213: Casualty of Warhammer

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Good read, man. Good luck in finding something permanent.

I think the problem with WAR was that it was more of the same and I can't imagine why they didn't pursue a 40k online variant. That's the MMO i'll be signing up for indefinately o_O



Awww sowwy grammar Nazi. Had a mild stroke. And it's scary when you don't hurt...you just tingle over half your body. But they blamed it on my military service so it's covered. Wanna come over and help me spell?

Now you're just being a douche. If I were a grammar Nazi, then I would take the time to correct your spelling. But I'm neither your teacher nor your mom, so :P

Well I am a asshole, but I'm not kidding. I did have a trans anemic attack, and it did wipe out my grammer to round a fifth grade level. Not saying I was a novelist before hand I could string a paragraph together. But I find it funny the armies of people who claim to be dyslexic, hey I'm a shitty speller but I had a mini stroke I got paper work and the assless gown the hospital gave me.

But still after a while I don't care about it anymore, the you spell bad is like joking with a guy with one leg for running slow.

If people know what you mean, they've no right to call out grammar or spelling and I can see no reason why it would matter to anyone. I wouldn't let it bother you, sir.

Its so sad to see my favorite game world fall apart, but there are just some things that developers are just gonna have to learn. Graphics are no the way to beat WoW. I would have of signed up for Age of Conan immediately if my computer could handle it, I would have joined the armies in Warhammer conquering across my favorite fantasy world since my childhood if I just bought a better graphics card. Lets face it, not every one can run those games, there are just too demanding in their specs, sure you can better PvP then any game ever created, but if im just gonna lag then I'm not gonna play it.

People play WoW because they can, a $500 laptop with minimal specs can play WoW. Thats why 11 million people play that game, and really no other reason.

its not no other reason, its established community and easy learning curve probably help.

Damnit, why did you have to talk about WAR? I had so much desire and hope for that game to work, and the final product was so disappointing that, to this day, I still mourn the game.

You were supposed to take us to the promised land, W:AoC... But you never made it past the gate.

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