Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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Video is broken D:

The background at 1:32 is in Marburg! I wnet to school there for a month in Germany!

Brilliant although around 1:37-1:39 you rhymed "creature" with "creature"

Lol, that was "preacher".

Calvar Draveir:

Brilliant although around 1:37-1:39 you rhymed "creature" with "creature"

Lol, that was "preacher".

Oh. Fine then, have better hearing than me xD.

The limericks... the horror...

Smart way of doing the review though, but I have to complain that some weren't quite in the rhythm.

Even Shakespeare cheated!

I literally clapped my hands at the end! This was an awesome review!! And I agree with every word!

This review makes me laugh every time i watch it. doesnt matter how many times, it always makes me laugh

What does Yahtzee have against regenerating health? He said in this review that he didn't like running around looking for money for upgrades, but he would be doing the same with health if it didn't regenerate.

Not necessarily. He may have been wanting to have health replenishing items in the game instead.

This is my all-time favourite episode so far. I have reviewed time and time again and still enjoy every second of it. Here I go again...

I recently started to play Wolfenstein, I am currently at the end of the game and(here's a shocker) I can't agree with Yahtzee's opinion about this game. I would give this game an eight minus(-8) out of ten. That is if we are talking about single player.

This game is a classic shooter with some modern fps elements, it definitely feels like a Wolfenstein game. I have great fun with it. The only thing that's kinda weak is that there is, like no character development, but ultimately this game is not about the story. It's about shooting crazy Nazis with superpowers and it's fucking awesome in doing this.

The game has a low price now so if you are looking for a fun single player FPS game - buy it :D!

Oh, f*** all the dumb, stupid remakes
That have me decide to then go make
Some silly non-prose
Dis-ing their brown nose
'Cuz all redone games are worse than crabs cake!
But for real (or OT): that was a great review, and although I've never played Wolfenstein "3D," I don't intend to anymore, because the lyrical genius known as Yahtzee has dissuaded me.

Now everything I read, it rhymes like poetry.

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