Zero Punctuation: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

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He totally dissed everyone that thought the 100th video would be special.

This one was really funny. I loved almost every part, and the ending part about the competition was great too.

Keep it up Yahtzee!

Good work and such, and congrats for reaching the triple digits.

Well done Yahtzee on the 100th episode :)

Happy 100 Yahtzee! HUAREZ!

Grats on the 100 (though it's just a number :P)
Glad to say I've been watching these since before they were even on the Escapist.
Oh wait... that makes me an internet nerd. Oh well, glad to be one in that case.

#100 all right Yahtzee! I like the little music video at the end. Next video please.

Happy 100! I genuinely enjoyed this review and it was fairly accurate as far as I can tell. The only experience I've had with the game is watching over my friend's shoulder, since there was no dual gameplay! I agree, an opportunity missed.

Great review, as always. And happy 100th, you Australian lovable ball of cynicism!


Anyone else notice that this post by xxXPrince etc. is pretty much identical to this post by Gerbykins? A multi-accounting bot?

Anyway, back on topic to the review. I liked the triple-use of the party streamer. Especially the slightly melancholy use of it at the end :P
I haven't yet played either CoJ but hey, maybe they're worth giving a go

one of the better reviews he has done recently!

Yay, 100 episodes!!!

#101 should be twilight princess Hmmm any body... twilight...wii? well just a thought

i think ill give this game a try. good as always yahtzee and uh i guess happy 100th? btw person above me he did twilight princess a LONG time ago.

That has to the best Zero Punctuation in a long time. Fucking hilarious.

Congratulations on 100 episodes of the thickest sarcasm, greatest descriptions, and most accurate game reviews on the web. Keep it up you charismatic stallion you.

I am FINDING THAT THEME somewhere, and locking it in my personal safe of pure amazingness.

Wow, I think that after writing that, I need to kill myself.

But that was a great review, and I need to find the whole theme somewhere for my iPod...

Has it really been 100? It hasn't seemed like is was that many.

You should have that as your intro for now on, I got goosebumps watching it!

Nice work, I enjoyed the uncut intro quite a lot

Well done. I love your Charlie Brooker style reviews. Thats why i am here.

Bah I like Ray more than Tomas, the combat is so easy its better to have the two pistols cause most of the time you just run up to the bad guys and shoot them in the face, so long range is pretty pointless. Plus being able to run around with a Gatling gun......screw Thomas.

Loved the episode and the full theme song was so awesome that I was awestruck. Any chance you'll make a downloadable version of it?

Haha, great review as usual.

I never really had problems with it being too easy, however, just saying (I played hard-mode)

Wow, that was really good. Congrats on the big 100 Mr Croshaw, can't believe how quickly it's gone. Also, that's a great theme tune, who knew there was a full length version?!

BWahahaha that was great. It was so great I watched it twice!

Are we really on 100? wow. 100 more to go!

The video made me laugh i have this game and when yahtzee said about counting the seconds on the showdown it just made me think how hard it was towards the end, funny stuff and keep up the good work

One of the more funny videos, but wtf was that thing at 5:59.
Congratulations, 100 episodes!!!!

Happy 100th episode

To everyone who liked the full theme song - it (and more) are available on our Sound and Music page, found here:

Enjoy! :)

Awesome XD 99 ugh ugh...
It was nice to listen to full theme song, and see "best" pics from all episodes :) If I were more pshyotic I'd check if there's actually 100 of them and if they are in correct order XD

This video not working for anyone else?

Congrats on reaching tripple figures!

Can the zero p music be downloaded from anywhere?

To everyone who liked the full theme song - it (and more) are available on our Sound and Music page, found here:

Enjoy! :)

Awesome, thanks a bunch I didn't know we had a music page.

Congratulations on the 100 EP!

'Grats on episode 100, kind of funny to think you've reviewed about $600 worth of games now. Also...


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