Escape to the Movies: Jennifer's Body

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Good review, I'd just like the Transformers stick to come out of MovieBob's ass sometime soon. Other than that I did like it.

That last part was funny.

Well Megan Fox... I'd fuck her, I think she's hot she looks like a really hot porn star... with the acting skills to match it. Honestly... never heard of this movie before today but if it's a horror movie I can imagine it's another one of today's bland repetitive horrors with teenagers killing teenagers while adding nothing new or fun to the genre, although even originality blows these days, if you try to make an original movie like the first Saw then sure enough what made that movie original will be done to death and made generic.

I think a better description of Fox is the difference between a Hostess cupcake and a real cake: If you had a Hostess cup cake (or as we can see in this review, two spooning in the same package) Nice. But it wouldn't satisfy like a slice of real honest to goodness, thick layered, generously frosted, chocolate chiped, ala mode, cherry toped cake that reality provides in much greater abundance. And they come in much better flavors than imitation chocolate and orange.

Plus, I think Fox is some kind of post op transsexual. How else can you explain her brand of bland sexuality?

i missed that "oh hay wait" part the first time around lol and i agree ^_^ he is payed to express his feelings and if you have and issue with what he is saying then don't watch it ^^ PS:district 9 or 8 or what ever it was called STILL SUCKS worst movie i ever spent money to actually watch -_- and i was fooled into watching it long before i ever saw mister bobs review so i blame myself not him -_-

I don't care, I'll still end up seeing it just to drool over Megan Fox.

Thank you so much for saying she isn't that hot. Look at her thumbs. I would much rather see portman.

Everyone around me, Friends, co-workers, etc think this chick is all that and I JUST DON'T GET IT! Thankyou Moviebob and fellows for helping me know I'm not the only one who doesn't dig this girl.

You know, Meagan Fox was very attractive to me during the Transformers time, but every time I see a commercial for Jennifer's Body she gets uglier.

It is just so obvious that the movie is such a penis stroking that she is becoming all the more repulsive to me.

I think this movie was a very bad career choice for Ms. Fox.

Jesus Christ, stop bashing Transformers so much. We get it, you didn't like those films. Quite a few people (myself included) actually enjoyed them.

The Douchebag's sit over there "dude" *points at a chair with a big D on the back*

Hell even I hated those films and I am a transfomers fan.

What I'm surprised to find is that I read the review in the paper this morning (Yes, I'm someone who still reads newspapers) and it got ok reviews. My friends at school summarized their thoughts with these words "Sexy, Murder, but neither being very good. I was just wondering if Movie Bob would ever compare his review to others, not like rating, just wish he would examine they're points and weigh in on them. (If anyone wants to read a review from what I think is a good newspaper)

Cheers to you, especially because I thought I was weird for not liking Megan Fox.

I think we have all under minded the acting potential of one Megan Fox, if you to look into one film in particular, "How to lose friends and alienate people" with Simon Pegg and Kirsten Dunst, you would note the casting of Ms Fox as a narcissistic airhead whose sole talent is having the body of a barely legal teen that appeals to the masses of men whom spend their free time watching role playing porn films of under aged characters. And I must say she played that particular role with the uppermost poise and elegance, almost as if she was the character she portrayed...oh awkward.

That whole little extra bit at the end totally cut me off at the pass, every single point I was going to make was killed by his pre-emptive strike. Massive kudos on the foresight.

And I think Megan fox is criminally hot.. I'm not going to pay 8 dollars to see it but it's deffinetely a renter. Seriously, what hetero-sexual man wouldn't want to see a hot girl eat people?? Even if you think she's mediocre as best.

why is it that when i say megan fox isnt like the hottest thing ever im called a fag..... I mean jesus there are so many hotter girls


I actually don't know anyone in real life who doesn't like Transformers.

I really don't get it. Maybe internet people just don't like explosions or looking at hot women? Nah, that can't be it...

Great review Bob, keep em coming.

I wouldn't go to that movie unless I was given a million dollars.

I caught a bit of an interview regarding this movie with the director and she mentioned that it is something of a Horror/Comedy. I have no seen the movie (and don't intend to see it) but maybe it's a bit more of a self parody than we thought.

If that is the case then Meghan Fox, She who is NOT NEARLY smarter than a fifth grader, would fit the role quite well..

I'll give you, megan fox isn't as hot as multiple other actresses, but I recognize she's hotter than anything I'll ever get. So I go with it.

Really though, I feel like you were pretty much spot on. I saw this movie a little earlier, it is a giant waste of time.

megan fox is something i like to call "movie hot". a competent director can make her look hot on film, but she isn't nearly as attractive in real life.

i figured this out after wasting my college think Kristen Kreuk was attractive because of her cameo in Eurotrip.

Meh I prefer "Photo hot" because she can pose pretty damn well for photos. Otherwise, in real life and such, meh.

10/10. Way to tear this vapid crap a new asshole. I vote we take a day off Megan Fox and have a day of Salma Hayek. Yay.

even with the promise that this would contain a topless megan fox, they had to put fake nipples on her. why couldnt they have let her go fully nude, at least that would end the obsession with her

You know what? I'll be first to say Megan Fox has a nice body. Of course I don't understand why she became the icon of sexiness when you see at least ten people as hot as her any given day (they also probably have intelligence too). Nonetheless she is ,as my "homies" would say, "bootlicious". Nevertheless, her face creeps me out, it is too... triangular, it's like a Roswell alien or something.

I hate Megan Fox. Give me someone like Charlize Theron anyday!!

Can't wait to see her screw up Jonah Hex!

I was thinking about seeing in this movie but now that I know what its about Im happy I couldn't. Thank You Bob.

Ouch. that was brutal. I haven't seen this movie and that's because, just like moviebob. I don't see the big fucking deal about Fox. from the promos the plot looked like shit. she IS a craptastic actress and I have better things to do with my time then watch a shitty actress in a shitty movie. That's all I'm saying.

but shit. That review was Brutal

I dont think Megan Fox is attractive at all, and im the kinda guy who sees a walking pair of tits and immediately wants to know her life story if it makes her drop trou.....anchor. So when i saw the commercial for this film....and nearly gutted my Cable box for allowing such bastardization of cinema to reach my screen, i had to defend myself against an onslaught of friends claiming Transformers ruled, and Megan Fox is the hottest thing.....since the sun. I now will use your argument when explaining why id rather drive a ball-peen hammer into my cerebral cortex, rather than watch this dumb bitch play another roll. Thank you movie bob, continue ripping apart shitty movies for my enjoyment.

so if megan fox wasn't in the transformers movies, we'd probably be seeing some other young actress's film getting a bad review right now. her lack of talent played only a small role in michael bay's diabolical play to ruin your child hood memories. i find it's better to just ignore the liv tyler lite, and if needed ignore bay's misinterpretations.. er, everything he does. seriously, bay gets off on geeks' rants the same way uwe boll does, so complaining will result in a stiffy that michael bay will use to fuck The Birds with

Nice job, Bob. Glad to see that you like Dogma. You have very good taste in films.

Well said Mr. Bob. Well said.

Me and my friend watched this video, and I have to say I agreed when it came to how bad of an actor she was. However my friend got so pissed he started raving about that it doesn't matter what people say, she's amazingly hot and she's only been in a few movies and you can't gauge her abilities on that.

Though you really can, and when I said that, he went on to say oh find me another hot actor that's also a great one. I was able to name ten right off the bat, and provide pictures. But nope, he still defends to the death she is god's gift to man. And the funny bit at the end, he took flat seriously saying that it was completely bias and took it to mean that she is truly a gift and he would die for her.

Honestly sometimes it makes me feel sad that I am friends with this guy when he acts like an idiot like this. Comes to reason that the guy can't hold a girlfriend for more than a week before she dumps him.

Either way great review, I especially loved all the pictures you threw in there too. Also glad you were able to rip this movie a new one, prove that it really is just bad, and save me an hour and half of my life of running out with my family.

shes not that hot i see better people when ever im stuffed to go to the mall

Watched the movie and I really wished I looked into some reviews before seeing it... it was friggin' terrible. Even the hot scenes where just terrible.

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