Doomsday Arcade: Episode 18

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Considering it's the church of the "dicelord" and they're all level 7 wizards, I'm gonna guess that the voice is the dungeonmaster of D&D.

I allways wondered what would happen to peoples avatar from RPG's, I guess soon I'll find out.

FEAR TOAD he is obviously gonna be some J-RPG style uber boss u watch

take out Bob Hoskins but not John Leguizamo?

"just kidding bitch-tits" the made me laugh... and the wizard doing the ironing

Nice job on this one guys. Liked a few of the bits. The time stopping thing was awesome. The nickle joke was good too. Looking forward to seeing Toad beat the crap out of Mario and Luigi.

Hilarious, as usual.

That is all.

Du Jour Jaricho:
It may just be a feeling, but is Mario taking orders from Anonymous?

Yea, I really noticed that too lol...

A few good laughs here but a bit annoyed at the cliffhanger. Still funny although I have no idea what was up with the flaming dog or the wizards in holes. I suppose this was just a filler episode leading up to something more epic and it was actually quite good for a filler episode.

Hmm...I sense a Toad-centric betrayal-related plot twist taking shape...

Same here. It'll all be down to Toad, right enough. Poor stupid Toad...

Great work though guys, looking forward to seeing more soon enough :)

the voice asking them to come to it was that of the main goblin in overlord

Actually, I was thinking more of Jester from devil may cry 3...
In fact, It does sound like him...


...Well, at least he made an appearance.

Got really confused with that time stopping part.

I was like "Wow, that was really convenient and...wait a minute...!"

i laughed so hard at the way that evil voice said "no i'm not"

Brilliant. I swear Toad's gonna have the most epic spaz in the world next time. Can't wait.


Nice Okami reference with the flaming dog. Great episode as usual guys. Looking forward to what you have in store.

so many WIZARDS!! nicely done
"piece of piss..." im useing that now fuck cake

Just kidding bitchtits you're not going anywhere.


i think all the members of the escapist like zero puncuation and that are gonna be the resistence

the freeze time thing was insane

Ha! Wizard holes and flaming dogs :P
Poor toad... but it's all good still :D
ahhh... nothing to do now.

The flaming dog was Amatesaratsu, or Ammy from Okami.

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