Unforgotten Realms: Episode 45: Giddy Up

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I'm glad Obama called Kanye a jackass. When you get burnt by the most powerful man on Earth, that's as epic as burns get!! What Kanye did however was an Epic Fail!

haha kudos out to Roamin. sucks that he's dead and all

I remember when these were funny.

That ending was hilarious. Nice episode.

You know, Petey and Jacque really aren't as large as humanoids; they could have shared a horse.
Brilliant episode once again. Excuse me as I slap a "FAIL" sticker on Kanye's forehead.

That was great when he was saying about Petey and Jacques needing their own horses. I was cracking up.

Yeah me too. I was expecting them to need two horses, and then poor Shmoopy ended up with a pig.

And really, the Kanye West meme was superb!

why do i get the feeling that this is gonna lead to some real dumb way for roamin coming back cause he wasnt ever dead he was frozen by the vampire dude

also gaary does hate roamin its either an obvious hit that gaary isnt gaary or its a way of saying by the way im gonna bring roamin back cause he was f!@#ing awesome

other then that awesome episode rob as usual only compaint is that considering its every 2 weeks one would hope for a longer episode however what evers happening that makes it every 2 weeks is most likly out of your control

Someone watched the VMAs ;)
So the episodes are every other wednesday now?

More like someone watched the Internet.

There, a new avatar for me. Someone had to do it.

Giddy Up


I have just caught up with the series (like seen one season a day) and I really love it. Though I hope it won't be two weeks between the episodes.

I know its kinda knitpicking, but cant nailo actually cast a spell called "ghost mount"? He casts it in the classic episodes and it stands on his new character sheet. PS that time him AND Jaque was on the same mount=P exept for that very nice episode. keep it up Robert!=D

Nice ending joke and a solid ep' throughout

so they bought horses. awesome plot development

Oh wow Rob! Yes yes yes! Totally lost it at the Kanye reference!

i think it's time to cut the episode length to half again for the sake of weekly update.
then cut ½ minutes and you can post new episode every day with nothing but intro and outro in them.

This episode got a automatic 15/10 just by simply having Petey and Jaque.

Yo, Rob, I'm really happy for you and I'm gunna let you finish, but season 1 was one of the best seasons of all time.

Seriously though, that cracked me up at the end.

"When we last left our heroes....." It's been forever since one of those!

Kanye West reference!

You could have made a reference to season zero so easily. Schmoopy can't read maps remember?

Unless you did it on purpose of course.

loved the kanye/taylor swift reference at end, it was pretty pwn, lolz

Ah, I love UR's intro music. Makes me happy!

Wonderful job on this one Rob.

that was realy good and the old man wus funny but it still abit lacking i mean its alot better than last weeks episode but come on what happened to the episodes that were like just short of 20 mins i mean realy and the jokes and extra charecter desines were alot poorer than previous episodes i mean keep up man ur on your fourth freakin season of this all be it hilarious animated seares but above all this it hasnt been the worst filler episode ive ever seen not by along shot and i enjoy the fact that u didnt just skip the traveling scenes because i feel that that would leave a hole in the plot and make me feel like i missed something, congrats on making an all be it original but some what lacking animated adventure thriller.

i think that he'll be brought back somehow due to popular demand i mean he was freakin awsome!!!

welcome back ^_^ jokes were light and most of them i didnt care for lol but then that's just me ^_^ and obviously most people disagreed ^_^ and i had to look up that last reference take it im fully out of touch with anything music or video related out side of the Escapist^^

nice episode rob im glad petey and jack are finally back.

I'm betting money that the old guy is an Order of Chaos member.

i really hate the extra week waiting.

Man - The anouncer was just doin his job, doin great when Garry pops out of nowhere... Man hes a jackass...

Come on.
Come on.
Come on.

theres something i dont get. at the start we got 10+ min episodes, then the time was cut to around 7 minutes but it was made weekly. and now we get shorter episodes every second week? im not pissed about it and i still enjoy watching but i would have appreciated info about the schedule.


Hamster at Dawn:
Better than last week's fortnight's episode but still a bit lacking. The finale better be damn epic. Is there a reason the episodes are taking twice as long to come out now? If you can give me a good reason then I'll quit bitching but right now it feels like this show is starting to lose its touch.

This show doesn't cater solely to you. I don't know if complaining is going to do anything but waste space and time.

When did I imply that the show caters solely to me? I'm just expressing my opinion. The main reason I was complaining is because the episodes are only coming out every two weeks now and I don't understand why. I'm sure I can't be the only one who is bothered by this.

The 5th horse is probably for douglas, though he wasnt in the episode
(Reply to: Ocelano)

If it wasnt gaary, who in this timeline besides schmoopy and mike knows roamin?
(Reply to: daniel121)

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