Zero Punctuation: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

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One of your best videos so far! I too was thinking "How the hell can he make a 100 special?" and it seems you though the same and just ignored it.

Also, I almost got a heart attack at the suprise.

Congratulations on your 100th video Mr. Croshaw! You are the pride of The Escapist!

This was an excellent review. I've been meaning to play this game for a while now; all I really needed was a seal of approval from someone other than internet fanboys and my drunken roommate.

Still, even after 100 videos, Yahtzee still doesn't review the online multiplayer portions of games. Why is that?

I been watching these pretty much since they started in Aug 2007 and I can say with complete confidence...

I want the last two years back!

I'm curious to see what you'll be maiming through the summer as the drought seems particularly bad this year.

"Press X to write a thoughtful response"

Hmmm...I was a little on the fence about CoJ:BiB, but now I guess I might have to check it out if so many people liked it...

Might be fun...just hope I don't get raeped like that mexican girl

Were those his underpants with eyes on them? or am i going bat-shit insane.

Is that a Blackadder quote at 4:16, or is it just a general bit?

Awesome video.

Good job on 100, I think it's been almost 2 years now of ZP

Were those his underpants with eyes on them? or am i going bat-shit insane.

Yes they were underpants that had eyes.

Congrats Yahtzee, on 100 dev-torturing episodes. Fun stuff as always.

Funny how Yahtzee keeps using the terribly generic and utterly boring intro part of the ZP theme song when there's actually a pretty decent guitar solo following it up, which we hadn't heard 'till now. Talk about a waste of potential.

Anyway, grats on the big number. I expect you to run around naked with a spear and shield when you've done 200 more.

it felt like yesterday when i was watching the fable review on youtube.

And happy 100th episode

Heh, funny to hear the "like a shooting gallery" complaint when in the past few days I've thought the same thing about several games (most notably Call of Duty 4 on the DS).

Whoop! Congrats Yahtzee, 100 episodes and you don't look a day over 99!

I tip my hat at the 100th episode of your brilliant little series, Yahtzee, oh great King Of All That Deserves A Righteous Spanking.

I love ZP and 100 videos makes it even better.

wow, cool theme song

Western games are rarely released, but every single one of them is amazingly fun.

I don't know who would want to enter that contest. It's the equivalent of entering a contest where the winner gets tied up and thrown into a pack of hungry wolves.

Ah yay, that was great. =D Yery funny, loved the full theme at the end.

Happy 100 Yahtzee boy!
Loved the music video at the end, even if the return of the screaming eyes of doom did give me a shock.
Nice review. Maybe I'll actually try the game at some point.

It cutoff early?

Why yes, I am a strange pers

So I assume CoJ is a good game then?

lol best one so far! heres to another happy hundred!

Picking up again. Nice work.

Who ever thought that eyes on a pair of buttocks would NEVER get old.

Great video on the *yawn meh etc* 100th video. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of these ZP games people come up with too!

I wonder if Yahtze actually got those pictures from the InFamous vs. Prototype review?

Anyways, I thought the first one was kind of confusing, especially since it started with one of those "follow that guy, but to close, but not to far" chase missions. The story also didn't know what it wanted to do, be like Red Dead Revolver, or be a slightly linear sandbox game and by this review I'd say its trying to do the same thing.

Oh and it might just be a number like 99 or 101, but Happy 100th review!

Congratsulation on the 100th episode.

Although I din't like the Bound in Blood as much as the first one it's still a great game.

Into pronouncing world as for not being english I say Juarez Ua-Res.

Email 100 already? Where does all the time go?

Call of Juarez sounds like it has some pretty memorable characters. A pity the gameplay sounds rather painful. I'm annoyed by quicktime events too, and a game about being fast on the draw is most certainly that.

I'm half-tempted to take them up on this "create a Zero Punctuation" game, but I'd probably have to get my mitts on a copy of Flash to do it, and I'm waaay too poor and too honest for that.

Typical Yahtze....

When it comes to his 100th episode he decsides to just totally ignore the commotion and review a forgetable game.

That or he's just stupid.......

I'm going to wander around calling it "Call of HUOAREZ" from now on. Priceless.

Congratulations on the 100th. Keep em coming :)

First off, Cheers Yahtzee on your 100th episode, and here's hoping to 100 more!

I really enjoyed the review on this one, probably more so because a good friend of mine pronounces the name the same way as you did. Overall quite humorous and looking forward to next weeks review of Panzer Dragoon for the Sega Saturn.

Congrats Ben, but isn't it 102 episodes or does the Fable and Darkness Demo Review not count? Anyway, if there's a game about Zero Punctuation, I'm sure you'd verbally rape it thoroughly.
Great video, I know you hear it alot, but honestly, best video. Well done.

The party favor noises...*giggle*

Am I missing something? This is actually his 101st video, unless one of his videos doesn't count.

OH MY GOD this is the GREATEST Zero Punctuation I've ever seen in my LIFE! (Anyone who got that reference is awesome)

Seriously, Congratulations on the big 100th episode, and you did not disappoint, especially with the EPIC montage at the end. I think I may go check out Call of HHWWAREZZZ now.

Am I missing something? This is actually his 101st video, unless one of his videos doesn't count.

Apparently the one from GDC doesn't count, I guess because the cussing was beeped. Stupid beeping.

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