Doomsday Arcade: Episode 17

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wow this is so random ...
heh... Im not sure if I should be worried or happy that mega-fisting pikachu made me laugh tears... hahahaha
well done.

hahaha, gotta love the "mega fist"


Was the Pokemon battle music from somewhere, or was it composed for this specifically?

Either way. It's bad ass and i want it. ^_^


I vote for this too :)


Second. Or third. Regardless; that remix is awesome.

Glad you liked it,

Hopefully that link works.

Sweetness...You Rock. I was just about to ask for this.

can't wait till the next one!

Oh sweet jesus that was brilliant.
"Metapods make me Harden!" Very clever stuff.

The music is epic.I'm just waiting for a episode with Gordon Freeman :)

My friend wet him self laughing.:P

Whiskers on kittensWhiskers on kittensWhiskers on kittens

Oh sweet jesus that was brilliant.
"Metapods make me Harden!" Very clever stuff.

just kill the main part of my childhood, along with one of my first ever games, guys!

That was messed up beyond belief. Lol

I loved this episode! It was so great how they kept making fun of

dudes i almost died cos i couldnt breath xD that was so funny! "shhhh shhhhhh shhhh!"

That was great. Glad i watched it. Pikachu definitely deserved it.

He is so angry when he says "Its super effective!!" I can't stop laughing.

poor pikachu oh well at least theres more

you guys crack me up. I want a doomsday arcade T-shirt, with the logo thing. :)

Jeez now i can see how pokemon causes seizures and everything thanks for reminding me...
Awesome episode though laughed the whole time.

Absolutly epic.

Ok, that mega-fist was probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen.

shanks used shank! it super effective!

get it? shank? as in stabbing? and his name is shanks?....oh forget it....

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