Zero Punctuation: Tales of Monkey Island

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Have the trolls gone? Seriously whats up with that like 12 people on probation.

OT: I've never played a monkey island game and have been told they are really good but not sure if I want too, is it worth it?


And I say this as a someone old enough to have played the original, and who played through Monkey Island ES on XBLA.

Monkey Island is fun, but it plays like a Flash game more than a game. If you like adventure games, and you are the kind of guy who install SCUMM on DOSBOX just to play them, or you tried and liked stuff like Nanobot or Spooks* pick it up.

*I *love* Erin Robinson('s work)

I loved the accent as well.

love it love it love it ever since i was pointed to this piece of god dam brilliant humour by a freind who sent me the link to the review of CODMW i have laughed my ass off *toon of a ass flying off* :)

Is there such a thing as to funny? If so Yatzhee proably just reached it. Litterally I think I cracked a rib while watching.

I was half expecting Batman to be reviewed this week.

I don't think it's been released in Australia yet.

This certainly wasn't your best review, but you once again touch on the subject of developers raiding our childhood memories and classics for products instead of simply investing in something original, which I respect. It has already been mentioned before, but until they start getting the idea it won't hurt to simply say it again and again.


argh. that has to be one of the most impressive yet equally sad things i've ever seen on the internet. why would you waste your life typing that up... but I can't help but be impressed that you done such a good job! ;)

oh ho, and you thought that was bad

I used to compete with this other guy to get a transcript done first
you can see some of our work on here :3

never underestimate rabid fandom

I could barely follow him with that Irish accent, hilarious though.

This was easily the most hardest to understand ZP ever. Yahtzee, it's either the accent OR talking fast. When you put the two together, I can hardly tell what you're saying. Let alone pick up on whether it's funny or not.

I think my entire ribcage is broken. Brilliant! :D

That was f**cking fun!

Yahtzee did an Irish accent for his review!!!!!
I've never felt prouder to wear green, hate the British, offend women and celebrate alcohol addiction

Shiver me Shamrocks

I'm Irish, and I thought that was pretty funny.

Weirdly I understood every word you said, even though your accent was terrible and everyone here claims it was indecipherable.

Maybe it was too Irish....

Nice accent Yahtzee

I laughed so hard at the Irish accent my stomach hurts.

Nice review Yahtzee. Keep it up.

Cool Review. Now do a British accent. Oh Wait...

Exhuming videogame series has a short-term effect of conveying glaring memories to sew back my broken heart, until I realize most revivals are crap and that my life is better now than as a fervent, allowance-less nipper.

Abandoning a series to die in virtue of its good name and moving on is merit I acknowledge.
Bathing an old game in gloss to extend the defibrillators' effectiveness in making the series spasm as signs of life is something that should be condemned.

Sometimes it is difficult, but....argh, damn you Super Mario and your 4 megabits of nostalgic venom!

Keep up the good work Yahtzee, and that Irish accent is soothing when I'm pregnant with hatred.

Undead Dragon King:
The Irish was so bad that it stole the show due to its hilarity. I was pretty confused about what direction you were going in sometimes though.

he was makin' fun of the Irish when he did that voice. you know like when he started talking about protestants,Guinness,leprechauns,beating your wive. i wasn't offended but i just hope you all know what he was trying to do.


Great review! I loved the Irish accent you made. You sound more Irish than I do but it was hard to understand what you were saying sometimes though. I doubt I'll buy Tales of monkey island.

"IT could have saved me time that I could have used to beat my wife" So true!

Please don't stereotype Ireland. I bet you only got that idea from Family guy.

I hate Family Guy. Yahtzee said it in the review. I thought that was a very funny line.

Sorry I jumped to the conclusion, I only saw Family guy pulling stuff like that before. I thought it was hilarious when they did it but I only took your post any differently was because you put "So true" at the end of the sentence. I should think before I speak. Sorry again.

As a fellow of authentic Irish blood, I must say: That was HILARIOUS!

I found the accent funny.

Bahahahahahahahahaha ....

Okay, done laughing at the Irish accent. Seriously, maybe I'm just easy to please but that stereotype was utterly hilarious. Worlds better than the South African accent from the Far Cry 2 in that he wasn't trying to randomly work it in.

Great review overall - always interesting to see his old loves collide with new reboots. Though I thought Curse of Monkey Island was really really good - plot was pretty much the original with a new paint swap but the voice acting was terrific and the puzzles interesting - but that could be because I played it before the first two. Escape from Monkey Island was a half-hearted effort though and certainly "a slimy white burst of fan-wank circling the shower drain."

Curious that he didn't mention anything about the remake of the original "Secret of Monkey Island" (TM) even as an offhand comment, but what can you do I suppose - we all know how he feels about remakes, even ones that are virtually verbatim copies of the original.

Wow, one of my favorite ZP reviews ever. The jokes, Irish accent or not, always had me laughing. I knew your opinion of the game as soon as you said "The first two games are still timelessly imaginative, sparkling, and very very funny, and therefore have no place in this review."

Ah that was my first introducion to adventure as such.

Didn't really get as much play time with the originals and got fustrated with the Fecking banjo challenge.(if anyone knows what I mean any ideas how to solve the caber tossing thingy after it)

Adventure games sound like interactive storytelling...

God only knows what he'll sound like in an American accent.

Being in Ireland that was a very bad inpersonasion of an irish person but it was still as funny

the first two games were (and probably still are) two of my favourite games ever. but i was a little dissapointed with the third and im not sure i can bring myself to play these new ones. i just get the feeling that they will make me want to tear my hair out.

the irish accent started out well, but i think it was sliping near the end.

Really nive review, Yahtzee.

Very funny accent! XD

i was offended by the irish stero typing but it also made me laugh really hard so overall i find it ok.

"You can't solve things wit mur'drin loike in outher games, n'Protestants"

Great video. I never actually played any of the Tales of Monkey Island games, but your review gives me a powerful JRPG vibe, so I'm glad I didn't.

Drat, blast, and fie! I was working on my own Monkey Island review (first time I've played it ever, honest), but there seems little point in it now...

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