A View From the Road: The Subscription Equation

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Yes, absolutely. It's a different TYPE of time spent, but as much as I loved Arkham, I've gotten way more hours of fun out of WoW.

but then, you've also played wow for at least 100 times longer than you've played arkham asylum. with a boiled down analysis (however subjective this may be), will the quality per hour in world of warcraft really be higher than that of arkham?

My younger brother bought COD:MW2, play time is like 300 hours....

I bought fable2, playtime is probably around 110 hours...

I went halfsies with my brother for halo 3, my play time is probably around 80 hours, his is around 150.

yeah, I think I get use out of it, besides, MMOGs tend to be grindy and soul destroying, not for me thanks.

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