Unforgotten Realms: Episode 42: Birthday Beatdowns

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Amazing episode! Lol, punching the wall, punching the wall, punching, punching, punching the wall!

All you lil bitchers can go "CRY SOM ' ORE!"
made me laugh, that wat its about.


Wtf did I just watch?

If it really was the guy's birthday he probably wanted some time off, hence the long episode of Team Fortress 2.

I absolutely loved that! Marvelous return to form Rob; just doing whatever the bloody hell you want with the episode instead of bending over for shoveled in story. Wicked funny.

It had some funny moments.

Can't blame him for wanting to pwn a little on his birthday. I'm just glad he didn't shit out a clip show. I fucking hate those things so much. If you don't want to make an episode, just don't fucking make one...or do something easy and simple, yet still funny like this clip.

I almost threw up in my mouth a little that time when ZP did a clip show.

Ok, I'm done ranting now.

This video had absolutely nothing to do with the story...BUT IT WAS AWESOME! And the commentary was hilarious, pretty much the same stuff that goes through my head when I play FPS's. Happy B-day!

See bloody murderous rampages are fun! I should know i've been on a few :)

you, sir, kick ass at TF2.

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