Zero Punctuation: The Conduit

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The Conduit

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews The Conduit.

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I rented (and beat) The Conduit over 5 days, and I have to say I fucking loved it.
It could have been longer and had better alien weapons (I didn't like their design) but I loved it for a Wii game.

I didn`t think the conduit was that bad

Brilliant review as allways

I really hate that you can't look up!!!!...cuntholes

ha! "Who Brought the Tim Tams"

It was an okay review, but the Palin bashing wore pretty thin, pretty quick. Even then, it wasn't very funny.

This is why I do not play Wii games anymore, they get repetitive very fast. Which, incidentally, is why any shooter wont work on the Wii. Good review.

hmm, not as funny as i hoped, but the end really ramped up the funny. too bad, i thought this game was going to be my next purchase.

Wow another Wii zp review and yet my Wii will stay dusty.

Also I wonder since he hasn't mentioned it does Yahtzee know that Prince of Persia SoT is now becoming a movie because I think he'd be "overjoyed" to hear it.

EDIT: after 5 people thought I was serious I felt I should edit this and say my above statement is sarcastic.

Wow, he really spit out the vitriol on this review. I mean, I agree that the WII is shit, but to compare it to Sara Palin....or her retarded kid, I couldn't tell. In anyways, ever since I attempted to play Quantum of Solace for the, just no. The Wii CANNOT do FPS or anything except gimicky party games and be used to play much better Gamecube games.

Read my last post.
Unfortunetly I agree with the review other than the graphics.
Of course I don't have an Xbox or PS3, just a computer with an old Nvidia 5200, so graphics aren't "my thing."

And yeah the BDEEP gets old after a while.

But I still loved it.

PEW PEW PEW lasers

that made me lol

and Bdeep bdeep bdeep sound you made

I knew this game was trash and the graphics looks like shit I've seen better ps2,gamecube and wii games that look better

LOL a the Sarah Palin jokes

"its like having a candy bar and keeping out of the reach of a wheelchair bound retarded Alaskan"

Yazteez knows how rip a game apart

you know, Yahtzee's constant ragging on the wii (as well as the fact I haven't touched it an about it a year) is forcing me to consider NOT purchasing the next nintendo console until they can get it freakin right and release some good games that can actually control well...

Good review as always. Too much of Palin face but still good.

Awesome review

YES FINALLY someone hates this game as much as I did. Sure it looked okay when I first saw it, but when I kept reading about it and looking as the screen shots I was just so put off.

Kinda figured he'd take a baseball bat to this things kneecaps but odds are he's right about it.

Great review, the end was funny. Who needs to look up anyways, clairvoyance ftw.

I was eating a Tim Tam while having a cup of tea watching this.

Pure coincidence.

BDEEP BDEEP! NOw my interest in the conduit has dropped considerably

Since when has Secretary been obscure?
I like the Conduit myself. It's a STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Motion sensing should open up new, unexplored avenues for gaming (specifically FPS gaming), and, if the Conduit can say anything, it's that the Wii can be successful with the FPS. By the end of the generation, at least, we should have something that can rival the gr8's in terms of immersion.

It was an okay review, but the Palin bashing wore pretty thin, pretty quick. Even then, it wasn't very funny.

It's like making fun of Bush: There's just no point.

Everyone knows they're both retarded.

Anyway, I was amused, so that's good enough for me.

The Conduit just took all the things that made Metroid Prime 3 crappy and blatantly copied them. How did Sega think that this was hypeable material?

Hmm - while that review hasn't made me swear of the Conduit forever, I might go the GoliathJT route and rent it. That or wait for the price to fall in a few months.

Or weeks, if it's as rough as Yahtzee says it is.

Look it up?

I'll google your obscure film reference if and when I goddamned well feel like it and without being shouted at thank you very much.

Loved the ending though.

I didn't like the game mainly because it was pretty much a sin spawn of Halo and Perfect Dark and that stupid eye thing was artificial game lengthening on an annoying new level.

Good episode. I'd heard good things about the Conduit, but then again this was from one person. Hope he does Splosion Man soon, although I'm not demanding it.

Wow. I'm used to him hating the Wii, but this one seemed even angrier than usual.

Well, I'm prepared for a flame war to start. Anyone got a suit I can borrow.

Anyway, good job, Yahtzee. I do feel sorry for the legions of hate mail you'll receive, though (but not by me).

Wow, The Conduit got burned.
Oh well, maybe it's not as bad as Yahtzee says.
Even so, if only a few of those things are true I simply wouldn't be able to play it!

First 3 comments were funny as always. Anyway, another great episode Yahtzee.

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