Zero Punctuation: 2.5D Hoedown

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Trine was good fun, for a while, until it started pissing me off,
the ending was cute however.
As for 'Splosion Man I wouldn't know.

What's the game he's waiting for during Ex-Mass?

Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Portal was awesomeness...of course comparing other games to it makes them less appealing...

Holy shit, probation for posting a comment? What's this facist bullshit? You can't post here except after the first 20 posts or something? This is goddam ridiculous, and makes no sense. Hell, i even provided a quote from the review just to show i'd watched it...

Are the almighty mods gonna ban me for my little outburst now? I hope not, because free speech is the foundation of the internet, you bastards.

EDIT: Reading this a couple years on,I sound like an absolute tosser. Disregard everything I said, I'm clearly a moron.

I thought he was doing the game contest this week. Oh well. Guess I can't read.

Both games look cool, especially 'Splosion Man. How much are on XBLA? Aren't they about £5-£6?

I kinda like the concept of the two games. Maybe I'll check them out..

Strangely, Trine is out for PC and PSN but not the 360?
And 'splosion man is out for Xbox but on PC ?

Maybe it makes sense somewhere, but i'm confused right now.

'Splosion man is a Portal "rip-off" in 3 basic ways.

1. It's about someone caught in a weird scientific lab/experiment.
2. You have to actually use your brain and reflexes to get to the end.
3. There's cake(s).

Other than that they are completely different. I find 'Splosion man to be very fun, at times frustrating, but in a good way. Its linearity helps make it a fun run and you almost never feel like you CAN'T beat something.

Haven't tried Trine yet (or heard of it) but after seeing this I think I'll give the demo a try.

Betmen:Erkhem Esylum is next it seems. I wonder if he finds it good...

Oh and nice review by the way, had me chuckle :P

What, 2.5D hoedown without Shadow Complex?

Shadow Complex is too awesome for a Zero Punctuation. What's there to complain about, maybe shooting targets in the background?

Wow, I didn't know Mr. Croshaw played Genre Wars.

Hmm, I thought he might have touched on Shadow complex but no, 'splosion man it is. Still, I get what Yahtzee was saying about the length, maybe they should have cut it off at level 30 and then had "challenge maps". Either way, I'm not fussed, I like my games long.

The comment "If you could imagine The Lost Vikings knocking-up Little Big Planet..." is one of the funniest things I've heard in weeks. Bravo, Yahtzee, you overcompensatingly-garish stud, you.

Great analysis as always. Keep up the good work!

I agree about the Trine - fun, but sometimes you have TOO MANY choices how to cross a puzzle. And most of them can be solved by Wizard, summoning the platform. And no, you can't fly on it, as it's not only slow but also Wizard moves a bit when he does it. I dunno maybe it's just on the PC version. But... yeah. At least you can replay the game and collect experience bottles.

Still, can't wait for Batman next week... or two weeks.

Half dimension is fun for casual trial games with proper graphics,physics (and breakable bones) like trials2 SE, else than that all 2.5D games have been shite. @utopiaV1: is your avatar character from some of the heli attack?

Mr. Shoggoth:
Brilliant episode, but here's a good question:

If this episode was dedicated to 2.5D games for the XBLA...where in the world is Shadow Complex? I thought that one was actually a lot better than these two.

This is not a episode dedicated to XBLA 2.5G games (you selfish 360 owner), it´s just an episode with to game of the so called 2.5 games, clearly and if you watch the video its says it was get by steam. As Far as I know Steam don´t sell any kind off console games or do They?

Actually the whole genere people compared to "Lost Vikings" actually makes me think of the old "Goblins" games. This review makes me wonder which of those had the idea first.

That said, it's nice to see ZP paying attention to some Arcade/PSN games out there, though like many I probably would have preferred others (though to be fair "Shadow Complex" which seems to be getting a lot of attention is *very* recent).

I'm looking forward to Ben's review on Arkham Asylum given his frequent Batman referances (I get the impression he's a fan). Indeed I'm hoping he's laying awake at night thinking up super hero cracks for his reviews because this year is arguably the "Year of the Super Hero" in gaming. We had inFamous and Prototype as true 'original' properties, now we've got "Batman", and then we have "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2" on it's way. Not to mention "Champions Online" which I hope he actually reviews since it's an upgrade on "City Of Heroes" which he seemed to like as far as he can like an MMORPG. Champions Online can't be considered a real "original" work at this point though because it's based on an ongoing liscence which has existed for over 20 years now (Champions pnp RPG) which while *fairly* obscure is still pretty long running and monolithic within it's own little corner of nerddom.

As I stalk the Champions Online beta I've actually been wondering if I was going to run into a "Jiggle Physics" and if I did if it would be our favorite online pseudo-celebrity. :P

As a connected, and totally off subject pondering: I wonder why with all the attention he apparently gets from the industry (leading to things like the Prototype Vs. Infamous contest which actually got response) nobody has yet to hire him to do voice work for any games. Yathzee is definatly distinctive enough and has enough of a following where I figure it would get a bit of fan attention (not to mention some chuckles).

I'm afraid I to have to show some disappointment that 'Splosion Man was chosen to be reviewed over Shadow Complex simply because of the marketing it seems to be receiving for an XBLA game. However some would probably lay claim that the reason Yahtzee didn't review is because it was expected.

Regardless I'll have to try 'Splosion Man... after I get Shadow Complex, which I still haven't gotten a proper review of from anywhere except for the consistent guffawing of "GET IT. NOW."

well, i personnaly liked Splosion man. it was stupid, required timing, and always offered that "Haha look at all the cool moves i just pulled off to get to the end of the level" feeling, even though i did end up seeing that "way of the coward" option popping up alot near the ending levels. what really made it fun was the fact that it was INCREDIBLY stupid. the humor was that "what the hell?" type of funny.

and how could he forget about the Donut song.....

I haven't played either of these, but I did find the review pretty funny. I had heard a couple nice things about 'splosion man' and thought about giving it a shot. I am just so behind on my gaming right now, that XBLA games are not high on my priority list.

Once again an Escapist review forgets that Splosion Man has 4 player multiplayer... *sigh*

Funny how people make the Portal references so often with this game since it is, at most, cosmetic similarities and that's about it. This game is far more like Sonic the Hedgehog than anything. I don't even think Yahtzee mentioned that it was on a timer.

so yahtzee does that mean you'll be doing an Arkham Asylum review soon when you are referring to christmas releases??

as always, another hilarious review. but i have to disagree with you Yahtzee. you can have half a dimension. you just have to have the other half, too.

gotta love Yahtzee's history lessons and other tangents. im ashamed i still know what a voxel is.

i liked Trine. it did have its problems which im surprised the Thiefts grapple wasnt mentioned. i guess he mostly used the Mage/Warrior.

havent played Splosion Man. i want to but if theres no PC port ill never get to. but id rather the game be long especially after finding out how short their other game, The Maw, was.

I was considering buying 'Splosion man against my own judgement because everyone else insists on how amazing it is. Thank God Yahtzee was here to reassure me of its shitness.

Aww, why didn't he take Fat Princess instead? I enjoyed that alot more.

Good ending there, and good point.

Pretty good episode, i freakin' love Yahtzee! a non-gay way

I enjoyed 'Splosion man a lot, and I'm not really sure what you mean when you say they'd run out of ideas after the 23rd level. I neve found the game to get samey, each level challenged me in a different way. For example, the level where you're in free fall surrounded by zappy lightning walls. You have to figure out how to avoid them before you crash into one of them. AND NO I WAS NOT GONNA TAKE WAY OF THE COWARD. JUST NO.

Interesting that Yahtzee didn't review Shadow Complex. Maybe we'll see a Part 2 next week with Trials HD and Shadow Complex.


Doesn't Splosian man have avatar unlockabales?

I beat the game with all achievements, and I still don't have no avatar unlockables.

I believe they are going to release an update at some point to provide them.

I've been debating whether or not to get Trine because it sells itself as a physics based game, and many physics based games sacrifice fun and just about everything else for the physics. But this review seems to have me almost completely sold on it. There's a demo on Steam, so I'll go download that...

Wow the lost vikings, awesome reference. Its probably the foggy clouds of nostalgia leading me astray over the moors of annoying fiddly retro 2-d puzzlesque games but I would like to play that again.

You can have half a dimension >.>

May I ask how? (I have a vague understanding of theoretical physics and can "understand" up to dimension 5 and what would occur there)

OT; loved the very last line. Genius

One of these days, I really need to reactivate my Steam account, because it's so gosh-darn inconvenient and inexpensive etc.

Also, Trine looks good and isn't a Portal wannabe.

frekin' hillarious crowshaw! just incredible at the end there. I was thinking about getting 'splosion man and probably still will but now i know what to expect.

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