Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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Yahtzee, you truly are talented
But it would be nice to have a less-rhymy review, you reminded me of Tokkots, the mortal enemies of Thor that he and Spider-man fought in issue 94 of The Astonishing Spider-Man comics.

And that was a really nerdy comment :|

Anyway, yeah. Check out Yahtzee with his fancy lyrical reviews.


Well played sir. It's a shame that so few good games have come out that the dead horse of generic fps' has to be flogged, but you did it with style.

Won't find backtracking and hunting for items much fun? Hell, that's half the reason I want the game. Sure you would find it constricting with only a week to play it, but some of us have time to explore and re-explore every last pixel and dammit I sure as hell want to. To have it pay off in the end with a nazi-stomping over-buffed God-complex is something I will never get tired of.

Nice change of pace but please dont make it a habit.

And wow he actually gave a score! *looks to see if sky is falling*

I actually quite liked the game


Yahtzee you are truely a poet.

And he didn't even know it.

But the feet show it.

But Elizabeth wasn't Queen during WWII.

I was kinda surprised he chose not to read the limericks with an Irish accent.

Two stars... stars? A score of all things? Did Yahtzee just represent a (not so) complex opinion... numerically?

Didn't he say something about that in his mailbag showdown? Didn't he also say something in another Mario (related) review about how "it is always stars for some arbitrary reason?"

(In yet another thing tangentially related to the "I'm Mr Gay" review...) What next, a woman singing "fly me to the moon" in engrish as yet another crude Evangelion reference, in addition to referring to "Asuka Langley Soryu during that time of the month" on his website?

damn. I don't want to comment these vids but hell... that was cool. Nice way to go around a turok'esque blahreview.

Great review, everytime I think Yahtzee is starting to get stale, he does something new that keeps me coming back every week.

why where they all put on probation?

and cool review, kinda got annoying though

awesome review but i disagree you see, the game at hand i found to be not at all bland, i found it to be fun without my head between my buns.

edit: not as great as mr. croshaws but i only used 30 sec and not an week.

I've always been amazed by Yahtzee's work but this bit was just astounding. Hard to believe he was actually able to convert his entire review into limmerick form, pretty damn funny too. But he never used a star rating system before, will we be seeing this again in the future?

WHOT a score? In Limmerick?

I'd say Yahtzee has put a bit to much innovation into one vid.

That must have been difficult to write that review :P

I loved that he did a final limerick in the text at the end.

Dammit, as always happens when I have been reading or listening to people rhyme, whenever someone speaks it seems like they are too! Agh. Apart from that I thought it was rather amusing and can't help but agree.

But a rating!? Now I think he's taking the piss

First the Irish accent and now rhyming a full review.

That's just too much awesomeness in the pas few weeks!

That was awesome. Great rhyming. Kudos!

Ah, limerick.

Is there anything it cannot make better?

haha that was epic. well done. but dont do it again, was hard to follow what you were talking about

Ok. That really impressed me. 6 stars for the rhyming, even if some of it was stretching like a stretchy thing.

Shakespeare wrote in iambic pentameter, Yahtzee writes in limerick.

Sounds like they're equals to me.

That was some funny shit.

Ordinarily, I'm inclined to take ZP with more than a few grains of salt. But in this case, I make an exception. Yahtzee, you magnificant bastard, that was absolutely wonderful.

One of the best he's done in a while, and very uniquely done.

Bravo, Yahtzee for keeping it fresh.

Final note: I loved arkham asylum, but I can't wait to see how he tears it apart haha

EDIT: I wouldn't put much on the 2star rating he gave, as it really has no context at all (2 stars out of 5? 10? 35892730284?) but was more of a stylish flourish.

"You can take down the big lads in minutes,
Start a fight with 10 men and still win it,
make your weapons divine,
or just use bullet-time,
which wasn't that great when Max Payne did it."

My inner English major is jumping for joy at this review. (Plus, anything that calls out Max Payne for the crapfest it really was is always a bonus.) Yahtzee, you have truly outdone yourself.

Very nice review lol. I had the tune going on in my head while you were talking lol now its stuck in my head. and I figured this game wouldnt be too good.

Huh. He surprised me this week. Did not even remember this game. Limericks?! Nice twist. Nothing to comment on this week. Waiting for Arkham Asylum.

The limericks sucked almost as much as the game. I didn't even slightly snigger. :(

Best. Review. By Yahtzee. Ever.

I had thought he had grown stale, but top marks.

Its so true aswell, this has got to be the most generic shooter of the year. Even my mate who is a huge wolfinstien fan couldnt really point anything out that was outstanding which is a shame really, i was expecting more from the sequel of the game that was the forefront of fps tech and new ideas : ( oh well, maybe rage will turn out a little more interesting...........

Not his funniest review; but good Gawd, this proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the man has got talent. Four minutes of one limerick after another, non-stop and he still managed to give a clean, solid critique.
I didn't laugh, but I was as impressed as I've ever been. That review must have been a bitch to write.
Bravo once again, Mr. Croshaw.

Everything is boring...blah, blah, blah...I have seen everything before...blah, blah, blah...The world is soiling itself with remakes...blah, blah, blah...


Thank whatever voice of reason Yahtzee listens to for Extra Punctuation, so I'll actually get something out of the guy.

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