Zero Punctuation: The Conduit

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looks like it was made by bungie and is some Marathon sequel

Woah, slow down there Ben, who told you it got good reviews? Sure it got some good reviews but there's a hefty chunk of critics who didn't. All in all I'd say it got "alright at best" reviews.

Anyway despite having a Wii a yearning for some better games, I don't have this game... I might wait later when its cheap but it's hard to care so much if you have real core consoles at the same time!

Now Metroid sounds good although I'm holding out until the trilogy is released... maybe he should review that since they DID get god reviews... not that it would matter hehe!

It had some funny stuff (bdeep + ending).

This is one of those games I will wait 6 months or so to play when the price drops to $19.99 or maybe $29.99. It looks like an interesting game, but I am wary of the control scheme.

I think the reason Yahtzee is so angry in this one is he generally doesn't enjoy the Wii, and that's fine. Also, a lot of people have been asking for a Conduit review, and like the vid said, he just did Wii Sports Resort 2 weeks ago. Anyone remember the SSBB review.....

Huh. Well, I haven't actually played this game, and I'm not that interested in FPSs anyway, and I'm not going to bother commenting on the standard Wii hate...

Funny, though. I would think the nunchuck attachment would do better for both movement and aiming. Did the game seriously not have that?

It was an okay review, but the Palin bashing wore pretty thin, pretty quick. Even then, it wasn't very funny.

actually he only bashed palin once, then he just used her face for the monsters because he had done so already. Besides, she deserves it. Like McCain or not, Palin is not exactly good leadership material.

I've never played the conduit, but I do agree that the graphics are not that good. I mean they're no where near 360, maybe closer to original xbox but even that is kinda charitable.

Huh. Well, I haven't actually played this game, and I'm not that interested in FPSs anyway, and I'm not going to bother commenting on the standard Wii hate...

Funny, though. I would think the nunchuck attachment would do better for both movement and aiming. Did the game seriously not have that?

Is there any reason NOT to have the wii hate? I mean, he may say it alot but he is right. The wii has become a baby toy, filled almost excusively with terrible third party games or random self improvement equipment. Seriously I was at best buy yesterday, looking at the wii titles and it was depressing. Pimp my ride, my little pony, and the like were the majority with nintendo's few standby games. Honestly guys, as good as zelda is, you need to branch out a bit.

Great review, I love the merciless onslaught on the Wii. Its great, because Nintendo fan boys are the easiest to annoy and the least likely to see the truth, kinda like republicans.

I rented (and beat) The Conduit over 5 days, and I have to say I fucking loved it.
It could have been longer and had better alien weapons (I didn't like their design) but I loved it for a Wii game.

didn't he specifically say "for a wii game" is a statement only further proving the lowliness of the wii?

This is why I do not play Wii games anymore, they get repetitive very fast. Which, incidentally, is why any shooter wont work on the Wii. Good review.

actually, the game RedSteel is a seamless wii shooter. other than the swordfights, the game had the perfect response time.

Wii FPSs dies for me when the awful camera control of Red Steel literally made me drop my Wii of at my sister's house for 5 months. BTW happy 101st video! Just like 100, 101 is a number too.

Good review. I had little interest in this game and would have only played it if a friend owned it, but now I think even that chance is gone.

Those of you who didn't find the Palin jokes funny are the ones who the jokes were aimed at. Most people don't like laughing at themselves, or in this case a person they think is awesome.

Wii FPSs dies for me when the awful camera control of Red Steel literally made me drop my Wii of at my sister's house for 5 months.

meh, the camera was not that bad. it sucked at sections, but as long as you didn't start swinging the wiimote randomly, it was actually decent.

I don't understand why Nintendo just doesn't start releasing bizzarro games akin to Rez or other such horrors. Then it could change from being the console you have to be drunk in order to play and become the console where you ask "Am I *supposed* to be drunk for this?"

A game where you can jump from being a pug fighting off legions of grandmothers wearing blood-spattered leather aprons by lifting the Wii-mote to raise your leg and urinate on them, to a waitress condemned to hell where you have to use the Wii-mote to balance a tray of food while walking over broken glass as you avoid the prodding hands of your demonic patrons, all to the tune of an original soundtrack written and performed by They Might Be Giants is just the thing to make full use of the motion controls and appeal to actual gamers.

Everyone knows the only Wii game worth having is Tiger Woods 10. I have and play Wii Fit and EA Sports Active, but those games are not for the sole purpose of gaming, but more for fitness.

Why "und natürlich" at 3:52? 0_-

I really wish I could love the wii but almost all casual games bore me within five minutes. Then when FPS titles come out (my favorite kind), they are always so much better on any system other than the wii. Games like conduit have a glimmer of hope in making me buy the system but the controls always just utterly fail in the end and in a FPS, nothing is worse than NOT being able to shot at your enemy. I might end up buying a Wii but it will be so that people at my parties will have something to do other than guitar hero or so that little kids will leave all of my other stuff alone.

Love the Tex Murphy reference. If you haven't played the game, think back to Sega CD FMV games and that'll give you a decent idea as to the graphics scheme.

This game looked appealing at first but given my current apathy for FPSes in general and considering watching the game in motion reminded me of games like Perfect Dark and Goldeneye, I think it may be a while before I rent this one.

Wow, you have confirmed my suspicions. Seriously, when I heard this billed as the "Best FPS for the Wii" I laughed at the obvious irony and sarcasm in commercials nowadays.

"Good for a wii game" just about sums up the position the Nintendo wii is for more serious gamers who want something more than a few gimmicks. The motion control just wasn't what you'd think it was when the wii came out and the motion plus add-on seems like it should have been invented for the console release, so that decent game developers would possibly take it more seriously and put effort into decent games.
What the console needs is someone to turn up with a game that has an effective use of motion controls that actually feels necessary (and not painful on the wrist when used for over an hour) to encourage others to do the same... Don't go holding your breath for it though.

If you have another console then you're not really missing anything, the only time I use (not play, USE) the wii is when friends are round for the simple games like mario kart and mario & sonic (at the olympic gaaaaaames), it lost its charm for me long ago.

Oh geeze I love you for that reference :D

Think a bad choice in story for most FPS games in general is pretty much any type of government conspiracy based one. Most often, the story is either very predictable or preachy.. or both..

Almost every complaint about the gameplay can be resolved in the options menu.

Probably isn't THAT bad.
but I have to admit it does have some crucial flaws.

Now i wanna play metroid prime...

Thou shall not be on the wii... did anybody else notice that? lol

This episode actually had me pausing it (on the second "look it up") and going for like 20 mins on wikipedia before coming back and finishing watching it. Risky move Yahtzee =P

I'd like to see a real list of game design deadly sins.

that was awesome! he really didnt like this one. i liked the ending. nail your tounge to a subway. i rofled

sorry i was wrong, the last wii game reviewed in the last 16 weeks was Wii sports resort, so stop complaining the the wii is brought out in the spotlight

Everyone NOT from Alaska thought that was funny. I am very much with him on the Wii. Mine is sitting in a closet, not even the kids want to play anymore.

Nintendo alienated their longstanding fanbase with the Wii. They even said something very similar to the fact they are no longer catering to those that have been with them since the beginning etc but to the broad family etc.


Stop making shit up. Nintendo's representatives have stated over and over again that they aim to make games that appeal both to new gamers and and longstanding fans. Within the first year or so they'd released a game from pretty much every one of their major franchises for the Wii, which is pretty incredible for Nintendo.


Anyways, as for the review...

It really... wasn't very funny, except for the closing joke. I've enjoyed the last two or three reviews a lot more than this one, for sure.

I will admit I was pretty hyped up about The Conduit for a while. I'm sure it's a decent game, and I actually considered picking it up a week ago, but I already have a bunch of barely played yet great games for my Wii (I don't play much these days :S), so I'm not going to pay full-price for a game that probably isn't better than "decent" right now.

I'm definitely getting myself that Metroid Prime Trilogy, however. All three games were awesome, and I don't have my own copy of Metroid Prime 3 yet, so it's a great deal. Plus, the first two games can only be better with MP3's control scheme.

What does he mean you can't look up? Can you angle upwards and just not look directly up or is your vision linear and your aiming angular? I haven't played this game and I wonder if I should get it.

Another Wii game, another dollar for Nintendo.

Why "und natürlich" at 3:52? 0_-

I think it's German for whatever Yahtzee was saying then.

The reason most people like the Conduit is for the online play. Which is awesome. However Yahtzee did not mention it. The review was funny but I think Yahtzee's hate for the Wii is becoming very unhealthy for him.

Nail your tongue to a subway train. OUCH! Yet very funny visual. Ha ha!

{EDIT} "Oh and since he made such a big deal about it"...Episode 101 YAY! It's just a number!

I enjoy two things about this episode of zero puncuation.the sound the orb makes,and the people who pretend to of seen it seconds after it is posted,it is funny to laugh at them

The wii just isnt up to it as a gaming platform. It can only really do party fun games to play when your in from a night out, and even then its a stiffly contested battle with pictionary. That said, the raving rabbids party game always has me in bits, first game designed to be played with your ass, now thats what the wii was built for, stick to that.

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