Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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My god, that was bloody brilliant!
Yathzee, you genious!
I'll be laughing until next week.

Excellent review! The word "principality" is not used enough in games reviews.

Best. Poem. Ever.

holy hell...he gave it a score....2 stars...

He broke his own rule for the sake of a rhyme and a punchline... What a guy.

Now if they would let us study this for English GCSEs instead of the rubbish we currently have.

Excellent review. The quality of reviews had been constantly going down for a bit, yet now he managed to bring them back to top levels. Well done mate.

...that was actually extremely entertaining. I never thought I'd hear so poetic a review. Gotta say, if you were trying to avert dullness, you succeeded admirably!

New addition to favorite list.

The game had cliche up the arse, but I think it was better that 2 stars.
Oh and a review in limericks ?
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

wow, that was... pretty good.

I might have to watch it again though as I was in awe at the limericks so I didn't really pick up on much he said.

Fucking amazing.

If every review rhymed... well that would get annoying fast.
But this is officially stamped Epic Win.

sad face 'queen liz' wasn't crowned til the 50s....

very impressive limerick indeed even tho it wasn't joke heavy i still enjoyed it a lot xD

Stonking Great Review I almost want to flood you with requests for more annoyingly safe games so we can hear another one.

To punish myself for such a thought I will now go play Giest all the way through

i think i just suffered brain damage from all the rhyming in this review keep up the good work

What a way to review the game for Yahtzee's 105th video! woooo!

That was so effing brilliant. I dropped my cup of tea in laughter, and relished in the $100AUD I saved myself by waiting for this review. Kudos Yahtzee, look forward to next weeks review of Arkham Asylum, I'm keen to find out if I should part with another $100AUD.
So what some weren't in rhythm? His voice is so dreamy and dry British, that he could read the back of my cereal box and I'd listen.
Best review/video for a while!

Wow, you've outdone yourself this time Yahtzee. Well done.


Seems most of you guys always are on yahtzee's side rofl.. -,-

When he's right he's right, dude.

jeez. i didnt like the "time gap between the 2 games" he has whining about... yes its probably between the RTCW and this new one :P ones he had any interest in etc.. but there were much expansions and ofc multiplayer enemy territory and stuff.. enemy territory players like me still remember the RTWC and some of the missions there.. and the guns obviously...

and whining about the veil power color change to green and so is a slight bit too nitt-picky

That was friggin awesome

Wolfenstein came out and i said, hey look, wolfenstein, then i played some castlevania because... well... i've finished everything else.

Slooow month.

On the plus side looks like Yahtzee has been watching the comments, some people were getting bored of the reviews, +5 for the poetic punch to the face.

Thanks Yahtzee for making such a sweet video to celebrate my return :P

Gah! he's back! I was starting to enjoy dislike those 90 days without you. Welcome back man.

that was a insane rhyme!!!!

wow that was actually pretty darn good.

i didnt think yahzee could rhyme but hey look at him go!

that was one of the best yet

Next time when you have such a boring game at hand, please do a rap. :) Just because it would be probably terrible and I have something to laugh.

I'm mildly disappointed that you did the "two stars" thing at the end. I mean, I know it was just so that it'd fit the meter, but one thing I've always liked about your reviews is a lack of a score of any kind, so putting one in (even for the sake of the limerick) seems kind

Is it just me, or with every single video ZP releases, do the first 4 comments ALWAYS get put on probation? I see nothing wrong with any of them, yet it never fails.

Btw, enough BS reviews, I know no games are being released, but Batman is a great game to review; plus, no one is stopping you from reviewing older games that deserve a little limelight.

I didn't read all 18 pages comments, but I'd like to think that after the first page, I'm the only one who really noticed that the end sequence comments were also in limerick form?

"His unique reviewing technique is to speak with unbridled critique. If there's one thing he hates it's postponed release dates, so Arkham Asylum is next week." Just thought I might, ya know, point that out.

I do so because I think he's being sarcastic. Which would really be freaking fantastic. He's probably not but why not give it a shot? If I'm right then I'll be super ecstatic.

that was indead truly great

Yahtzee you magnificent bastard! You never cease to amaze me. You should write a children's poetry book.

that song was incredible.

Yahtzee could you just do me one favor? STOP WITH THE FUCKING STUPID ACCENTS AND RHYMING ALREADY??? And god help you if you do a " Holy over-rated, over-hyped game Batman" joke in your Arkham Asylum review.

Evil the White:

holy hell...he gave it a score....2 stars...

He broke his own rule for the sake of a rhyme and a punchline... What a guy.

Now if they would let us study this for English GCSEs instead of the rubbish we currently have.

I don't think he has a "rule" about not giving scores, he just doesn't think a complex opinion can be properly represented with a number.

I don't know why everyone's making such a huge deal out of the stars. It just fit with the limerick...don't freak out about it.

Please don't do it again, don't find limericks funny, clever maybe, funny no.

It is often commented that communication between people is 90% non verbal (can argue the percentage, but broadly it is true) and therefore I say verbal communication has the same bias i.e is depends less on what you say but how you say it ("its the way I tell'em!")

Limericks straight jacket the humour in monotone pitch, fixes the pace to "dum dum diddy dum diddy dum dum" and forces strained rhyming convensions which undermine the message.

I give it 2 stars.

Very nice words indeed.

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