Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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I know it's been said a few times here now, but that was bloody brilliant! seriously, and all of my deepest admiration for keeping it up all the way through to the last bump (I'll even let slide the Sinatra-esque word play of 'critique' and 'week')

Omg that was incredible. An entertaining poem that actually fulfilled itself in keeping itself as a review. *STANDING OVATION*

Wow. That one gets some points, there, Yahtzee. The limericks are a nice change from the standard approach, and they made it possible for you to reuse some of your standard complaints about modern FPSs in a way that seems new and amusing.

I've also wondered why several newer games in certain series have decided they can just reuse the name of the original game without anything else to distinguish them. Prince of Persia and Bionic Commando come to mind, just off the top of my head. Who exactly do these game designers think they are? Whether the new thing's a remake, a sequel, or an alternate universe retelling created by brain devouring aliens; it doesn't change the fact that there's already a game out there with that name. Trying to claim the original name, as if somehow the new game is more deserving of it than the original, seems awfully pretentious.

I was so disappointed with this game

This is my first time posting on the escapist forums. I'm a fan of ZP since about 4 months, but now i had the urge to answer here: This was an incredible Review! I don't know how much money YC gets for each review, but it couldn't possible be enough this time! Amazing!

Seriously, Yahtzee is the single best thing that happened to the internet since Weebl and Lolcats!

oh bugga yahtsee gave a score, now the worlds gonna end....damn

I've never heard so many limmericks in the space of five minutes. Kudos for coming up with so many related to the game. I heard it was supposed to be quite good, but then so are so many games that come out these days. I'm looking forward to the Arkham Asylum review purely 'cause it's one of the games out recently that's got outstanding praise.

hey Yahtzee can i get a copy of that a luaghed so hard i actually shat myself. A round of appluase for the great poet YAHTZEE!

wow that was fucking ace

Fantastic limericks

Limericks were well done. Review was pretty good. and meh, close enough, i gave it 2.5 stars. =] (the game that is)

yahtzee is a genius and (unlike most video game companies out there) has be keeping his shows original.i look forward to this web show every week because everyone in my high school sucks and my small group of good friends is/are(don't know which) being infected by SUCKTARDS so this helps me relax after repelling SUCKTARDS all day long

That was EPIC!

That was great.


You know, I'd actually buy a book of Yahtzee's poetry after this.

I have never seen a show as fine,
that it would age just like wine.
For every episode that may pass,
there are cascades of laughs.
A great way to review Wolfenstein!

Humor as warm as Kilo-Kai rum,
your ideas still on their high run.
The jokes never get old,
always risque and bold.
Can't wait for Arkham Asylum!

wow lol that was more impressive then funny...but still funny.

For a bit, very good Mr. Y but you still need to die.

Evan Waters:

WTF he previously promised no scores because it can;t be mathematically calculated and now he goes and does it?!? to shame.

It may not have been his first plan,
But he needed the lyrics to scan
And lim'rickal whimsy
's worth more than consistency
So what if you lose a few fans?

curse you even waters and your ability to limerick so convincingly!!!!!!!

A most impressive effort this week, I can't help but feel that fantastic as the limericks were, the game was perhaps not worth it? I'm looking forward to next week's though, it will be interesting to see his take on Batman.

The review was made pretty good in poetry form, and I actually smiled a few times.

The limericks were quite amazing and went with Yahtzee's review style perfectly. I'm quite amazed that he gave the game an actual rating though since he has never done that before. I agree with his assessment fully though.

Nice Limerick

Great, the best episode you've done so far ! I love limericks.

This is the best review I've ever heard.

What a triumph I say! It ryhmed nicely too,
So give a big cheer and never a boo,
For the man from down under,
Wait that's surely a blunder,
So lets try this again,
And in case it's a pain
Please put on a brew
In case I balls this one up too,
So raise you glass,
And please don't be an a**se,
For the misplaced lad from blighty,
Who I thinks a bit of alrighty,
He brings us such wonder,
By tearing games usunder,
On Wednesday the mirth does flow,
So sit back and watch him go,
As he heaps rage and scorn,
And some times a big yawn,
On thoses most deserving,
And maybe called Irving?!?
I'm getting off topic,
And probably my rocket,
So I'll rap this up,
Cause I think you've all had enough,
So three cheers for Yahtzee!
Heck lets just throw him a party!

You are a goddamn genius. I can't wait for Arkham Asylum, though that time I would like a regular review. It's hard to laugh at the accent and the jokes at the same time, like the limericks and the jokes at the same time.

That was actually really good...and spot on for the review too.

Blandness is not good.

*goes back to Wolfenstein 3d*


holy hell...he gave it a score....2 stars...

I'm just as shocked as you are.

But seriousley, I feel a bit unnerved by his latest episode. It seems like he keeps changing his format. Just like how last week he used an Irish accent, this week he spoke in Limirics, AND gave it a rating. Whatever, it doesn't matter really.

Yes but it's a nice way of keeping things fresh... how many times have we heard him talk about every single issue that game has in other reviews? Only so many times you can say it before it gets old

Freaking great

This review caught me quite off-guard, well played Yahtzee, you slick Internet paparazzi. Very impressed.

Has any one noticed at time index 1:25 around the phrase "BJ sort this all out" the British officer raises 2 hands but there is still a third hand floating slightly lower than chest level. Since the American's officer's hand is not visible it gives the disturbing impression that the American's arm is extremely long and doing something unsavory to the British officer. Perhaps that is just my dirty mind.

I like how the limericks change things up a bit. A normal style ZP review would have been boarding. I get the impression that this game in not awful enough for a good raking over the coals, it just isn't good enough to warrant praise. Thus the decision do so something silly instead of a eh review was a good one.



Another amazing review as as per i laughed my ass off :)

Thank you Yahtzee for what - in truth - is one of your most creative reviews in your ever growing collection.

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