Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein

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2 stars feels like a stupid rating. I like his reviews, but sometimes i wander if he is just bashing everything that doesn't look like awesomeness perfected.

I mean yea Wolfenstein is not really anything more then just a solid shooter, but that's still a solid shooter.

Wow! I'd say this one may be the one of his best ones yet, if only for the sheer audacity of using limericks. It's easy enough to make one limerick, but a couple dozen is really quite hard. Way to avoid the shark, Yahtzee! (I'm being serious - after last week, I thought I saw a fin while hearing ominous low-registered half-steps)

That was an amazing review. Brilliant!

Wow, i never realised Yahtzee was such a talented poet!

Good one, but I have a feeling that the Arkham review is going to be freakin' hilarious.

Well, that settles it, the man is a genius... not just a boring internet genius, but a real life original genius who shouldn't even be on the internet, he should be out in real life doing actual interesting things

I can almost imagine the developers brainstorming for title ideas after Castle Wolfenstein, "Beyond..." and "Return to..." titles having already been taken:

Wolfenstein 2000

THE Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein HD

Chronicles of Blazkowicz: Escape from Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein Rides Again

Carry on Wolfenstein

Bride of Wolfenstein

Road to Wolfenstein

Legend of Wolfenstein: Schmeisser of Time


Wolfenstein Vs Predator


The Limerick reviewing form was brilliant!

I don't usually comment on ZP's,but...

THIS IS AWESOME. Easily best review in several months.

Brilliant review, both the style and the content!

Not bad. But definitely not your best yet. I liked the style though. Especially how it carried onto the credits. But i guess a game thats overdone nowadays there isn't much to talk about. Although i liked the game but to each his own.

He... did it... in... limerick...

*Proceeds to build a Zero Punctuation altar out of debris*

Well ... That was interesting. Very funny and like I keep saying to my friends Wolfenstein is Generic, It may have been a creator of the damn genre but you think it might try and change.

It was not even the the creator of the genre (FPS, that is). The originator of it all was not even a PC game. It was "Marathon", a game that was only for the... Mac.

Weird World!

Ah, this game is getting way to much hate.

Good review. I didn't like the rhyming that much.

Wow, he rymed up a storm didn't he? That was pretty good.

And a score, oh my!

amazing poetry yahtzee!

I love limmericks :D way to go!

Wow, just plain awsome!

now that was an impressive use of limericks. I'll have to remember that for my inauguration speech when I become president of the world... it might spice it up a little >_>

My faith in Yahtzee's reviews are restored. That was brilliant!

Well Yahtzee, you seem to find a way to review the un-reviewable which is excellent. First it was Prototype vs. Infamous now the limerick style that I truly enjoyed. I'm not sure if you reviewed other games similarly but if you did then

I played Arkham Asylum (Full Version not the demo )for PS3 at the local Best Buy and my thoughts not to be given I look forward to next weeks review of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

But Yahtzee you non-Materazzi,
it's not the same title you know
If you look closer at the box art
You'll see W0LFENSTEIN with a cool zero

Apart from that slight-o misreading
your review was quite on the par
Little was the game captivating
thus I'd too give it two times the star

Lol, loved it. Best ZP yet with those lyrics, and I agree 100% with it, that's why I'm trading it in this week for DiRT 2, hopefully that'll last longer than the 5 hours Wolfenstein did.

that was epic

I actually applauded at the end. For a while, I forgot he was speaking in Limericks. Awesome ^_^

zing!!! Back to form, finally!

This is why I bother every week. Hurra hurra!!!

I can't believe I'm saying this but: "mad skillz"

Ah, christ, your stupid limerick is stuck to my head (at least the one that followed the rhythm pattern)

nice review, some of the rhymes made me laugh

I wanted to punch my monitor after about two minutes. Goddamn gimmicks.

Damn this review must have taken quite a bit of work to conjure up.

I don't normally comment, but: wow. Stunning.

Amazing review, its good for you to review it in a different way. :P

Best review ever. That was glorious. I didn't think that he'd be able to keep it up for the whole review - rhyming in English is hard.

And looking back he's right. That entire review, content-wise, was nothing new. More of the same "linear, levels are all brown and gary, side missions are jokes, plot is lame and thin, characters are not sympathetic, shooting is kind of fun but the system is flawed" review that we hear every time a new FPS comes out.

Good call on the lymmerick form.

holy hell...he gave it a score....2 stars...

My exact thought... As far as i remember he said in "Mailbag showdown" that he dont belive in scores, so this was a odd move :)

That was excellent. And as amazing as it was to listen to Yahtzee's voice rhyming the whole time, I think my favorite was the silent one. I can't wait for next week!

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