Unforgotten Realms: Episode 42: Birthday Beatdowns

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Back in the house ROFL


2 achievments at the SAME TIIIIME!
Back in the house!

was I the only one who was dissapointed by this weeks episode

There was an episode this week?

The first and only good Episode of UR ever


I need to go find The Orange Box... If you'll excuse me...

Great episode Rob.

Good episode, I love Rob's humor and his attitude towards his fans.

BACK IN THE HOUSE! BACK IN THE HOUSE!!!!! lol im guessing this one was just supposed to be lulzy?

Man I was not expecting the TF 2 part of this at all, I loved this episode! Definitely my favorite part was with the contest winners being Believers, and they become nothing. Definitely LOL'd

Happy Birthday! Hope ya had fun! It was pretty awesome, atleast to me, 'cause yesterday was my birthday too. Anyway, have a good year!!

I like how half the ep was about TF2 lol

DUUUDDDEEE! That's awesome! I'm a defense against the dark arts teacher! **does a dance** Oh damn, I didn't believe in myself. Haha, either way I was in an episode, go me!

great episode, though i hope the punching the wall wasnt until after u got the kills...
also a late happy birthday to u and apparently half the ppl posting comments

this episode bit. no-one wants to watch the worlds biggest egotist play Team Fortress 2

this episode bit. no-one wants to watch the worlds biggest egotist play Team Fortress 2

That's what makes it amusing, his giant ego. I for one really enjoyed the episode. Don't speak for me!

I got mixed feelings about this episode... really random if you ask me.

Just make sure never to do that again. It gets old real fast.

happy birthday! that was a lot of spawn killing

Rob likes MTG? lol he is classified as an even large geek then Mike. still, MTG owns and can be used to shortcut alot of the writing required for a D&D campain

...What the heck?

quoting for emphasis. :(

I did not like birthday beatdown. U r a bad man u made may cry. More importantely i find te way u go aboot makin episodes rather shallow and pedantic. Yes i made a famamily guy quote. wat ya gonna do. bak to my original point i am sad. as u may have gathered i am speaking sarcastically i trully have nothing bad te say aboot ur show. I WILL STRIKE U DOWN MORTAL WITH THE POWER OF THE GODS THEMSELVES!!! I'ma firing ma lazer BLAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Back in the house! great video


was I the only one who was dissapointed by this weeks episode

I'm sure you aren't.

ive been disapointed with this show lately

Happy birthday Rob!
KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!! backinthehouse backinthehouse.

This episode was awesome.

That's the best executed plan for getting out of work and playing TF2 I've ever seen.

I loved this episode and I have no idea why

You should make more videos of you playing games with commentary.

Wow you really need to play more TF2, best voice over ever! Hope to see you in game sometime.

What the hell!? Haha, my bet is he just completely ran out of idea's, all the same, I still loved it!

The episode had some good quotes in it to..Mostly involving fire and "the house"

Oh, and Happy Birthday Rob, hope you had a great day!

at least it wasnt just another harry potter spoof

I enjoyed this episode, though it did feel like the next story episode wasn't finished yet, so you were buying time with this. Personally, I don't think the Hogwats episodes have been as funny, so it was great to see this. While it may have seemed pointless, the TF2 portion eventually became funny, just because of how long he was trying to keep the joke going. Good show!

How can u critisize this? its his birthday! be grateful you got an episode!

"back in the house" :D

(lighten up escapist)

Awesome episode... that's all that needs to be said

Not one, but FIVE jormungar worms!

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