Unskippable: Red Faction: Guerilla

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Firstly I am relieved it was something different this week. They also handled this pretty well, I like the part about the "Stormtroopers for hire", those idiots couldnt hit the broadside of a barn at point blank range let alone blast a whiny farm boy.

"if my name is not Commander light speed kenny"

he voice by Michael McConnohie who did Commander light speed kenny and Red Faction Commander(the guy has no name)

He also does the voice of Schwarzwald/Michael Seebach from Big O,

actually he does you are told his name just after your first mission

Another good one!!

1: Eternal Sonata
2: Lost Planet
3: Wolverine

Not as funny this time. Maybe it'll take a few weeks to recover from MGS4

he voice by Michael McConnohie who did Commander light speed kenny and Red Faction Commander(the guy has no name)

Actually hes does have a name, it's Hugo Davies.

"pew pew pew, hey I got you"
"No I got you first"
"No fair"
the guns do look pretty fake, not to mention they flash when they shoot

They're still mentioning mgs4, I geuss they're still working out of their system

So... is anyone else having the problem where it doesn't load past 2:56 seconds?

......... I'm sorry, was this supposed to be funny? I really don't see the humour in this.

Pango is Latin for "hammer"!

"Hideo Kojima would take, like, half an hour to get all that out"

So true. That "Martial/Marshall" pun was groan-inducing, but "it's a global village out there" is kinda funny. That dubbed conversation was also funny. "Everybody's considered dead until proven innocent." "Are you being serious, or are you just quoting Lethal Weapon 2?" "I wonder how many times that joke was said around Volition headquarters." And the last line in the credits. This is just gold. Pure gold.

"Well, your not getting shot license has been revoked! See? Two can play at this game!"

Made of win, very good Unskippable.

Pitch perfect

Amazing. He took a full-on burst from a gunship autocannon, but not a scratch on him... he must have died from his shock at surviving.

And Olive Garden? No wonder she was so pissed.

Like everyone else, I'm so happy we have left the month of Metal Gear. Glad to see that Unskippable hit September running.
Also, I too am wondering how Uncle Wilhelm found his way to Mars. He seems to be everywhere these days.

Loved it. Keep up the good work guys! I've watched and enjoyed every episode so far, and finally got around to registering for the forums. Looking forward to next monday!

Right on target, although it really was low hanging fruit, that video really didn't make any sense.

I especially loved the quip about the beret-shaped helmet, I wouldn't have realized how incredibly stupid that is without it.

Funniest one in quite a while.

That was an awesome episode! I loved every second of it :)

Oh my God you referenced the scream. Yes! YEEEES!

Excellent as always.

I guess I'm the only one not drinking the unskippable kool-aid. There are the occasional funny lines, but the large majority sounded forced and were... pretty lame. I'll admit that I don't watch regularly, but what I have seen hasn't exactly been stellar. Maybe this was just a bad episode and I should check out the others?

This one was actually pretty bad compared to some of the others. As far as the series in general goes, there are a lot of annoying forced jokes thrown around, but the ones that are good make up for it (usually Graham's). Onimusha 3 and Digital Devil Saga are two of my favorites, so check those ones out; if you don't like those, it's probably not for you.

Internet comment threads are actually just means to give the author verbal fellatio rather than any type of outlet for actual criticism, so that's why you see nothing but positive comments.

This story is told WAAAAAY better than MGS4...

Also, posters who post before watching, I don't get it, why...

I can only guess they find it funny to get put on probation for posting too early. Like a bunch of bored teenagers sitting around their comps just waiting for the new ZP or Unskippable just so they can have the rush of sticking it to the man by complementing them before actually watching their videos.

Loved the Olive Garden bit. And so glad to have gotten to see something other than MGS4. I mean, Metal Gear August was great, but I'm glad it's over.

Martial law, Martian law... it's sad what tragedy a little typo can cause.

If I had a hammer...

I just started playing this game a few days ago and thought, "Boy, this intro is terribly rushed and forced. Unskippable would love this!" And then it happened. :)

Hammer time!
I think I laughed for a good 10 minutes on this one!

ahh actually, pangophobia is greek not latin. all phobias are greek.

Did I leave the oven on?

I know everyone else already quoted that but it was hilarious.

The guys face at the end was hilarious. "Did I leave the oven on?" Made me laugh the hardest for some reason.

When is unskippable going to get funny?

100th comment (i am so sorry)

No, I turned the oven off just after you left Mr. Lightspeed Kenny, sir.


That giant aircraft looked like a Gunship from Half Life 2.

"Shit just got real" indeed.

hey, there is nothing funny about living in the desert in a shipping crate...
until it becomes ironic, then it's chuffing hilarious.

of course by that point i had completely succumbed to bitterness

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