Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill 2

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Hmm, interesting. After the thief and PoP retrospectives, I wondered if he'd ever do one for Silent Hill 2.

I really should go back and play this now. If the atmosphere is as freaky and blubber-like as he says, it sounds like something I'd really enjoy.

Was there any particular reason James was always Jaaaaaaaames?

Someone's probably already answered this but oh well - Maria always seemed to go JAAAAAAMES whenever she spoke to him, was quite funny really, made her sound like a retarded prozzie ^_^

Silent Hill 2 is good, but the rest of the series is getting less good, yes I really don't care for Silent Hill games that don't take place in Silent Hill, because having a Silent Hill game that doesn't take place in Silent Hill is boring.

Finnally I now have an idea of how it is fucking a burning dolphin XD

Am I the only one who thinks that Silent Hill sounds like a less scary version of Fatal Frame? Every reason about why Yahtzee said he liked Silent Hill is from Fatal Frame...

Of course I've never played Silent Hill 2 so I can't judge.

I am incredibly apprehensive about the new Silent Hill's "psychological tests". I am afraid it will just be a quiz-like series of questions that will merely flip certain switches in the game. For example.
Q1: Are you afraid of the dark?
[ok, make it dark]
Q2: Are you afraid of spiders?
[release the spiders!]
Q3: Do you like cliche plot devices?
[The masked antagonist is your father and you were dead all along!]

and so on....

I'm playing this right now after just completing 1, best game I've played recently, and it was released in 2002.

Fantastic review, this is probably one of my favorite games. I have many fond memories of helping my roommate play it while I clung screaming to her arm as she shot/stabbed/mangled the various baddies that would jump out in front of Mr. Sunderland. I still can't play it by myself without a towel on my couch and the lights all on.

yes silent hill 2 definitely was my favorite to all the games, I thought the story line was very well thought
out, I think the camera angles allow you to see the enemies, the music is good, the fog is kind of creepy,
because you can't see everything in front of you, james is a cool character, it also seems like the characters
have similarities to his emotions in a dream sequence kind of way, the only bummer is the fact that james
can't get over his dead wife, but maybe that's why he went to silent hill, maybe he doesn't care about
torturing himself mentally, enemies in the game are creepy, pyramid head is an awesome villan, that knife is
awesome too, I do think it is an awesome game, it seems like they messed up pretty much every other silent
hill game, especially in the sense that most of the other silent hill games, the story lines don't make sense,
especially the new one, I kind of liked the 3rd one with the bunnies and the carnival, and the 4th one a
little bit, 3rd one had some ok music in it, the 4th one I have no idea if there was good music in that,
but in the 4th one I don't get why 2 ghosts follow you that can't die, wtf on that, it was kind of cool
how the enemies could come out of the walls, the cutscenes in silent hill 4 were good, but to me graphics
aren't everything, i mean some old games have crappy graphics and they are way better games, than most of
the new one's now-a-days, also story lines don't usually explain why something wants to kill you, which makes
no sense, I could go on, but I won't.

"You start to think that James' nightmare might be entirely his own creation, as if the town is just handing him a set of jump cables and watching as he sticks them on his balls. It's a fascinating voyage of pain and despair that leaves you emotionally drained and satisfied like fucking a burning dolphin."

That's one of the best things I've heard in a game review ever.

Am I the only one who thinks that Silent Hill sounds like a less scary version of Fatal Frame? Every reason about why Yahtzee said he liked Silent Hill is from Fatal Frame...

Of course I've never played Silent Hill 2 so I can't judge.

I know the original "Silent Hill" was released for the pS1, and Silent Hill 2 (i'm pretty sure) came out a little bit before the first "Fatal Frame", but i definitely agree that the 2 games are very comparable.

I have to admit to putting off "Fatal Frame" for a couple of months simply because the description of "using your camera to kill ghosts" sounded lame...

The same buddy i played the Silent Hill games with was finally convinced by ANOTHER friend to give "Fatal Frame" a try, and it was every bit as psychologically testing as "SH2" was...

Just the way a random phantom could glide softly by you, without even a peep....I remember my buddy and i just screaming "HOLY SHIT!" and turning the game off in favour of a round of NHL hockey :P

Lol i Love when yahzee posts a new review people talk like him in the comments.

ah sh2.. a game that fucked up my childhood. this review actually got me into yahtzee.

SH2 is my favorite game ever.

FFVII is my second favorite.

Yahtzee and I are so similar and yet so vastly different.

"Silent Hill 6: A dufus, a stick with a nail in it and a guy with trigonometry for a face."

Like ****ing a flaming Dolphin!?!

I loved the silent hill series but 2 was the best out of all of them

i got shatter memories its one of my favourite games. Im realy hope he reviews it soon

Will you be doing a video for the new Silent Hill game? I started playing it recently...and I think that you could really critique a lot on it....especially the annoying ass tittin' flashlight controls. And that psychological test.....what does me every cheating on a partner have to do with ANYTHING?! .....not to mention when i answered no he needed me to verify o.o...

I've only played through silent hill two and i can't really tell whether it's the town that is trying to kill James or if it's all just in James' imagination. I really didn't like how all the characters you meet don't even know what the hell is going on and James doesn't even bother to fill them in!

In one part of the game you decend about 10000 feet into the ground and, if i remember correctly, you suddenly end up outside... by a lake... with a row boat.

It's a great game and just as you said it's able to tell a story without words. What's funny is that BioWare does the EXACT OPPOSITE. Still love 'em though =P

No offense but I really hated this game
not because of the crappy combat mechanics or the annoying camera, it was because of the main protagonist and everyone else are so ... They're like emo-retarded-boring-empty-annoying kind of people, they made me want to kill everybody in the town instead of listening to their stupid stories, other thing was that sometimes it looks like the developers were making certain rooms just to piss you of, ex: in the hospital when you're with maria when you go to the 3rd floor AS SOON as you get trough the door there are 3 nurses standing next to you so you'll get hit even before you're able to move and probably maria will get hit to (of course maria will most likely stand in front of you and don't move even though she is getting beaten hard by the nurses - and it looks like you can kill maria by shooting her so she standing in front of you makes the game even more annoying) but maybe it's my fault for playing it on annoying difficulty (hard)
The story it's just a big fat "meh" (why it always has to be somebody looking for someone)
There's lots of enemies (at least on hard) and that seriously killed the "I'm alone" mood ( I felt like I was invading and killing people in THEIR TOWN - like I was the demon killing innocent civilians that just wanted to hang out and have sex with each other ) it looked like they were trying to make a shooter/beat'em up instead of a horror game
Is it scary? the answer is simple: NO (IMO)Psychological? : no (IMO) Are the characters good-deep-interesting-huggable-kissable? : I already said it no (IMO) they're just crazy
so in the end I didn't finish it, I got so pissed of I didn't finish it ( like I did with F.E.A.R. )
Lucky me I didn't buy it, just borrowed it

Ps: could you make a review of "Killing Floor" the retail not the mod?


I liked SH2 more than all the other Silent Hill games. I actually for once 100% agree with Yhatzee. Gameplay is horrible and the puzzles don't make much sense, but the characters and story are amazing. Too bad. I've lost most of my hope for the series. Sh: Origins was pathetic, and Homecoming didn't even deserve to be created. SH: Shattered Memories was nice, but now that Akira's gone, I don't think the games will be as good, if good at all.

I actually did the math once. You descend approximately 640 feet in the prison, and emerge at the same elevation that you entered. 640 feet doesn't sound like a whole lot until you consider that that is the height of a 64 story skyscraper. This was calculated using maximum human falling velocity without sustaining life-threatening injury, as well as duration of falls in cutscenes. The elevator descends 24 floors. The opening stairwell from the historical society descends roughly 170 feet.

@Dalton Frantz: From what I've heard, Silent Hill has been unofficially discontinued. Akira was the producer for the latter half of the series, and has withdrawn from the franchise. Konami does not expect to publish any more Silent Hill titles. Also, nice "Judgment" picture for your avatar.

Fatal Frame was really good, but the story was not nearly as compelling as SH2. The horror aspects were similar, though.

@K-nu: I'm sorry you didn't like the game. Unfortunately, this is one of those titles where you begin to understand how all of the characters interact after you have done extensive analysis of the story. The surface level content of the characters and plotline seems redundant and empty, but I assure you that there is a good reason for that. Some people like that kind of storytelling, others don't.

I have to agree with Yahtzee that this game is a game which really demonstrates how video games are a unique and transcendental medium of telling a story. Verily this story could have been told no other way. That having been said, I have read hundreds of books, seen hundreds of movies, and played (probably) thousands of games, and Silent Hill 2 is my favorite narrative of all time in any medium. Thank you, Team Silent.

You know what, I enjoy Yahtzee's reviews just as much as the next guy, but I can't fucking stand it when people are like - "oh yeah, the gameplay sucks big-time, but the story makes up for it". Seriously? This is a game first and a story-telling medium second. I know how he tries to defend it with the "atmosphere" argument, but let's face it - SH:Origins had almost exactly the same vibe, but with better controls, gameplay, etc. And hell, when it comes to the central protagonist, I found it real hard to give a fuck about James. You know, his voice acting makes it seem like he's an awfully calm guy while all hell breaks lose around him.

Well i didn't really like the camera angles in silent hill 2 as I'm used to being able to turn them with the right analogue stick... but in Silent Hill 2 I couldn't... and it frustrated me for a while. Then I got used to it and it didn't really bother me anymore.

bought a copy not to long ago, yea it does atmosphere well

good god, the first battle with trigonometry head in SH2 was bloody stupid, i have not seen a more boring boss fight, i mean my god he moves like a bloody sloth, of course that may be because of his pyramid balls, matching his head, but the dude later in the game sprints like a bloody athlete, there goes consistency.

i will just say that not this video help me decade to play that master piece.
game of all games :>
i salute all it fans with this cool clip
i know it is not sh2 but it is good song :P

Oh please. It's got about as much atmosphere as any small town on a Sunday night; if that's dreadful heart-wrenching loneliness to you than you're about as much a misanthropic loner as Sarah Palin in a tour bus begging for undeserved appreciation.

I'm tired of people holding Silent Hill 2 up as some kind of gold standard for storytelling; the characters are one dimensional, the plot is basically non-existent and just 'cause the game doesn't "show the shark" doesn't mean they're not smacking you in the face with it. Oo, a monster made out of a man molesting a child in a bed; you win points for originality if only because Disney is the only other group willing to animate furniture.

And stop pretending there's this deep complexity to James' character, when the game itself literally reveals the only reason he's even in Silent Hill 2 is 'cause he's a shallow dipshit who decided his case of blue balls justified murdering his wife. You can wrap all the Silent Hill weirdness around him you like but's no more likeable or identifiable than a suspect from a CSI episode, only instead of him getting tossed in prison like he should he's allowed to "get over his wife" and adopt some random child who's probably in more danger when James realizes she's eaten all the peanut butter than a guest at the Wonderland Ranch.

Something I've been wondering about ever since this review came out...What does "somewhere between midget height and 50 feet below sea level" mean? What does it mean?! I don't understaaaaaaand...

@SnakeoilSage - The first few moments of the game are running through a forest path surrounded by only the fog and tortured bestial noises. Then you beat a monster to death and meet, in a graveyard, a psychologically disturbed girl with a past that involves sexual abuse ... If that's the atmosphere of your small town on a Saturday night then I really feel for you!

Dangit Escapist editors, I finally forgot what it felt like to fuck a burning dolphin. You knew this would happen.

Just played silent hill 2 for the first time and i got the car in the lake ending. Loved the game and heard of it from Yatzee... and now I'm going to rewatch the review and see what changes after playing the game =)

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