Zero Punctuation: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

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Here's to the next hundred.

really funny episode congratz on the 100 episode

epic theme song

Congratulations on hitting 100 videos Yahtzee! Keep it up, little confused as to why you wanted us to hear the theme song played fully when we can already do that, butI guess a 100 video montage is cool though.

Yay! One hundred episodes, and here's to one hundred more.
Made me laugh as always.

i love this game and was glad to hear you not slagging it off too much (:

Well done mate, im a keen watcher of your videos and enjoy every moment of them all. (:

that second post happened before...THE SHIT IS GOING DOWN MAN!!!

I love caffeine

but anyways I want this game, only problem is it will probably cost $100 is Finland (see what I did there, yeaaah!)

WOO 100th, i love the ending montage it was great. kudos for wrecking 100 games, can't wait to see the next 100

It's only a number, 100

i'm sorry >,,> but i wanna learn that theme song you got on guitar now x,,x i hate you >=(

happy 100th Yahtzee! here's to 100 more...

... and whistled for a baboon.

congrats man, from someone who has enjoyed ZP from the start

its nice to be able to hear the theme tun in full for once :D

great review and i agree with you that it is a good game


The "theme the way it should be" was truly epic. I shall be remembering this video for a while.

Agreed. Why did it take this long to hear the complete version with the awesome guitar solo? Put that full version up for download!

The full version is - or at least was - up for download on this here site, as with the themes for all the video series the Escapist hosts.

Oh wow, the theme song actually doesn't suck when played in its entirety. Color me mildly surprised.

woah the theme song is really cool once you hear the whole thing.

Oh my god, that was awesome. :D I was almost crying from laughter. Also, I love the way he pronounces Juarez. :D And it's 100 already? Wow. But it's just a number, after all... And the slideshow with the song at the end... Ah, good memories. :)

Huh, the complete theme song is actually pretty rad.

I'm having trouble fathoming all the possible things I could take from the Kevin Spacey/pointy-black-thing. I'm not even sure which I enjoy the most!

The various "surprises" *FWEEEEE* definitely caused me a few lulz.

yeah the entire theme song is for downloaad in the music portal or whatever its called and i listened to the entire song from there but it didnt seem as epic without the yellow background. hopefully the next 100 are even better than the last, gratz bro

as for the contest i wish i knew actionscripting.

i really want the ZP music now, any download links or site where i can buy it?

Well interested in what these games are going to turn out like.

I hope we get the shoddy entries to play aswell (like mine if I can find an idea). :D

*Tweeeeeee!!* Congrats on 100 ways to distract me and tell me points on a game that are hilarious and ultimately proven right as soon as I start playing. And for that last montage, which gives me a nice warm feeling.

I'm actually one of this weird persons that love the episodes where Yahtzee likes the game (a bit). It gives the hole thing a balance and actually makes it a lot more entertaining.

Thanks for 100 Episodes of mostly gold. I never thought I could ever laugh so hard, until I did, watching Zero Punctuation.

I think I was the only one hoping for the varyinging-difficulties-represented-by-cats screen during the recap section, as that made me laugh.

dear lord that was the best ending EVER

Mostly Harmless:
What no cake, what kind of 100th episode party is this?

Just as great as always anyway.

The cake is a... no, never mind. I'm not gonna go there.

Nice, great episode. I really liked the ending montage, lots of memories came flooding back. Can't wait for another hundred!

Grats on 100 eps, Yahtzee you charismatic stallion!

I don't feel safe with my chair anymore...

Great review, raped by a chair would be ... unpleasant at best.
Congratulations on the money you have made by doing 100 episodes of Zero Punctuation.
And did ANYBODY download the whole song when you could, or was it JUST ME???

For the full length theme, did it contain images or clips from every episode so far?
I downloaded that song when we could.

Why are you counting? who cares just keep bringing the awesome :)

Congrats dude!

Might be worth checking out, thing I like about your reviews is you don't often propagate the industries obsession with flowery descriptions for bullshit. Far too often they mask their own opinions and stick to the same basic review formula we've had since NES games were all the rage. Scenery was lush and vibrant then too, reviewers take note, honest and well thought out opinions make Yahtzee arguably the most popular games reviewer to surface in a <very> long time. You deserve it, thanks from Canada, blah 8)

Dude, that damn noisemaker was brilliant. I also liked the complete theme music, generic as it is, it kicks ass.

From the sounds of it, CoJ will be picked up eventually, maybe, perhaps.

Anyway,congratulations on over a hundred episodes of ripping games new ones and being a real critic compared to most of the ass-kissers on the internet.

I liked playing as Ray...

That comment aside I'm glad you enjoyed this game because I loved it too. The only thing that upset me about the game was lack of additional sandbox levels and no co-op, but than again you did kinda need the AI to navigate around some of the boards. At least the AI wasn't suicidal.

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