Zero Punctuation: Tales of Monkey Island

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"IT could have saved me time that I could have used to beat my wife" So true!

I can't believe that Yahtzee doesn't like whiskey! Whiskey is one of my favorite alcoholic drinks. Maybe that's just because I'm American.

Yeah, like everyone here beats their wife like there's no tomorrow. I could go off about the typical disasters that America has contributed to the world but it would not be fair to offend the friendly, intellegent minority in your country.

Oh, please cry some fucking more. It's a joke. Humor. Hahaha, that's funny because it's a stereotype and not meant to offend someone unless you're one of those people with no sense of humor. Jesus, people like you piss me off. Lighten up.

On topic, though, I remember the old Monkey Island games...good stuff. Hilarious, just like everything else LucasArts used to put out (Sam & Max and Day of the Tentacle, anyone?). What happened to games with actual wit, anyway?

Good video, but why does yahtzee keep reviewing all these minor XBLA games. I mean surely there must be one or two games out there he could review that are mainstream. Either way it's still a good video, I lold.

Edit: i know he played it on PC, but it's still available on the XBLA

He's probably not finished with Batman yet.

I loved the Irish accent, being part Irish (not the speaking part) I feel I should be offended by the wife beating joke..... but i'm not

Anyways, I've never played adventure games (being too young as stated in the video) so my experience is limited. However I want to try out Monkey Island now



Tad unfair to review it when it's not technically finished isn't it?

If you've watched the other videos you'll know he thinks most games are unfinished so this is probably fair.

But technically this game isn't finished. He commented about how terrible the gameplay was in Silent Hill 2, but loved the plot, well he doesn't know all the plot yet.

"..declaring a game shitty because of the first few hours is perfectly valid and completely professional..." - Yahtzee, in his Condemned 2 review ;)

You dissapoint me in the lack of ability in doing a scots accent.
Irish one wasn't half bad though!

That was a terrible irish accent!

rofl very well done. i couldnt even stand the demo of the game, so i dont know how u made it all the way through, lol.... and whats with the 5 min credits at the begining???? wtf mate?

and i couldnt stop laughing at ur "accent" =)

Oh good god, that accent was horrible! Funny, but horrible! haha
Of course, great review as always, I was honestly not expecting you to actually do the accent!

I wouldn't know, but that accent sounded really authentic (anyone from Ireland here to decide?), also made it hard to understand too : P

(what does an Irish accent sound like?)

i loved the irish accent although had difficulty understanding what he was saying

Well, I don't get why Mr. Croshaw did half of this in an Irish accent, but damn if it wasn't funny. He really hit the nail square on the head with his impersonation and reminds me all too much of the idiots I'm related to on my mother's side.

But then again my father's German side isn't any better, with their whole 'Hitler was right' and 'anyone who isn't a ayran is inferior' philosophy.

Best to ignore all that I guess, all of them are inbred rednecks anyhow.

None of you could have possibly have watched this yet...

How come yours got to stay up, I thought you have to wait until after you've watched the video before you can post

Grwat Review as always and love the accent

I wouldn't know, but that accent sounded really authentic (anyone from Ireland here to decide?)

(what does an Irish accent sound like?)

Frankly, it depends on the region just like any other country I guess.
There's Cork accents, Dublins accents, Bogger accents, Northern acccent and western ones. etc. etc.

What you've just witness was a 1950's 'Darby o'Gill and the little people' accent . Which we haven't used sinced we discovered potatoes. The sad truth is that was the best Irish accent that I heard from a non-Irish man.
I also liked the references (we sure do love our Roses of Tralee and hate our protestant).

I liked this one. It's always nice to see Yahtzee finding new ways to deliver his famous mix of serious review and witty comedy, and the Irish accent in particular is going to keep me in stitches for quite a while. Now to wait patiently for whatever fun is in store for next week.

I couldn't understand a word of what he said in the Irish voice.

This one beats the South African accent by a million miles.


Tad unfair to review it when it's not technically finished isn't it?

If you've watched the other videos you'll know he thinks most games are unfinished so this is probably fair.

Good video, but why does yahtzee keep reviewing all these minor XBLA games.

Uhh. He reviweded it on PC if you listened.


Actually, you're third.

Edit: C'mon mods! Half the guys above me should've been banned.

as should you for not having contributed anything to the discussion.

personally i found this week's zp confusing; and while the irish accent may have been innovation, it just didn't come off very well. compare to the mirror's edge of zp's.

I recall playing the original Monkey Island on the Atari ST. This was in the heyday of adventure games, and despite their simplicity (especially by today's game-standards) they usually made up for it in elaborate story-telling (which they had to as graphically the early ones were barely better than something one'd find on the Atari 5200.) I like that adventure games are making a retro-comeback though I can't see playing them on a console; point-and-click games seem to have it built-in that one needs an actual "pointing device" that one can "click".

Maybe I'll give the new Monkey Island games a try, could be fun despite what the Irish guy had to say about it.

being of Scottish heritage as well i laughed my ass off at the mockings of my ancestor's rival neighbors

I am Irish,but I don't have an irish accent but as any of the people whom play the Team fortress 2 on the escapist servers will tell you,or at I tell them if they beilive me or not is questionable my mic makes my sounds really irish.

Odd also since this was the just last night that we had melee night.

Also does everyone know this much about Ireland? I live here and I only heard about the rose of Trelee on the radio and would'nt of heard of it at all otherwise but maybe this is just a sign that I should pay more attenion and go out more...

Great review! I loved the Irish accent you made. You sound more Irish than I do but it was hard to understand what you were saying sometimes though. I doubt I'll buy Tales of monkey island.

"IT could have saved me time that I could have used to beat my wife" So true!

Please don't stereotype Ireland. I bet you only got that idea from Family guy.

aw... will he be reviewing ODST? i hope so. i love bungie but its funny when urk and shishka cry :D

One of the funniest ones I've seen in a LONG time.

Was a good review.

I'm glad there are still good old point and click adventures around!

You dislike Whiskey?!

Your Scottish ancestors and myself as a Scot spit on you and turn up our noses at the mention of your name!

Still a good review though, and the accent was far beeter than my Irish impression.

Yahtzee speaking in an irish accent was the best thing that happened to me this week.

I've been under the impression that series creator Ron Gilbert had plans for a third game but was never able to use them since he quit the company, i.e. Monkey Island 2 wasn't intended to be the final word.

I've played all the Money Island games, and I think that Tales is the only one that deserves to be branded as fan-wank, and even that's only true in a few embarresing moments, like the #1 fan and whistling parts that were mentioned (the whistling especially is unforgivable).

I have quite fond memories of the third game for its nice art and music, even though it totally copped-out on explaining the ending of the second game. However, one thing it and subsequent games have failed to capture from the first two is emotional range. Maybe it's because I was pretty young at the time, but I remember there being a few scary bits in the first game, and qiute a few in the second. The new games are all silly all the time (which can fail; a line in the first episode of Tale about "piranha poodles" especially struck me as unfunny).

I've played both episodes of Tales released so far, and while I've had some fun, I feel I haven't had as much as I'd like. Puzzles a bit too easy, humor a little weak. Awfully short, too. I know that's part of the idea, but I've finished both in a single evening each.

Also, a game is "finished" when its makers release it to the public. Tales has released two episodes, and those are fair game for review. Anyway, this review is probably something of a fall-back since there isn't anything coming out that people actually care about.

I'm one of those fools that believed that this week would be Batman. I quess I'll wash my costume and cosplay again next week. I'm wondering who made a fool out of me - was it Yathzee because he stills plays/enjoys the game or "the time - makes a fool out of us all".

I don't care much for the acent - I bearly noticed the acent in Far Cry 2 review.
What strikes me is the divided review - by someone that played the game, and a mainstream douche. It was hard to indicate when one stopped talking because for me the diffrence was in speed of talking mostly. I'm not saying that there should be signs when the personalities switch... I guess it was hard to place it all in such time limit and making bigger pauses between speakers could ruin it.

Overally, nice review and points out that real fans shouldn't like fanservice.

"Me wife, Myra"?

Did he just made a Bioshock reference or was that just me?

Probably not a reference, as it's likely he was using "Moira" as a sterotypical Irish name. Like calling all hilbillies "Billy-Bob".

On topic: A very good review with a very funny accent, but I was expecting Batman Arkham Asylum. Next week, perhaps?


Good video, but why does yahtzee keep reviewing all these minor XBLA games.

Uhh. He reviweded it on PC if you listened.

Clearly he thought Steam was some new first-person shooter engine for the X-Box.

Och, faith & begorrah, another foine review!

I'm going to have to watch that at least 20 more times to be able to understand what the hell he was saying in the accent. You'd think I'd be used to it by now.

It's funny, I was actually just thinking about Yahtzee doing a review of these games. I read in Nintendo Power that the Design Director of Tales of Monkey Island is actually Dave Grossman, who was the Assistant Designer and Programmer of the original 2 Monkey Island games. So... Yeah, how about that.

We should expect Batman next week, it's this summers "on demand" game for a ZP review!

I played the updated Monkey Island recently and at first I wasn't to fond of the new style but left it on since I couldn't be bothered to read half the time. However it grew on me and some of the jokes were really funny with over the top voice acting.

As for the new line that are in 3D I already don't like the art style... but I might try to get around to giving them go if the core gameplay and humor is there.

...oh and what the hell was up with the thick south Irish accent?!

well, I haven't played this new "Monkey Island", but from what Yahtzee says about the series I'm pretty certain his verdict on this one would match mine. The first two were masterpieces, after that it went downhill... and to be honest, I wasn't too happy when they announced they're going to make a new Monkey Island in episodic form, especially when I saw the first few bits of it and it simply looked like a dirt-cheap, run-of-the-mill adventure with minimum effort put in.

Seems I was right. Too bad. I'd really love a new point & click adventure that's actually great.

Again another great review...and yes the first games were really cool...but as we all know the sequels ruined everything

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