The Pocket Gamer Report: Waiting For Cupertino

The Pocket Gamer Report: Waiting For Cupertino

The App store approval process is a bane on developers, not consumers.

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Just because you're a big corporation pouring thousands of dollars into a project doesn't mean your product should take priority over anything those "silly little indie developers" can produce, obviously. I'm not particularly well-versed in the field of gaming distribution, in particular the validation processes that take place to ensure everything is hunky-dory and family friendly, but I know that everyone should have an equally fair chance.

There may be a couple of rotten eggs coming through in each batch, and I'm inclined to presume that they aren't likely to be produced by said giant corporations, as they need to keep their professional image, whereas smaller indie developers really don't have much to lose, but that doesn't mean they should be given any special treatment either.

I don't have an iPhone or the iTouch, but given the position I would prefer my list of potential purchases to be well rounded and based on good reviews, and not whatever has been produced by GreedyCorporation Inc. and HugeConglomeration Ltd..

Well I'll be damned. This actually sounds like bureaucracy and the resulting delays actually have a positive sideefect for once. I am rather impressed and glad you adressed that topic. Was a nice poke to rethink the business.


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