Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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The bad news is, we don't get Batman until next week.

The good news is, Yahtzee is spouting limericks.


When he first said limmerick I thought it would be a reapted of the Irish gag, but that was awesome.

No Batman: Arkham Asylum yet Yahtzee? I hope you're holding it back for a reason!

Did you read the end credits?

Strange, I thought he'd like it.

My metaphorical hat is off to you, Mr. Croshaw, there's no way I would've been able to keep that up through the entire review. Truly awesome.

2 stars from zp - doesn't that translate to 8/10 for normal people?

A SCORE? Well that's somthing I didn't see comming, but all the limricks were quite cunning. cant help your a guy who makes game makers cry, but my god are your reviews are so funny.

A score? The world is going to end soon so im off to go rape and pillage.

Also i find his latest reviews kind of boring. This one didnt even make me chuckle.

What does Yahtzee have against regenerating health? He said in this review that he didn't like running around looking for money for upgrades, but he would be doing the same with health if it didn't regenerate.

Wow Yahtzee actually gave a rating for a game :S what's the world coming too

I didn't think he would do the whole review in limerick but it was pretty different and good

Lyrical review...Classic. Also, yes, having powers in a game is a great thing, but when they run out to fast, it takes away all the fun. Also, Arkham Asylum next week! (I can't say anything about the delay since I've been meaning to give my friends a good review of it and have put it off as well)

Thats was awesome!!! Wish these were twice a week :/

i should set that as my ring tone

Well played, countering banality with baleful poetry is an excellent way to go. One of the best of late, if for no other reason than that rythmic review must have been a bitch to write.

fun and all good...oh....wait a minute... is, is that a score GASP!!! did the sky just fall, and y is that pig up there

That was very impressive. Totally awesome. I love the extra limrick hidden in the credits at the end, too.

Holy shit, very nice. Lymeric form was something I didn't expect, and I actually expected you to stop it about halfway through. 5 Stars! XD

he reviewed a new remake of a game
thats so old it puts duke nukem to shame
the rhymes were a blast, and he kicked the games ass
but will batman's review be the same

Awesome review, unusual but still pretty funny.

The first couple of posts always remind me of some kind of suicide squad.
Lot's of gimmick reviews of late. I quite like them. Just so long as he doesn't overdo it.


I made a bet to myself that this week it would be Batman ... I lost beer.

I thought so too... Man!

Although... next week. But what is with this rhyming thing?

holy hell...he gave it a score....2 stars...

I know... I was really surprised. And I thought it was going to be Batman this week too. Oh well.

That was totally awesome. I know this is about as unmanly as it gets, but I love writing poetry, as well as listening to it (as long as i particulary like limeriks, though I can't spell and no one seems to write them anymore. So thank you Yahtzee, you poet laureate, for the incredible culture this review brought.

and for telling me Wolfenstein is shit.

not that I needed you to tell me that.

Wow! This is his best yet!!! Fuck me great review my god sir :D

2 stars from zp - doesn't that translate to 8/10 for normal people?

Around 6 or 7 if the reviewer ain't a fanboy.

That was painfully dull, are you starting to lose it..?
Last week the Irish, now Limerick.
It's as if you need to cover up the lack of opinions with sparkly covers..

Further, Wolfenstein is a double sequel (First and Return) which you in EP bashed the hump out of already so why bother with it?

Seriously, if I wanted bad poetry I'd just go tell an emo he's the next Edgar Allan Poe, I don't need your bitter, cynical, rear to attempt that..

he reviewed a new remake of a game
thats so old it puts duke nukem to shame
the rhymes were a blast, and he kicked the games ass
but will batman's review be the same

Ffffffffu-, someone did it before me.

Bah, no Batman..Well at least I know he'll do it next week.

Awesome... I really like the fact that he constantly challenges himself in his reviewing. Hes not resting on his laurels this one.

Awesome as always Mr. Croshaw.

An you're quite good at limerick-ing

Simply Brilliant.

This one must've been a pain to write, I was half-expecting him to stop halfway through. Surprised he went the whole way with it, myself. Good stuff, all the same.

pretty awesome.

Those lyrics were very amusing, sir! I've got to go back and watch the video again and actually listen to wht you were saying, DUUUUUUUURRRRRR!!!


Very well done, that limerick made it all that much more funnier.

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