Unforgotten Realms: Episode 42: Birthday Beatdowns

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Well I think were allowed to say it without persecution. You are clinically insane. Keep it up and you might get set to an Asylum! There's something to work for!

Ok, that was ridiculous, but fun.

Hey, did he get to kill 4759 people on the internets?!

Happy b-day Rob

That was awesome.

Back in the house....


Great episode Rob. Keep it up.

In terms of episode length, the TF2 was a bonus and since it really IS my birthday today and that was indeed filmed at 3 in the morning today I'm not sure what I can say to those who didn't like it.

Just trying something fun, cry me a river.

Don't get me wrong, tf2 is a great game. I play it all the time and I'm on a comp team too. The montage went on for a bit too long and only playing heavy was a bit lame...

the least you could have done is made an announcement that you were going to play on the steam group so i could play too D:

There was an announcement.

It made me laugh, and isn't that what's important?

omfg its my birthday too

Well... I see Rob's not too fond of fire.

Best episode ever.
Rob needs to start a spin-off series that's just him playing TF2.
I'd watch it...

Best episode evarrrr (nah... not really still good though)

Happy Birthday and I'm super happy that the old intro is back (for good I hope) XP

Happy bday rob!

this episode was ok, but i thought there was gonna be more urealms in it,oh well theres still next episode

Remind me not get betwwen this guy and his TF2. Seriously, you sound like the guy with strait jacket in the padded cell.



was I the only one who was dissapointed by this weeks episode

I'm sure you aren't.

apparently a lot of other people liked this episode so i suppose that's what really matters

either way, i was dissapointed!

Happy birthday!

I can't believe it 10 minutes of pure comedy (and 12 secconds of plot with Timmy), which is exactly what some people asked for and some are still upset.

Fun stuff. Felicem Diem Natalae, Rob! Personally, I like to see a nice fuck you to us fans every once in awhile. Makes me laugh.

"I just got two achievements at once! I don't even know what they're for!"


I like the attitude, "screw work" and just play the game. I would hate if people constantly were demanding and whining and all that. Just push forwards. If you're happy and confident in yourself, eventually people will pick up on it. People of high awesomeness should consider whiners to be a side show, one which exists so they can train to become even better. A punching bag to strengthen your fists and arms, one might say. Just don't spend to much time on the same bag.

Happy B Day if it's for real! And even though I was like aww I wanted to see more U.R., go Rob, get busy, it's your birthday!

And I will forgive you if you add me on Steam so I can pwnzor with you :)

(Send me a PM and I'll trade ya invites, seriously!)


.......???????? TF2? Wasn't expecting that.

Hahahaha, my birthday was just YESTERDAY and I had a killing spree on Counter Strike. Loved the episode and Happy b-day...if it seriously is your b-day


This was an awesome episode, and damn do I wish I could kick ass like that!
Happy Birthday!

Damnit guys, stop whining about the TF2, that was actually very nice voice acting.

Awesome episode! Did not know you was a TF2 player. So, yeah, it was a little different, but, as stated, It's his damn b-day, shut up and let him do what he wants. Anyways, epic ownage, hope you beat teh record.

Hey dude I play Team fortress 2 also! But why did you choose heavy? the heavy is for noobs. no offense.

I think everyone plays TF2. Anyway, if you needed to get more than 4700 kills in a day, which class would you pic? I barely play heavy, but the first time I did I got six kills in one life.

Pretty fun, but why did you have to make such a large chuck TF2? It was a good episode, I just would've liked to see more, well, episode.

"God Damnit Eluamous" Hilarious!

And the commentary on the TF2 funny as hell.

I enjoyed this episode a lot haha

Happy birthday!!! and so many achievs lol

WTF I thought i would be watching urealms not tf2 lame

Wow, Rob is a really good Heavy.

He even got "Heavy Industry" by accident.

But,you could have made the TF2 frag movie a wee bit shorter, and the actually episode a wee bit longer.

And if you really need to kill thousands of people, play an Rts

Belive in nothing? "boop boop boop boop boop"
Very great

and gotta <3 the ownage rob

You're a very annoying FPS player... just like everyone else. Anyways, Happy Birthday!


Well, that was an interesting turn of events. Timmy the EvilSuper Nice Guy becoming the Defense against the Dark Arts instructor, Timmy officially joining the game, Rob taking a well earned day off, myself and four others also becoming Defense against the Dark Arts instructors before believing ourselves out of existence, a Team Fortress 2 montage...

Overall, I like it. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good game montage.

And, of course, happy birthday.

Funny Rob funny. Happy Bday dude. Hope for more.

Happy Birthday.
Great episode.
Did you get all the kills?

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