Zero Punctuation: Batman Arkham Asylum

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Wow, even Yahtzee loved it. I simply have to get this one. The faults are hardly worth thinking about, I put with bad boss fights all the time.

Hilarious as usual by the way.

Wow, for once I pretty much agree with everything he said.

I was expecting more of a slating, I'm glad that he was honest and admitted it was good instead of totally tearing it apart for a giggle.

Batman is actually a pretty interesting character though.. once you accept that he's as big a looney as all the baddies.

Also, he forgot to mention the best part of the game: the falcon punch...

I suppose they just give him a ring on his cell phone if they need him then.

My usual video game research on whether or not it's worth buying goes thus:

1. research the game online from regular reviewers to get the good bits.
2. hope Yahtzee reviews the game so I can hear all the bad bits.
3. figure out (through a complex mathematical formula) whether or not the good bits outweigh the bad.
4. either buy game or not.

So thank you Yahtzee for aknowledging the relative lack of bad bits, because this was a game I'd long been looking forward to, and would have really hated it if the bad bits uncovered by you had discouraged me.

But they didn't. So I'm off to buy Arkham Asylum and enjoy this great game.

That is, once the price drops a bit. stupid $60 PS3 games.

I agree with pretty much everything he said, I loved the game, and that's exactly why you should never look forward to a ZP review of a game you know will be really good, I'd much rather watch a review about a game you know is crap just to watch Yahtzee rip shit out of it.

well, this makes me not so sad i've no money to purchase the game. i'll buy it next year

I always hated Batman the character, and I hated him more when the uncampy new Batman movies came out, and we're supposed to take him seriously. Everyone else is awesomely awesome.

But I've never found someone who shares this opinion... until now.

that was hilarious, after playing the demo i thought it was pretty good. to see yahtzee agree...

why cant all tie in stuff be like this?


You're probably going to get suspended for that, by the way. Just a heads-up.

Well this is certaintly the first game that has ever almost stumped Yahtzee. And what was he talking about, I thought the box art was fitting. Though I have to agree the whole detective mode vision does seem to good and one can miss out on all the good artwork and such that the developers worked on. But still, thats nothing to complain about.

Everything said in this review can pretty much be agreed with, small flaws, but overall a good game! Ahhh... Zero Punctuation continues to be an un-removable part of my week. Great work YZ!

How do they signal Batman in the daytime?

They send him a text or something. You can do that nowadays, I hear.

Defiantly one of Yahtzee's funniest reviews. I especially liked the part about side-stepping the roided up mutant guys.

Hilarious as always!

Yeah so I had the same question about how they go about calling Batman during the day. Mine was actually, if it's not cloudy out and there's nothing to shine a light on, how do you summon Batman. Maybe he only works on cloudy nights. What a job, 9pm to 5am... sometimes.
"Oh Batman! Help me! That man just stole my purse." Batman - "Sorry lady, it's sunny out and not a cloud in the sky." Batman pauses, then snaps his fingers, as if he just got a really good idea and says "You should call the cops." Batman's inner-monolouge - "Now to go get that drink."

How do they signal Batman in the daytime?

They send him a text or something. You can do that nowadays, I hear.

Or they call his Batcave, that re-directs to another Batcave, then another one, and once they have 7 locations, they finally connect to Batman.

Or ask E.Nigma for help. Dumb idiot hacking into my walkie-talkie.

Also, seeing how this was a (MOST LIKELY) PC version of the game, you forgot to mention - graphics:performance ratio.

I'd rate it 5:2. Graphics are really, really good and you almost never have slowdowns in High Details even on a medium-end PC.

You defeat the giant juggernaut guy by side-stepping his charge so that he goes crashing into a wall? Oh boy, how "inventive." Nonetheless, funny as always Yahtzee.

The fact that he reuses the same art haze never been more obvious.

other than that it’s a average review.

Commissioner Gordon's Red Phone is how you get a hold of Batman during the day!

They never need Batman during the day because it's always night time in Gotham.


You know, I had never thought about it. But I think you maybe right. Still though, how do go about summoning him if there's no cloud cover. But then again is alway cloudy there too. Gotham kind of reminds me of Dark City. Except there's nobody moving buildings around.

this game just goes to show you how batman works. someone once told me that when all the superheros got in line to get superpowers, batman didn't wake up in time and was late therefore last in line. but he decided to use his cunning intellect to forge a note saying he was allowed to go first for the line with all the gadgets. cause this is all you need in the game. the bat-claw, the FOUR different types of bat-a-rangs, the zipline gun that we all wish we could have had as a kid (if not now), the explosive gel, it all has a purpose in progressing but it everything can be used to kick some serious ass if planned right. i'm not a die hard follower of batman, but i absolutly LOVED the way they got the original voices from the Animated Series. cause that is what i grew up with, so it was kind of a return to my childhood without the constant reminder of being a social outcast.

Pretty accurate, was a fun worthwhile game, detective mode is so OP you spend all your time in it and the boss fights are not nearly varied enough.

Hang on Yahtzee forgot to mention the challenge rooms and when your get to play as the Joker in the PS3 version, where did that go huh?

I am quite surprised. He thought it was good! o.O
Genious as always though.

I've got to say, it did seem that Yahtzee was actively trying to find things wrong with the game so that he could rant about them - which means nothing actually jumped out at him that indicated that it was a bad game. If that doesn't say "BUY IT, SERIOUSLY", I'm not sure what does.

great as always.

To answer the question about calling him in the day, in the comics (yes go ahead and say it) batman hooked a system where he knew when it was turned on. or was activated. That way cloud cover would not be a problem either. Durring the day or uncloudy nights, you can think of the batsignal as a large and energy wasting pager.

I give this video a 7/5 (an extra two for my agreement)

I love how the first 3 comments placed the posters on probation lol! Anyway good review and its true there isn't really much negative things to say that out weight the postive. Like usual the review was entertaining. However that lymeric review last week was a really novel idea.

The last comic book game taht I liked was spiderman 2 on the gamecube, and it never came anywhere close to perfection as Batman: Arkham Asylum, I highly recomend it along with everyone on the planet so sorry if I sound like a broken record.

As for bashing comic book writers, the only writers I have a beef against is anyone at archie that worked on Sonic the hedgehog post issue 50.

They use the Batphone to call for him in the day.

I did very much enjoy it what with being able to gain XP by destroying chattering teeth with baterangs and finding Riddler's trophys and green question marks where some of them had to match the exact punctuation mark before doing a quick scan to get the XP. I should definitely purchase this game but I've got some other games that need to be completed first.

Humorous and pretty spot-on with how I felt about the game. It's very rare nowadays to find a game that does almost everything very well and can be so addicting. I rented the game for PS3 and beat it, and as expected I returned it. Some days later I showed my friend the demo of the game on the 360, and I got so into it all over again, and when the demo was over I was like, "Shit, I want to play the whole game all over again!" Last game I had that made me want to experience it again and again was Resident Evil 4, and to be in such company is no small feat.

I think Yahtzee should stick to reviewing games that everyone knows will be bad. Otherwise he'll end up making himself look stupid by nitpicking slightly less pleasurable details of a genuine good game, wich are almost rare these days. We all know thrashing bad games is what he's best at and its hard to believe him when he actually praises a good game because of it.

Any game recommended by Yahtzee is probably worth buying

I guess those imps in the end credits would have been disappointed, even if Batman hadn't come to beat them up. They were signalling for Playmates, not Bunnyman.

great review, but i'm going to be the angry nerd on my very first post and beef with the "comic book writing" platitude. i'd argue that most sucessful comics these days aren't written poorly by any standard, and that the corny dialogue in the game could more aptly be attributed to "game writing" if we want to use unfair platitudes to wash over entire mediums.

nerd rant over!

I agree with the review as a whole, but there are two things that don't sit right with me.

The first is a point so negligible it's barely there, but... am I the only one who played this game and thought, "How is it that even walking seems cool when Batman does it?" For me it felt more badass walking up to the generic henchmen and pummeling them than running towards them at full speed.

The second point doesn't even concern the game in particular, but Yahtzee's statement that Batman is the most boring character in whatever medium he appears in. Having repeatedly proven and admitted to how big a nerd he is AND that he loves Batman, I can't help but feel YZ missed out on comics like the "No Man's Land" series or Grant Morrison's stand-alone comic "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth". After reading those (especially the latter one) I think there'd be an honest change of him rethinking his opinion.

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