Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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For the love of god people stop bitching about Batman, he'll review it when he gets to it.

I hope we get to read the entire limerick in Fully Ramblomatic.

I rarely comment on ZP threads, but I think it's warranted this time.

Although it didn't make me laugh as such, I have to commend the fact that he's still coming up with new ideas and finding different ways to go with all this malarkey. Just when I think it's starting to get bit stale, out comes something like this to make me stop and think again.

awsome review. i hope he dose another like this at some point.

Fantastic rhyming Yahtzee,
But what is this that I see?
Your legions of fans are now trying their hand.
Oh god the humanity!

I doubt Mr. Croshaw actually reads this far into the threads but I will say the review was very creative. When reviewing a game that, by his own declaration, is so indistinguishable and uncreative as this there is a risk of becoming stale and predictable. Not so with Mr. Croshaw however, as he conceives of an interesting way to point out the games flaws and successes. Kudos to you Mr. Croshaw! Well done indeed!

I can't belive all the people who have came in their boxers/y-fronts because of a score.

Highly enjoyable review, more awesome than funny, but still superb

I think this is a great review. The limerick style is fantastic and well-done, not to mention original and hilarious. Although I found it slightly discontenting when he actually gave the game a score at the end.


I found every second was fun
and it was a jolly good run...

I have to stop that. I'm going outside of my house in the next few hours.
But nonetheless this is the best review I've seen in a while :D. Great work Yahtzee, you sure know how to keep people amused :).

Wow, most awesome ZP ever!
I might still get this game for PC or PS3 one day, but not at full price, hell no)

Fantastic review; inkeeping with the game itself and hilarious to boot!

Brilliant stuff this week :D

I can't belive all the people who have came in their boxers/y-fronts because of a score.

Highly enjoyable review, more awesome than funny, but still superb

Agreed on all fronts. At first I thought he was going to push the limerick theme for just a line or too before deciding to just say "bugger all" all switch to his usual antics, but I can't help but applaud him for rhyming so ably throughout the whole piece.

That being said, if Batman's review is written in sonnets, I will be a very sad panda.


Back on top form!

I posted a video review this morning on Wolfenstien. Never thought about doing it in rime. Same opinion though.

Like always you said funny stuff.
At least next week you wont review guff.
Arkham Asylum is great but Wolfenstein's shit,
Are limericks in extra punctuation too tough?

awesome review by all standards
I'm trying real hard not to pander
to a humorous bloke who makes really good jokes
but i must with enthusiastic candor

because the verdict was "so-so"
I'm advised not to buy it, y'know?
how a remake like this could turn out as such piss
set my hope for such games at a low


Yahtzee you are truely a poet.

And he didn't even know it.

so are you sooo... do a poo?



That was interesting in a good way.Poetry at it's finest.

That was amazing Yahtzee rules

limricks huh? clever and very well done good as always yahtzee

between the irish accent and the limericks, i'm starting to sense a theme. and i like it.

Wow, this was just amazing.
Grats, Yahtzee, you actually surprised me!
Please don't make a habit of giving actual scores, though.

So that's what a limmerick is. Pretty cool it seems.

My respect for Yahtzee has gone up so much from that review. Never thought he had a poet in him.

That...that was fucking crazy!
*bows to yahtzee's writing prowess*

Wow, he really kept that limmerick going for a long time. Impressive.

Nice review Yahtzee, the ryming was a nice touch, and the 2 star review, harsh but probably true.

There once was a young woman from Victoria
who awaited Yahtzee's reviews with euphoria
she'd make the effort to stay awake almost 'till day
what a foolish fan girl from Victoria.

Eh. My rhyming dictionary gave out.

The limerick was just fucking brilliant.

Hahaha great stuff. I will always find limericks amusing.

I honestly don't think Yahtzee will do Batman: Arkham Asylum just to fuck with us. Yahtzee has NEVER been predictable enough to do what you think he will.

He's reviewed Painkiller, TWEWY, the XBLA, Saint's Row 2, Thief, 50 Cent, Valkyria Chronicles, and 2.5D.

He did specials on Webcomics, E3, ZP Awards Show, and DUKE NUKEM.

And let's not forget Little Big Planet, X-Blades/Halo Wars, and Munkey Ailand.

You can't call him predictable.

All ZP reviews should be like this...

I think this is probably my favourite review thus far.

Worst ZP ever.

Stick with expletives and crotch jokes.

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