Rebecca Mayes Muses: Bionic Commando

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awesome! btw YEA the 80's pwns!!!

This one is my favourite this far. It's got such a catchy tune to it. I find myself putting this one on in the background often while I'm racing or even working.

I hope these will get released on a CD sometime in the future. Looking forward to it.

Better than Felicia Day. If they aren't already your videos should be made available for download on Xbox Live or PSN.

Good choice to appear on Gameswipe, your Madworld video intrigued me enough to visit your other videos.

THis and Wolverine are definitely your best, hopefully you'll realise your strengths and play to them.

I'm re-watching the vid again :P
Great choice of music, lyrics were true and non-repetative, review was solid, and the whole thing was a genuine pleasure to listen to.

I dont what makes me love her more, the fact that shes attractive or that she owns her own Spiderman costume :)

Yeah, plus she can sing, extremely well. and so what if she used Garage Band, it's still her voice...

And her lyrics...

I realize that you people who doesn't like her must have seen one of the videos before deciding if you like her. but still, just stop watching if you don't like her!

its very good it describes BC2 very well

This is just begging to be remixed by Proteus. Great track and told me enough about the game for me never to bother with it.

Good stuff!

Enjoyed the synth in this song + the crazy dance in the spiderman costume LOL!

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