Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill 2

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I'd get It, but I'd only not get pissed by getting the good ending.

I should still get it. I've seen a few of the cutscenes, but to get the whole story I should actually play the damn thing.

Yahtzee at his always. But IMHO the camera works better than in most games at that time.

Poor dolphin.

ssgt splatter:
Ahh, another game from a simpler time. A time before online gaming and before the word NOOB...I think.

Well, most online games were like Quake and all this stuff.....Sooooooo Sorry bub. However give yourself a cookie having the words " a simpler time". Because it was really a simpler time.

Yay great review yatzhee, my favourite game of all time.

nice to see a review of a classic. one of my favorite games as well. though was James a clerk over there? here the instruction manual has his profession listed as Protagonist.

SH2s gameplay was ass. maybe if they realized fans of that game loved playing the story they wouldnt have shoehorned so much of it into other games. tbh i found SH1s gameplay to be more fulfilling.

Was a little let down by the review but i do agree that SH2's biggest aspect was how the town itself was against you and not those weird enemies you encountered.

i watched someone playing silent hill 1 on youtube and the story made no sence no me first its an evil power then its some weird shit todo with drugs 0_o anyway good review keep it up :D


Shattered memories is gonna have a quiz or something? So it'll have my dead relatives come and say how dissapointed in me they are because of my porn collection?

Great to see this review of the game. Still one of my favourites and hands down the most disturbing and thralling story I've played - especially as it dawns on you what's going on as it comes to a conclusion.

As to people wondering why it's worth covering - isn't that like asking why critics still talking about Citizen Kane or Raging Bull? When something it truly classic and important in the development of an art form or as a piece of entertainment it's worth remembering it and discussing it's values. Especially when they have been forgotten by so much that has followed.

Ben's trips down nostalgia avenue always provide hilarity.

Few games have shown such an innovative way of telling a story without coming across as laborious to wade through.

I was wondering if he'd ever review another old game.

When can we expect a Fantasy World Dizzy review?

"Leaves you emotionally drained and satisfied like fucking a burning dolphin"

0.o > .....?

I don't think you can say ANYTHING about that. Except wonder about the reference point of course.

I'm so glad he did this, it's nice to see what makes a good game to him.

Why are you guys whining about what games he chooses to review? It's his segment.

I, for one, flippin loved Silent Hill 2. So I had a laugh while I watched this.

Nice review. This game seems to have a really nice atmosphere.

F*cking a burning dolphin...WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN *ROFL* Nice.

Wow I loved this review!!! Silent Hill 2 is one of my favorite games of all time too, playing to get all 6 endings as well as Maria's side story was so great.

He's right about everything, James is actually a very interesting character and really fits well with the game, Pyramid Head truly was terrifying and at his best in this game only, and the atmosphere of all the settings was truly something.

Now I miss this game, I wish I still had it, now I want it, I had the original case and everything...

Today's my birthday and obviously Yahtzee doesn't know me but I'm going to pretend this review is a birthday present to me ^^ lol

Great review, really enjoyed it

EDIT!!!: Anyone who actually played SH2 should recognize his reference at the end. At the beginning of SH2 you find a bar with a map pointing out a location for you to visit and on the wall there is some writing in red (blood?) that says "THERE WAS A HOLE HERE. IT'S GONE NOW."

Damn nice one Yahtzee, good reference, now I wanna get this game again once I get a 360.

I like these retrospectives, it's fun to see them every now and then.

This was a nice review, and it actually made me realize something. I want to see Yahtzee do more reviews of games he actually likes! Think about it; his negative reviews are good for a laugh, but reviews like this could really open up some eyes in the gaming industry (because apparently they listen to him.)

And yes, I know everyone hated his Psychonauts review for such reasons.

Great review like always "fucking a burning dolphin" OMG i almost fell from my chair from laughing so hard

One of my favorite aspects of this title is how literally EVERYTHING in the game ties in with James's twisted psychological baggage, even the other "human" characters might be bizarre manifestations of his screwed up mental state rather than real people. As well the fact that the entire thing could be taking place inside the main characters head is very interesting, though that aspect isn't clarified in any of the endings I got.

yay my favorite game.

i couldnt believe when i read "Zero punctuation: silent hill 2"

i didnt laugh though :(

I knew this weeks had to be a retrospective review because there aren't any new games out! But the summer games drought is almost over with Halo:ODST the first major title and i can't wait for the review of that or if he just skips it because its halo

While I am happy that Yahtzee too considers Silent Hill 2 as a best game ever (although regarding The Witcher we would be on the opposite sides) I have a few points that I disagree on with him.

Firstly, the combat. Although he recognises that all the characters are regular people and not trained soldiers or superheroes I think that the "dodgy" combat is a vital part of the game's suspense. I think that being clumsy (although shooting is always 100% accurate) adds to the tension that should be a part of a survival horror game, therefore sticky combat is used as an advantage in these kinds of games, so not just SH2.

Secondly, the camera controlling and its movement. I have to state here that I played the PC version of the game and from those who have played the console version I heard that it was more fluid (I mean the console version). So even though I was in an even worse position regarding the camera I still thought (not always of course) that this disadvantage of the game is actually the opposite. Yahtzee also mentioned that it would have worked better as a movie and I'm pretty sure that he knows that unusual and different camera positions can create a sense of confinement better than just a setting. For sake of example 12 Angry Men come to my mind as a more popular movie that uses the camera movement throughout the film to create and deepen the feeling of confinement. Or in the game think of the apartments when the camera is directly above James. Again I mention that it doesn't work always in the game, and yes, there are parts when it is simply frustrating but yet again on the whole it is for the game's advantage.

i was wondering if you were ever goign to rewiew this game, since all the times that u mention it, lol. i liked the ending animation as well... =p

I got silent hill 2 a while ago after hearing many good things about, but I can't really agree with yahtzee on this one. I personally preferred Homecoming but thats just my opinion. Maybe one day i'll be motivated to try and carry on with 2, but I don't think that will happen any time soon.

Good one! I played SH2 on Xbox and it really freaked me out.

i was wondering if you were ever goign to rewiew this game, since all the times that u mention it, lol. i liked the ending animation as well... =p

Well there was the Prince of Persia retrospective and since its bland old summer time for game releases this seems like a perfect time to finally vent some... well not anger but love in Yahtzee's case.


Suiseiseki IRL:
I'm surprised it took this long for him to pull out SH2. I'd thought he'd have done it sooner.

Good review all around.

Same here, I thought he was going to pull it out on EP. 100.

100 is just a number though... like 102 -party whistle-

But yeh it was a nice review and i love games with terrific atmosphere, like the end boss of condemned 1, so i might go back a few years and check this out.

I've only ever played Silent Hill Origins and a little bit of SH3, but I will say that those are eight fear soaked hours of my life and a piss stained pair of pants I'll never get back.

*Non-Story Related but still might be considered a SPOILER*

Seriously, when I walked into the Butcher Shop in Origins and saw Pyramid Head RAPING A TWITCHING BLOODY NURSE, I think I had to put down my PSP, lay back, and re-evaluate my life as a human being and the future of fear in games.

And as for Yahztee:

I think it's brilliant that he writes about older games that he actually enjoys. If the current (Shallow) Well-of-Good-Games is bone dry, make do with what you have. I love his reviews because he gives the bare essentials of gameplay, then swoops in and makes your laugh box start kicking out amused and 'That's totally true' chuckles. If Yahtzee reads this, I just want to say 'To hell with what anyone else says, you give an excellent and legitimate review with some cheap laughs thrown in. I love the fact that you can poke fun at a games various flaws, but admit that it is fun and has some wonderfully executed points. I will always read your reviews just for laughs, but if you make a game sound interesting I'll definatly look it up. Cheers!'

im so glad yahtzee has inspired more people to play this game

probably my favorite video game

i play it like every year

Ooh, another elitist gamer waxes nostalgic about how games were so much better "back in the day." How original.

Hmm, interesting. After the thief and PoP retrospectives, I wondered if he'd ever do one for Silent Hill 2.

I really should go back and play this now. If the atmosphere is as freaky and blubber-like as he says, it sounds like something I'd really enjoy.

Was there any particular reason James was always Jaaaaaaaames?

There was this part in the game while your in the hospital where you have no choice but to participate in a game show-like contest or you wont be able to progress through the rest of the game cuz you'd be dead. It starts off when your in an elevator and some game show host voice talks over the radio saying Jaaaaaaaames Sunderland! Then the voice tells you, creepily of course, that you have to answer trivia questions about Silent Hill based on the difficulty level of the quiz you've chosen before starting the game. I never found out what happened when you fail. The first time playing my friends and I answered the quiz correctly and received a game progression item and some ammo.

I played through this dozens of times because I wanted to get the different good endings. I noticed how the ending seemed cut off when you play through it the first time then beating it a second and third time confirmed that the game adds to the end scenes. The whole time I'm saying, "Why didn't the game just give me the entire ending the first time?!". The game was much more fun when I earned that chainsaw.
My favorite part in the game was getting Mr. Rape Time's giant sword. I remember getting the items that said I can summon one but I tried to make sense of how to use the items once then gave up.

Interesting review. I have fond memories of Silent Hill 2, although I have more fond memories of Silent Hill 1. The combat in 1-3 (I never played 4) can be quite a turn-off, and while I understand that using a "normal" person as opposed to a trained special soldier or a bunch of people who find the same book and somehow get pinpoint aiming as a result adds to the tension, the control scheme and camera work really can be detrimental. I've debated playing this game through again, but I don't think I can give it the time and attention it deserves. Unfortunately my pregnant wife sucks up a lot of that nowadays.

If you haven't played this game it's well worth your time to do so. If you only have current gen consoles, it looks like the PS3s can run it ok (assuming you have BC) but it looks like the 360 has a number of issues with it. There's also a PC version you can get.

Just checked Gamespot's PC review and ironically they complained about all the things that Yahtzee (and many others) praise about the game. It's almost amusing to read.

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