Escape to the Movies: District 9

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The 2009 movie, by contrast, comes off pretty poorly (again, IMO) versus many of it's contemporaries - i.e. other big-scale scifi blockbusters. It's far, FAR below District 9, Dark Knight, Watchmen, Iron Man, the first-two Spider-Mans, Serenity, the first Matrix... hell, it's not even as good as Fifth Element or Event Horizon. It's not even as good at it's own genre as Starship Troopers... and that was a PARODY ;)

I agree with every movie in this comparison but Starship Troopers, and I'm willing to grant the exception on the grounds of Neal Patrick Harris.

Apartheid in south africa. Subtle, real subtle. Oh yeah intelligent is what you call it right.

Also why save so much fuel to fly if you only need a little bit to start up the board computer to activate the tractor beam.

Why are all the aliens stupid as fuck except for this one alien and his son.
The arm almost insta changes, the metamorphisis is accelerating according to the doctors and 48 hours later he still only has his arm changed plus some little side effects?
Speaking of 48 hours later, that much time it took a mega omnipotent company from the future to think hey lets tap this guys phone.
Why be stuck in a ship for three months, when the same ship is used to fly back home.
If the aliens are so unwanted, why not tell them: Yo the ship is able to fly we can go back now if you can get us a helicopter. Oh and an evil corporation doesn't like us going. But seeing as the majority of the world would like to get rid of us, i reckon you wouldn't mind us leaving.

Also fuck yeah, starshiptroopers!

Distric 9 is ok.
It's definitely not the best movie of the summer.

The main character is a prick.
And if you can't buy a storyline about a humanitarian-refugee-alien-crisis, then the movie is absolutely retarded. If you can be moved by the humanitarian crisis involving fictional aliens, then you'll like it. I did.

If you're like my girlfriend, and you say, "They're fucking aliens. Who cares?" then you'll fall asleep right before they break into MNU. Like she did.

I also have no idea where Movie Bob is getting this "Action Packed" B.S. from. You have to wait for over half the movie before any of the so-called action begins.

7/10 at best.
3/10 if you're not a nerd.

This is the reason why my jaw dropped and my universe inverted through through a singularity when I watched this review. OMG it was good! I knew it! I had heard that District 9 was the best thing since sliced bread. I had heard that it was awesome and even believed the hype. Until I sat down to watch it with my friends. We were basically bored to death for however long we stuck it out. Something like half an hour. That should be plenty of time for the plot to be firmly set on the rails and building up steam. We saw none of that; it took too darn long. So we gave up on something that apparently is actually worthy of hype. I consider such an achievement rare in the "Blockbuster Age." I think I'll be giving this one another go.

I still do not get why people are afraid of a halo movie, it would actually be pretty easy, act out the cinematics, have a short gunfight, show cool stuff, make sure people understand the plot, and boom, done. By the way, Bob, Shut up talking things you either have not looked up, or have not tried. It would be as if I thought district 9 absolutely SUCKED because:

a) you showed next to nothing from your little clips, and
b) I personally think those clips sucked because they do not reflect hat you were talking about.

I just grew the attention span to sit down and watch this with my dad today, and two-thirds of the way through, we have been interrupted my some menial family matters. I'm typing this comment as I wait, and I'm literally shaking in anxiety and anticipation of the last thirty minutes that I have to wait an hour to watch. Fuck everything else, this deserves to sweep the Oscars, and the fact that it won't is disgusting.

I have NEVER been an action person -- my movie shelf consists mainly of Oldoys and Harold & Maudes -- but as Movie Bob said, District 9 is not action. District 9 is the kind of masterpiece that inspires artists of any medium to make great art. I enjoyed Avatar, but it won't follow me throughout the rest of my life. District 9 will.

/fanboy rant

i am sooo glad the halo movie died. honestly, what would be the point? the games tell the story well enough. its an ok story for a game because theres fun game play in between cutscenes, a movie would just be the whole thing compressed and at the same time dragged out into two hours. they could split it into 3 movies, but then it would still run six hours to tell an incredibly simple story.

Well, I'm a bit late for this, but I just wanted to add something...
I didn't like District 9, as much a some people that is. I found it rather dull and documentary like(maybe that is what the director was going for, who knows). District 9 is as much of a movie to as much Heavy Rain is a game.
All that I'm trying to say is that I personally think that D9 was meh. I would consider it a rental/download to some degree. I have actually had some arguments with people about what movie is better, Avatar or D9, and I must say that I pick Avatar. Fine, call me a little kid, a dumbass who doesn't understand a good movie when he sees one etc. but I think that when D9 stepped into the pool of realism; it went a little too far and drowned in it's own piss.
The only part I actually liked is the little cute alien that want's to help the human.
Another thing I am trying to say is that I am getting bored of the "realism" thing most movies have. District 9 was decent, and if you like that kind of movie then go see it I suppose, but if you are like me then I would recommend you to save your money and go see Avatar(in 3D or 2D, either way it's awesome) instead.
I would also like to add that this only me personal opinion, as opinions are different form person to person.
Please don't kill me... :P

All and all, D9 was really freakin' boring and I didn't like it. End of story.

Thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately I did not watch it at the cinema, but the dvd was definitely worth its €20,-

I didn't think it was all that great O.o

I disagree with your opinion of Halo, it has a deep, rich story, but you have to read the books.

Stop hating on Halo you FUCK.

If you actually had substance to your arguments, I wouldn't mind.

But you NEVER DO.

Actually the Halo movie was going to be about the prequel novel, which in terms of story and action, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than any of the games. So if he made a Halo movie, it would still be good. The only problem being that the novel relies mostly on detailed description, which would be hard to show on a film, unless they made the characters talk their emotions, which would look kinda dumb. :/

How can a man who recommended Splice, Surrogates and Avatar possibly complain about the new Star Trek movie being mindless action? Granted it certainly was, but it was well executed action and even though they made an effort to stick to the feel of the original series(Basically half the cast were only there to spout their catchphrases imo) there was still interest to be had in the plot and characterization. Avatar was about some vanilla space marine and some dull natives, and even though I've never seen dances with wolves I still knew exactly what was going to happen in every scene.

I really wished that Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson would still work on the Halo movie. I think they're the only people I could trust to make a Halo movie with a good story. Now some idiot is probably going to make the Halo movie like some mindless action packed movie like Transformers. I just pray to god that they don't make an adaption of Halo: The Fall of Reach because if they ruin that, there will be nothing left to redeem Halo's storyline (except for Halo: First Strike and maybe Halo Legends.)

I agree. It is definetly one of the better movies made in recent times that combines both science fiction and social commentary in an intelligent manner. So nothing there.

Now, about Halo. Im not going to tell you to stop hating on Halo, because its pretty obvious that you never will. I AM however going to ask you? What happened to the "You can make a good movie out of anything!" argument. If Neill Blomkamp is such a fantastic new talent (which I think he is btw) then who are you to say that him directing a Halo movie would be a "waste of talent"?!

You see that's the problem I have with you Bob. The fact that, from time to time, you're just as biased against stuff you don't like as these "hardcore meatheaded douchebag fratboys" that you've convinced yourself has invaded your precious "geek" culture, is towards stuff that YOU like.

Fine! You don't like Halo. Fine! You (generally) don't like first person shooters. I get it! Yes, its your opinion. No, I have no right to tell you what you can and can't like. Yes, this is your platform/soap box/whatever, but when you're stating your opinion in a public place (like the internet) you have to be ready to have people call you out and challenge you opinions, which is what im doing right now.

And that's the thing. Lets say that a Halo movie DOES get made and it is directed by a above average/excellent director (lets say Blomkamp for the sake of the argument). It then turns out to be one of the best movies ever made (slight exaggeration I know but bear with me im getting to a point here). Then you review it on your show and give it a bad review. Then I simply just would not be able to shake the thought that you simply just don't like it because you don't like Halo and nothing you ever say or do is ever going to make that sentiment go away.

Granted, were all a bit biased from time to time and I acknowledge and respect that. Im also not saying that you should give a potential Halo a positive review in order to gain credibility with me. You already have that, just not when it comes to certain areas and/or subjects.

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