Zero Punctuation: Batman Arkham Asylum

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I've been looking for a game, and if Zero Punctuation likes it that'll mean it's like a burrito of orgasm and hilarity.

I thought Halo 3 was fun and good (although I stuck to online multiplayer) and he thought that it was decent.

I was expecting a ripping of this game and it was giving and he also gave it praise whilst still being himself. I laughed and wet my pants

Apart from spoiling the Killer Croc part which I'm at (THANK YOU) I'd say it's nice to see you back from your gimmicked leprechaun-wannabe whatever that was.

I fully agree too, so it's nice to see someone getting paid handsomely for sharing my opinions.
Please invest it in something I'd like too.
Like.. Me.

never liked batman and will never do after they destroyed arnold shwartsineger honor than he was mr freeze but the game still looks awesome and i know i can't spell arnolds last name!^^

I actually really enjoy this game and its nice to see Yahtzee highlight the nice bits as well as the fact that its very annoying to run around holding A all the time. I would have loved a BatSpank attack.

worth the wait!

I must admit, I have been a little disappointed the last 3 weeks.

But this one was quite good.

FFS. am i the only one who cant watch the reviews because it loads only the first few seconds and thats it.???
seriously, it never loads the entire review. i have this problem for 4 weeks now.

Thus far, this is the ONLY review where I share Yahtzee's sentiments to the letter: Scarecrow=good, Croc=bad, Joker=dissapointing.

On the other hand, now that he's admitted to liking it, that should do wonders on what critics of the game remain...

In retrospect, this is probably the only time one of Yahtzee's reviews was more positive than one of mine.


They never need Batman during the day because it's always night time in Gotham.


Very astute. Great review.

yellow snake95:
never liked batman and will never do after they destroyed arnold shwartsineger honor than he was mr freeze but the game still looks awesome and i know i can't spell arnolds last name!^^

destroyed his honor? know he did that movie of his own will, right?

Didn't Yahtzee mention he was playing this on the PC?
Why did he gripe about the dual-shock analog auto run?

I've expected Yahtzee to say "Batman" more often. But still,great review.

K, shopping list done. BTW, since he like it so much, does that mean it's now part of his "tag team"? Because like he said, he had so little to complain about he talked about box art.

Great review.

Pretty much confirmed what I had originally thought about the game. Good gameplay elements but... well it's Batman. Uses every cliche out there in the story and gets repetitive. Still worth a try though, I'm sure.

I know you don't read these comments, but a though occurred: If you know a game is good (firsthand), and you know that a bad game makes a good review, why not avoid reviewing it? It's an awkward situation that is easily avoided.

From everything I heard about this game, it's a must-play, and that Yahtzee had to go out of his way to find something wrong with it is about as solid of a reaffirmation as you can get along those lones.

I'm still not dropping $50 on it though. Maybe $20, or a rental. It's just that it doesn't seem like $50 is a worthwhile price for something I play 20 hours and forget about anymore. There's many reasons, but the foremost would probably be (a) the recession and (b) I've a ton of other things on my plate to play right now.

I imagine pitting Yahtzee against Champions Online would be interesting, on the grounds he didn't hate City of Heroes.

Uh, Batman needs to be Bruce Wayne in the day time?

Also, the glide kick wing thing can be avoided by just rotating the camera around him as he flies.

Thank you Yahtzee for not having a stupid gimmick in this review and just reviewing the game properly. I appreciate it muchly.

Gahhh! That's it I can no longer ignore this game, I gotta own it.

Excellent review as always. i also agree about the killer croc part.

Arse...enal! Another great one.

Dang. I was hoping for another limerick. As for the game being too easy, isn't that generally true about most third-person action games these days? Hilarious as always though. Loved the part with the kittens.

I didn't realize it until now, but Batman definitely is the least interesting thing in anything he's in. Bruce Wayne is more interesting than Batman, and they're the same person :X

lol, I bought it before and all my freinds are taking the mick, I just can't prove to them its quite good.

Nice way to bounce back from a couple lackluster weeks.

Highlights include "THE FUCKING START BUTTON," "Press X to KICK ASS" and the astute observation that Batman's villains and colleagues are more interesting than the Bat himself.

However, Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill's voice acting is as top-notch as ever, even if the writing is a bit of a let-down.

I would not expect a game like this to be hard, so it's nice to know that some reasonably well crafted easy fun is available.

Difficult one for Yahtzee this, because although there's plenty of nits to pick, the good stuff (like the scarecrow levels) is so good that you forgive the bad (like the killer croc nonsense).

I think that comes across in the review. But I hope next week he gets something REALLY bad to review.

schindler's list was a zionist propaganda movie, but with very good acting.

"How can you get scared when you're Batman, the most capable fictional character since Jesus!"

I love you, I really do. I think I'll get this game tomorrow.

Best one that you've done in a long while. Made me laugh.

This is my favorite review from you in the past several months. This is one of the few games that makes me genuinely regret not having a PS3 or 360.

the answer to the riddle: they use black lighbulbs, which cast an inverse batsign.
or simply, they text him.

This was actually a PERFECT review. And if you couldn't tell by him recommending the game, umm, yahtzee recommended a game. I'm not saying he should be your deciding factor, but look how many games he hates that other people like. The flaws he stated are definitely there, but honestly they're just little scratches on a nice sports car. The game plays so well, and the parts you'll really have fun with are there the whole time.

And the scarecrow parts, my god.

Great review. One of the best I've seen in a while. I'm in full agreement on the Killer Croc fight. I mean seriously what kind of bullshit was that? Either way AA was truly a great game and I can't wait for some free DLC in the next few days. :)

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