Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill 2

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I'm glad he reviewed Silent hill 2 but I thought he would bring up your sidekick from the game in the review about how she kept switching attitudes every second, "Yahtzee" talked about it in the Prince of Persia review. That still doesn't stop it from being a great review. Thanks Yahtzee. :)

This was the game I least expected him to review. But darn me if it wasn't funny. I hope he reviews Arkham Asylum and Wolfenstein soon.

Ah a much expected review of what I consider the second best survival horror game (the best being Fatal Frame 2, which everyone seems to pretend doesn't exist, probably in a worldwide conspiracy to get on my nerves).

YES! About my favorite game...ever...of all time (see avatar for details)

What a pleasant review!

Fans of the game might want to look up the artist Hans Bellmer to see where the inspiration for the mannequins came from. Bellmer's work has a suggestive quality that fits right in with Silent Hill 2.

lol this was a good one, zp's quality has been wavering a bit lately could go anywhere from here.

I love the "There was a critic here, he's gone now" line in the end credits.
The SH2 fans will get that one. :D

I didn't see this review coming, but fuck it. It was great! "Like fucking a burning dolphin" :p lmao.

Since this series has mostly been about hatred, it's nice to see Yahtzee talk about a game he thinks is excellent...AND hear him say what's wrong with it, and why it's good regardless.

Wait, it's his favorite game of all time, yet the first thing he admits is that the gameplay was shit? Huh?

It is a Point A to an eventual point B game with so much in the middle. It's really up to the player to take away their own experience. You can just progress or you can realize there's actual a lot more to this game if you pay attention while you play.

(Somethings you wouldn't expect to be in a video game at the time) The "Fan" forums actually have many interpretations of this game. The endings are also based on hidden triggers.

You have a bloody knife in your inventory. The game actually counts how many times you look at it and gives you an ending.

Yay! I'm absolutly asonished that you actually reveiwed SH2 Marvelous.

Wow... the video game drought is actually that bad?

wow I actually really enjoyed this one, I even laughed

"There was a critic here. It`s gone now." Nice one.

never got through Silent Hill one let alone number 2 but i found a way to add to the atmosphere of the game when my tv stopped showing colour, i still have nightmares about it.

I have being playing through another title soaked in atmosphere and I would highly recommend it to any Silent Hill fanatic. Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. Don't need to play the first one, I never did. The only game to really freak me out. You play a little girl stuck in a haunted Japanese backwoods village with a flash light that never seems to work when you need it and a Camera that sucks up ghosts as long as you have film. Not particularly challenging, but still an incredibly "shit your pants" survival horror masterpiece.

This reminds me of what could have made Dead Space scary which would have been your little suspended animation tube malfunctioned and you emerge 2 weeks or so late on a ship devoid of life so the fact that you were alone in space not knowing whether or not you were safe would be a little more real, and more of the half-bred scrawny aliens would act a little more like shambling zombies from left for dead, or better like witches you would have to avoid hundreds of to not invoke wrath. But yeah keep that final boss and keep a couple of the big baddies the same

What a coincidence. A few days ago I was searching for this game in a shop that sells used games for cheap.

Unfortunately I didn't find it. Dammit.

Funny review, but it didn't have me laughing out that loud. I guess it's harder to do a funny review on your favorite game of all time.

the whole "neo conservative imperialism" thing blindsighted me. I laughed so hard, I had to pause the damn thing because I was missing the rest of the video.

wonder if Yahtzee will review A Vampire Story. Have the impression he liked Monkey Island, he might like somewhat enjoy that one too.

After every video I get myself interested in entering the contest but Yahtzee keeps calling me a strange purse.

*Sigh* He's lost hes sting if you ask me, but good review non or less. Im going to watch some of hes older reviews now.


I agree with Ben in this one - I like how the Silent Hill series' main character is the town. It's a unique approach to storytelling, not like anything else I've seen.

True. Usually when the main character is an inanimate object, or in this case a place, there isn't much that the writers can do with it. It's nice to see different concepts, back from the times when games were normally original.

The only thing I can think of close to this in movie format was The Grudge. And like any casino, the house always wins.

Funny because I JUST finished replaying this a few days ago.

Excellent review. I more than once got my ass turned around by those camera changes.

Silent Hill 2 is the epitome of survival horror games. It makes you sympathize with a very disturbed person. It lets you BE a very disturbed person. It's symbolism is top notch. I honestly think Silent Hill 2 (Shattered Memories) is the greatest game thingie device ever made. Period. And I also think Pyramid Head should've stayed in SH2. He (or really - they) was unique to Jaaaaameeeesss's psyche, and should've stayed that way. Instead of becoming fan-service in movies and other gaaaaaammmees. Kay, i'm done with that. Regardless, this review is spot on. The only short-coming is the combat. Which was about as interesting as getting AAAAAAAIIIDDDSS. Okay, I lied. But i'm really done with that now. Anyways, good job. Great game, best ever. Couldn't agree more about all points made.

Eh... this one was kinda weak, and the press X not to die joke was forced in.

Yathzee is't the funny when reviewing a game he likes.

I only ever played SH3 and I couldn't sleep afterwards. SH2 sounds like it'd make me never want to go to bed ever again.

Oooh, good, I like my creepy horror, scare-the-absolute-crap-out-of-me games. I'm surprised it's taken this long for me to summon interest in the Silent Hill series, but considering how hard it is to get hold of them, lawl. I'll give it a stab, though.

I really need to play this game..

I started playing it then stopped....I think I need to just restart it and then just keep going.

It's a very psychological game. The kicker at the near-end is not that expected, and the music they play during the part after it (a song called Black Fairy) in the Nightmare Hotel is some of the most disturbing, ambient music i've ever heard. The atmosphere in this track (and the setting in which it's used) work so fuggin' well with eachother it's just...disturbing. It works, really well. It actually sent a chill down my spine. If you wanna hear it, look it up on YouTube.


The game's not HELLA scary, it's just extremely psychological. The best kind of scary. It makes you sympathize with and be a very disturbed person. I'd tell you why he's disturbed, but then that would kill that near-end kicker I mentioned. But it's pretty cool. All the monsters in the game are representations of James' psyche which manifest into physical being while in Silent Hill.

All in all, it's an awesome psychological thrillride.
Kind of like Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy).

Which is another game I highly suggest.

The burning dolphin joke is by far some of the best random comedy I've ever heard. Bravo Yahtzee...

About half way through the video Yahtzee seemed almost...Sad. Or poetic, or sympathetic, I dunno, something odd. Maybe nostalgia kicked in.

Also "like fucking a flaming dolphin".

This made me feel something in my shorts... My first name is James, so when Yahtzee said 'JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES' all those times i couldnt stand up...

I hope I'm not the only one who got the "burps when he falls down stairs too" part at the end. I loved SH2, I had the directors cut version so I played through the special Maria mission as well, which was actually so depressing when you thought about it (what with the dead child falling from a window and the constant overtones of suicide hanging in the air).

I suppose one of the best things about SH2 is that you didn't actually have to go through the final boss fight to complete the game, all you needed was a key shaped like a bone, stick it in a door only a short walk away from where the most major plot twist occurred a viola! You are now happily introduced to an ending where every little bit of suffering you were forced through was some sadistic experiment from a small yellow dog.

When Yahtzee said that the game likes fucking with your head, he was not wrong.

Hang on, you're suggesting Fahrenheit in a Zero Punctuation forum? Here's Yahtzee banging on about how Silent Hill gets along just fine without quick-time-events and you're suggesting a game that's pretty much held together by them.

On the other hand, I will admit it was a fairly decent game as far as story and premise went, but I stopped playing when those giant flea things chased me around the office. All the mystery and intrigue just fell away at that point, like pulling back the curtain in Wizard Of Oz. The game felt like a massive joke at that point and stopped being interesting for me.

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