Zero Punctuation: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

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The "theme the way it should be" was truly epic. I shall be remembering this video for a while.

Agreed. Why did it take this long to hear the complete version with the awesome guitar solo? Put that full version up for download!

Anyway, this episode was great. Love the idea of playing as the priest...

Still, even after 100 videos, Yahtzee still doesn't review the online multiplayer portions of games. Why is that?

I would assume that has something to do with his utter disdane for other people.

Hehe. Hooarrez.

Loved the review, and also the full theme music is a joy (is that the right way to express it?) to listen to.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Can't wait for video #101.

why'd this disappear for about 5 minutes?

Loved this one. Can't believe it's been 100 episodes. I wonder how much time wasted watching these instead of having myself.

Wow, 100 already? Well, I'm going to look into getting this game if you actually enjoyed it so much.

Also, does anyone know if there's a dowload for the complete themesong available?

That was the funniest in a while, IMO; I'm particularly fond of the "highlight reel" bit at the end with the full theme song.

And I'm disappointed at all of you self-proclaimed Yahtzee fanboys-- Nobody has made a detailed episode list on where all those clips come from??? Slackers! I'd do it myself, but I'm at work.

Great video as always. Congrats on the 100th Video

This was good. I love the random, shameless celebration Yahtzee does!

I demand at least 100 more ^^

La-di-frickin-da... actually i'm quiet happy for you, i also loved the big compilation video, and Octale and Hordak are having thier 150th episode this sunday, you know thay show that stole your voice as a drop-in

MK Tha Rebel:
OH MY GOD this is the GREATEST Zero Punctuation I've ever seen in my LIFE! (Anyone who got that reference is awesome)

Isn't that bum reviews by That Guy With the Glasses? Either way, another good review by mr. Croshaw.

Aaaah! What's going on? I have no audio, it's just a bunch of random pictures!

Nice celebratory slideshow, though.

Is he counting his ret@rted clip show, years in review, console rundown and E3 slaughters? Those are less like reviews (well, except for E3, but those are unreleased titles so they shouldn't count) and more like he realized "Oh shit, I need to make a video this week. What can I scrape together in 15 minutes so I can get back to my porn?"

How come everyone who doesn't say 'congrats' or 'i love it' gets probation?

I'm finally laughing at a ZP video again! Hurray!

100 videos. Congrats.

great, another game to put on my list of titles to rent.

grats n' stuff.

Congratulations on your 100th episode, an excellent review. And god I love that theme tune.

Sweet 100th episo-ASSSSYYYYYYY...
Anyway, yay, getting owned by Yahtzee, can't wait

Nice review ^^
BTW the full theme song is F***ING AWESOME!!!!!

Nice, funny, and felt like a return-to-form for Yahtzee: bashing on the game's faults, then saying whether it was overall good or not. Nice montage at the end there, too.

The eyes! They're back, Aargh!

Congrats on the 100th ep Yahtzee, another great episode as always
keep em coming

That was pretty good, I especially like the montage thingy at the end with pictures from various reviews.

Congrats Yahtzee on 100 episodes looking forward to another 100 as well as funny jokes to qoute. You are the man.

Ah, memories. Man that complete version of the theme song is actually rather cool.

At least he didn't refer to the dual mode as "a quick time event in disguise" as one of the reviewers from IGN said. I hate it when they say shit like that, its just looking for something to hate.

Congrats, I liked Juarez myself.

...the eyes....

Congratulations on your 100th video, YZ. May your viewership ratings continue to give your life meaning.

Also, seriously. I was never much of a fan of the theme music, until I got to hear the fairly awesome middle of it. And I can't find the link to the music downloads page to see if it's on there. Anyone?

BEST EPISODE EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shit ------bad ------meh ------good ------AWESOME!!!!!
_________________________________________________________new review__

WOO 100!!!!!!!!!!

Good review and the theme song extravaganza at the end was excellent. Congratulations on 100 episodes; I have enjoyed each and every one.

It may just be a number, but to some it's an important one, and I'm glad Yahtzee took the time to celebrate. And by celebrate, I mean "reduced me to tears with his retrospective set to the kickass theme song."

Looking forward to 100 more, you pitiless Anglo-Australian slacker.

100th comment >.>

i think lol

the theme kicks ass!! i wants it >.<

100 is not a number, it is a free man! (You'd better enjoy that reference, you sour Brit!)

The full theme is awesome, as to be expected of Ian Dorsch. I'd buy it on iTunes, if I didn't loath Apple's creepily pervasive DRM policies.

I'm polease to see that they're giving you some games which don't suck as hard as the usual mass-produced chaff. A broken rail shooter with a decent storyline? Sounds alright to me!

Had I a game designer's abilities, I'd gladly enter the contest. Too bad I don't. :P

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