219: Cooking Up Digital Chocolate

Cooking Up Digital Chocolate

If there's a secret recipe to bite-sized gameplay, mobile developer Digital Chocolate may have found it. Jordan Deam speaks with Digital Chocolate (and EA) founder Trip Hawkins about how the iPhone has changed the game for mobile content providers.

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I think it is funny that I just recieved the escapist news letter, on my iPhone, read the article on my iPhone and am now commenting on my iPhone. Congrats escapists you captivated my eye balls for a good 20 min or so.

As a former employee of The 3DO Company, my opinion of Trip is, shall we say, colored by the experience. As such, I fully expected Digital Chocolate to fall flat on its face.

So I must extend similarly colored admiration for the man for pulling it off. Even in the 2002-2003 timeframe, the body-count for "mobile entertainment" companies was fairly high, and the tech at that time was utter sh*t with a side of chips. But Trip can be very single-minded when he wants to be, and in this case it appears to have paid off.

As Jon Stewart might say...... [odd hand gesture....] Kudos.

Sounds like Popcap might just have some competition.


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