Zero Punctuation: Tales of Monkey Island

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This review wasn't funny to me at all, perhaps because I'm not familiar with the series AT ALL so I didn't understand anything here.

I loved the accent. Great review as always. So many people on probation from this one lol. plus if you did a Scottish accent it would've been about sheep pretty much. And i CAN say that i am Scottish lol.

cringingly BAD irish accent. very hollywood-esque. funny nonetheless

I think I almost started to cry of laughter when he started speaking in a irish accent.

This review wasn't funny to me at all, perhaps because I'm not familiar with the series AT ALL so I didn't understand anything here.

+1. What's with the probation for everyone at the top? Some of the comments weren't offensive or 'I'm first'.


He'll review it when he gets around to it. Keep your shirt on!

Is it odd that I understood every word of that perfectly. Most probably since I have a friend who is the epitome of irish stereotypes.

Ditto. I gotta show this to my friend Shaun Maglaughlin. Irish as Irish f-kin' gets.

Hooray for the return of hilariously bad accents!

This could be like the Far Cry 2 review all over again.

**Waits with baited breath for the inevitable horde of Americans asking if Yahtzee has a cold this week**

I dont like disliking you, you DO have Guan Yu as your avatar....but thats pretty jerky of you. Maybe that red horse is a bit too high for ya?

I was expecting to see Arkham Asylum this week, but I guess one of the little black imps (who has 'Australian release dates' written on his body) is jumping around Yahtzee's apartment at this very moment, giggling and breaking all the furniture.
As someone who's not a native speaker I sort of pride myself on understanding every single word that is uttered in these weekly reviews on the first go, but this was too much. Ridiculous speed + muddy Irish accent = unable to keep up... the bits I did understand were funny, though. ^^

I was expecting the new Batman

It comes out in Australia today, well in about 4 hours when the stores open. Everyone that posts a complaint makes me smile, at least now you might slightly understand our pain.

Swing Life Away cover, it's so good.

I preferred the South African iccent, the Oirish was bad even for an Aussie.

I spent the whole episode, trying to think of a name for Irish yahtzee. So I had to watch it 5 times to have any idea what the game was about. I stil couldn't think of a name.
I liked the Irish bit, and the gag about floppy discs and switch boards, but most of the episode was over my head.

+1. What's with the probation for everyone at the top? Some of the comments weren't offensive or 'I'm first'.

They posted before it was physically possible for them to have watched the video before posting.

Also, love the "thinking about patoters" joke.

Great review thanks.

You were right about something. Your irish accent was ridiculous.

Yahtzee underestimates the power of his fake irish accent. :D

Heh. For the first time in a while ZP actually managed to make me laugh out loud, which is a definite improvement from weak smiles at clever dick jokes. Has to be the accent.

Great review! I loved the Irish accent you made. You sound more Irish than I do but it was hard to understand what you were saying sometimes though. I doubt I'll buy Tales of monkey island.

"IT could have saved me time that I could have used to beat my wife" So true!

Please don't stereotype Ireland. I bet you only got that idea from Family guy.

I hate Family Guy. Yahtzee said it in the review. I thought that was a very funny line.

hilarous accent and i have irish roots and do that all the time so no offence taken, keep up the good reviews XD

I'm Irish and even I didn't get what he was goin' on about. I liked the reference to the Rose of Tralee and the token hatred of protestants. It showed at least a bit of knowledge of Ireland.

The accent was funny but I think you over did it abit.
Tales of Monkey Island is far from perfect but it's still a much better adventure game then anything I'v seen in the last 3 years.
As a matter of fact, the only other good adventure game I played was Sam and Max, by the same company.
So... yes, thier character models are not only reused but abused to death.
The places seems abit "cheap" and the references to older titles are wasted script.
But the game is witty, generaly fun, well animated (most of it at least) and more often then not, funny.

Anyhow, to all who playted Monkey Island, play TellTale Games' Sam and Max. The funniest game I'v ever played.

I The new games are all silly all the time (which can fail; a line in the first episode of Tale about "piranha poodles" especially struck me as unfunny).

I can't remember the exact line in Tales so I'm guessing now. Is it the line itself that bothers you or the pirahna poodles? If it's the poodles it must be blamed on the first game in the series as they are introduced in that. They're guarding the governors mansion on Meelee Island.

I actually thought that the Marlin that plays "A Pirate I Was Meant to Be" from The Curse of Monkey Island was a clever way to make a reference to the past games. But as far as whistling Largo's theme goes, if it doesn't wind up being foreshadowing or something, then it'll have been disappointing.

um... that review just confused me. Why cant the summer boring months end!!!!

Was I the only one who couldn't understand what he was saying with the Irish accent?

'is of Scottish descent but can't do the accent' You can't do an Irish accent either. Good video though.

That was an up lifter in the afternoon. Nice accent maybe we can give you the nickname of Capt.Irish :p

That accent was atrocious. I mean none in Ireland speaks like that trust me. Anyway it was an alright review of an alright game. Heres hoping you review a big game next.

jimminy christmas, some ultima bannage up in those parts near da first

but Ireland's awesome

wow, i have to say, hearing an english-australian man parody my accent is a unique experience xD

still unreal review as always

Although it shouldn't, the domestic violence jibe made me laugh.

Have the trolls gone? Seriously whats up with that like 12 people on probation.

OT: I've never played a monkey island game and have been told they are really good but not sure if I want too, is it worth it?

Yahtzee dear, your British, not American so there's no excuse for than epic failure of an Irish accent. Tut, tut!

Sorry Yahtzee but I gotta disagree with you. Not on the main game though. Tales deserves bashing but Monkey Island 3 is also a classic in my book. Sure, always awesome Tim Schafer didn't work on it but it was still a great game and a worthy sequel. A lot of ideas were reused and it was more of a big budget / "hollywood" style thingy but Monkey Island 3 was still great and final part of a classic trilogy.

I found this to be a very poor "review" by regular standards - not funny, a game I didn't care about and overall substituting humour for vague stereotypical references and a pathetic "accent". The series is beginning to get very stale now, to the point where I almost know what is coming, unless of course its not a completely random joke (say the dolphin from last week).

I think I'll continue watching when Yahtzee actually reviews a "mainstream" game and therefore has something interesting to say, rather than pulling a dodgy unfunny accent (that of course fanboy's will claim are "hilarious") and making the same point over and over (how many times has he referenced Monkey Island - these are just points made in previous videos).

Note: I turned off the video after 2 minutes because it bored me.

Heehee that accent was hilarious, great review :) they're getting funny again! woooo

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