my feelings on those games. You have a great deal of talent... makes me curious what else you do? Your talent HAS to be used for more than this... not that I am belittling the novel approach of making such moving and dramatic songs for video games. I love the idea..

It's nice to see I'm not the only one who wears odd socks =D

I tuned in to The Escapist after a lengthy time of not being able to, and I find this little gem of a series! It's exactly the outside-the-box approach to games I love, and on top of that, it's very professionally done!

The question may have been asked before, but here it is anyway: Ms. Mayes, have you released any of your work? If not, why not, as you are clearly very talented!

Oh, you are really great!

Seems to me that Ms. Mayes has quite a fan base. Love her music, definately needs to be up for download. Just the chill out sort of music i could use on my walks home from college.


Yeah it must feel wierd having people comment on your looks, but all i have seen so far have been pretty nice. and she is very good looking, if you don't think so, im pretty sure you don't have eyes.

Man, Rebecca Mayes has a beautiful voice...

I want to hear her pronounce "Rooibos". Being South African, it's always fun to hear foreigners say Afrikaans words. :D

How come whenever i watch any of your videos all the songs sound exactly the same and i lose patience extremely fast? Just thought id ask..

I love your voice. It's just so soft and melodic. I really enjoyed this! :D

this song could quite simply been about something else and been even better, still great work anyways RM :)

Man the game looks cool, I might have to rent it after seeing the gameplay. Aww poor ghosts, nice song.

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