Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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Wow... best one in a long while. God I want to write limericks now.

was it just me or in parts did he sound bored/depressed i wonder if thats because
(A) the game is just that bad or
(B) he was forced to do a ryhming review
also he rated the game and said what is next week. whats happened? you have been have been hurt. that is for sure. who hurt you!? who hurt you!?(cookie for the reference)

anyway please do an indian or german accent in a review at some point. a german one would of been good in this as it has nazis, anyway great review

The limericks were really well done. I would post one but I'm terrible at that stuff.

first Irish, now rhythmic? Gosh, Yahtzee is beginning to spread his methods out more lol :P

I think that these alternate reviewing methods are clever but not particularly funny. being one for humor personally, I would enjoy it if you reviewed the next game with your usual wit and scathing remarks, without all the gimicks.

Nicely done, most likely took most people by surprise, and the limmeriks were great, tho im sure the rating was only there for rhymings sake and u could tell it was fairly generic crap just from listening

wow, how does he do it? he is so good!!!

I suprised you were able to keep it up for the length of the review.

He actually kept up the limericks all the way through to the text credits.

Personally, I thought this was pretty funny. As for the people who think he's been doing too many gimmicks lately (limericks, Irish accent, etc.), I think he's just bored. The games have been a boring festival of mediocrity lately, not bad enough to merit a Jericho-style bile eruption, but not good enough to warrant a positive review. With so many of that sort of game coming out, I'd be mixing things up purely for my own entertainment.

Regardless, well done YZ.

I'll admit, very clever with the limericks, but I found it hard to tell what points he made and his reasoning. And while yes it had some novelty value, I always thought a review was to give reasons why you should or shouldn't buy something.

Or maybe I'm just being boring.

For Yahtzee's review I was pining,
Turned out it was filled up with rhyming,
Although it was clever, it's not the best ever,
I prefer it when he's just whining.

Fuck it, I can't think of anything else to say. THAT WAS FUCKING BRILLIANT.

I seem to be the only person in existance who cannot write poetry that both rhymes and makes any goddamn sense so maybe I'm just more easily impressed that most but I still found that one of the most entertaining ones yet.

Ha that was Brilliant
i like the limericks it was pretty cool and creative and refreshing otherwise it would have been like yahtzees other ww2 reviews...

You are hilarious rapping. Nice two weeks of gimmicks, but it'd be nice if for Batman you could try reviewing like you normally do. Or you could surprise us again. Like the Mercury Prize awards, it's so hard to tell what'll actually happen now.

Absolute genius

Limricks kick SO much ass now

Yeah, so did I xD. I almost completelly forgot about Wolfenstein :O. Anyway, great review (like always).

A applaud Yahtzee's Poetic Prowess. most entertaining review in weeks. lets hope all these hot new big name titles can bring back the Yahtzee we love

can we have our usual zero punctuation back as i do like the random ones but they are now starting to form a line and i would like just yahtzee doing his thing normally again.

This was an awesome review (:
His limericks were very clever. I applaud him for them.

No, I am not a fan of the perpetual limerick. I have to say it bored me somewhat.
This is not to say I'm not mildly impressed though - writing that bugger must have been even more boring than listening to it.

That was a really good review.

that was pretty epic. good job yahtzee.

There once was a reviewer from blighty
Whose wit was considered almighty.
But he started to tire and
Pissed off ol'Ireland,
So he did one in rhyme, great crikey!

I think that these alternate reviewing methods are clever but not particularly funny. being one for humor personally, I would enjoy it if you reviewed the next game with your usual wit and scathing remarks, without all the gimicks.

'Being one for humor'? Well that's a lame attempt to seem like an authority of some sorts. I loved this review and the limericks, but I suppose I'm not 'that much into humor'.

I can certainly say that I would have never anticipated that.

More poetry please!

Thanks to this, I think everything I hear should be in limerick.
I'm surprised he gave it a score though, doesn't really seem like his thing. I wonder what he'd count as one star...

1:21--it was King George VI, lad. You've been away from Albion too long!

Great review, but I can't help but feel that it would have been much easier to do as a Haiku.

I hate Wolfenstein.

I really hate Wolfenstein.

Don't buy Wolfenstein.

That's awesome how he managed to turn the whole review into a poem.

OMG he gave a number!

Afew reveiws ago I commented saying how I liked the way he brought something new to it by actually liking bits of it and it was nice he wasn't just slating the game.

Since then it's been something new and awesome and I've rekindled my love of ZP. :)

Stop using gimmicks. First you use an accent and then song. Just get back to the normal review style. Last week's was not that funny but this review was an improvement.

I have to admit when he first said he was going to do the review in limerick, I facepalmed. But turns out it was actually good, a lot better than Irish accent last week at least. Then again him doing a review in a "strangled noise" voice (Second Annual E3 Massacre) would of been better than the Irish accent :P I too was surprised he actually kept it up for the whole review, and loved it :P

Yeah...I also was expecting Batman, but then again I expected it last week too. Gotta remember though that Yahtzee's in Australia and gets boned when it comes to new releases :S

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