Unskippable: Red Faction: Guerilla

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Wilhelm on Mars? Man that guy gets around!
Fantastic Reference. Awesome video, as usual.
....Did I leave the oven on?

Another episode that makes me remember why I hang round here...!!

Incidentally, where does Parker know the woman from?? I finished the game but don't seem to recall a resolution to that particular plot lead...!

Ending made me seriously laugh out loud. "Did I leave the oven on?" [Cliffhanger]

yes, the oven was left on. btw, nice one guys.

right at the end when he says "did I leave the over on?"
got I laughed so hard at that ><

Wilhelm really does get around.

Is there anywhere he doesn't get??

Great video once again


Whiliem Scream get it? I lol'd at that joke.

Stop. Hammertime! I saw it coming

OV: Funny as hell

Achievement Unlocked: Watched half the cutscenes in Red Faction: Guerilla

Seriously, there's like four or five more cutscenes in the game, most are very short and give the story a very unsatisfying conclusion.

We're here to save you and your brother! that one got me laughing

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