Escape to the Movies: Jennifer's Body

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No mention of the director in the whole review? I think she was the weakest link, as a good director can mask even the shittiest script and coach bad actors. She had two interesting shots but had the same problem as Aeon Flux in she doesn't know how to make a complete movie. Just collection of events kinda floating on screen...mostly boring shit.

I totally agree with you about Megan Fox.

'Nuff said.

utter crap this movie was a waste of time.

So in other words Meagan Fox is the new Pamela Anderson, only without breast implants. far as we know.

Y'know, today I realized something and it's KILLING me that I didn't think to include it in the review-proper:

If you want to see a GOOD version of this movie, track down a Canadian-made horror flick from a few years back called "Ginger Snaps." It's the same basic premise, except that instead of being BFF's the two girls are sisters, and instead of demons the "hot one" is turning into a werewolf. It was well-regarded enough among horror circles to merit a sequel and a prequel, both also pretty good. Give it a look.

Why all the hype about Megan Fox?

It's the eyes! Sure you can go to the beach and see a smoking hot body but us 'eye people' usually can't find someone with beautiful eyes and a body. Nope, she still can't act but she's no worse than Alicia Silverstone who was probably our last fix (except for Halle, but Halle can act).

Just thought you'd like to know.

THANK YOU! I'm glad there is at least one reviewer who knows what his talking about, your reviews are much more enlightening and truthful than well "At the Movies" (on abc).

Now i'd like to share a theory about Megan Fox, she's hot to females, which basicly means she's lesbian hot. I know several girls who think Megan Fox is hot, but no guys.... well not anything new (hot) to them.

Thus all the hype about her is from young teenage girls, who think boy bands are the best thing since slice bread.

Again thank you!


Jesus Christ, stop bashing Transformers so much. We get it, you didn't like those films. Quite a few people (myself included) actually enjoyed them.

He made ONE comment about her in Transformers. ONE comment. Why are you getting so bent out of shape about it?

People are annoyed because he has made at least one comment against the transformers and talked about how much they suck in almost if not every review regardless of what he his reviewing in that specific video.

I thought Transformers 2 was medicore and unmemorable but it is getting tiring that he takes time out to bash it every, single, video.

...I liked the 90s.

I liked Scream. It was the ONLY horror movie I liked. EVER. Except maybe the hitcher but that's just because sean bean is my god...

yah, wasn't going to see this and this hasn't changed my mind, except for all of the bits with her "bits", those tempted me, but I agree nathalie portman is stupidly hotter.

I hated transformers too incidentally, it really sucked

Totally agree on his opinions on Miss Fox. Hm I might just have to start watching this dude regularly

"Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last summer", were fairly good and innovative even if they got milked with sequels.

They got milked with sequels because they were so bland and formulaic that sequels were easier to write. The only "twist" over generic revenge/horror flicks was that the characters were self-aware that they were IN some kind of generic revenge/horror flick.

As far as Meagan Fox goes, I think you have to view her as a 'B' girl. Moviebob acts like she's making some kind of pretensions of being a great actress or something, I have NEVER gotten that impression.

Yes, she works great playing the vapid "hot" chick in generic "B" movies.

But have you seen her interviews? The press makes her out to be "God's gift to men", and she acts in interviews as if she was doing Bay and other directors a favour by agreeing to "star" in their films. Her opinion of herself is way too high for someone who could easily be swapped out by any other B movie prop (sorry, "actress").

Finally a bunch of people who don't think Meghan Fox is the goddess she's made up to be. Personally I prefer more..full figured women, but despite my own personal bias, she really isn't that great. Nonetheless, I had never even heard of this movie until earlier today talking with my friends. They knew it was bad, they were girls(so Meghan Fox wasn't really a factor), they basically just saw it because they knew it would be bad, so they wanted a laugh, which the movie thoughtfully provided. I probably wouldn't see it regardless, but I thought the Satan-worshiping indie rock band idea was kind of funny though.

Oh, MovieBob... Once again you've proven to be like the Yahtzee of movies.

Oh, MovieBob... Once again you've proven to be like the Yahtzee of movies.

I don't really like that comparison. Yahtzee's reviews are mostly picking out absolutely every thing that's bad, whereas MovieBob's are the big picture, along with rants about actors/directors sometimes.

Calling Fox "marginally talented" is a bit of a stretch. Taking her skillset and trying to stretch that into a movie career is like trying to stretch a pair of underwear over an fucking Buick.

I want to grab her like a bowling ball. GO ahead...probate me. Somethings are worth it. ;)

Heh...i've seen more talented and hotter chicks at my high school. Every chick i know is hot, smart and/or athletic. Megan Fox is nothing more than a doll.

Really good review. I'm glad I am not the only person who feels this way about Megan Fox but after my appeals to my friends that she is a talentless above average looking but poor actress fell on deaf ears I'm concerned that many more people will follow in Megan's footsteps.

You are a shining diamond in the intellectual sewer that is the internet.

Never did care much for Megan Fox. She is attractive yes, but in a rather shallow and artificial way. Her recent movies so far have not exactly impressed me with her talents. Maybe she just doesn't have that "Breakout" role that certain actresses needed that'll show everyone that she is capable of being a competent actress.

Or maybe I'm giving her more credit than she deserves. Who knows?

Megan fox sucks, therefore her movie sucks.

Makes sense to me.


Transformers is the best movie of all time.

Fucking brilliant. Except i thought that Scream was great. Otherwise, fucking brilliant.

Jesus Christ, stop bashing Transformers so much. We get it, you didn't like those films. Quite a few people (myself included) actually enjoyed them.

Agrred. Except the 90's suck, Nirvana, Radiohead I don't think so! At least there were some great bands, unlike the 80's.


I actually can't believe I am half coming to the defense of this movie, but I think the only reason I am is because of a few points made.

#1- In actual demon mythology if you were to make a sacrifice of someone who was not a virgin the exact thing that would happen ... well happened. So not really bad plot 'writing' as it was cut and paste from an actual form of mythology. So I can't find a reason to knock that,.

You seem well versed in actual demon mythology. Do you think you could recommend a book or two of the actual demon mythology variety? Because last time I checked, pretty much every faith in the past millennia or so has it's own form of "demons", and I'm pretty sure hardly any of them had anything to do with sacrifices, virgin or not.

Except, of course, actual demon mythology.

Whatever man. You fail. Hey, i enjoyed Scream. I didn't watch it when i was 12, but i enjoy it now at 20. I'm not saying it's a favourite film of mine, but i enjoyed it. If you disagree then whatever.

And the 90's had some sweet music. Jeff Buckley's 'Grace' and Radiohead's 'OK Computer' for example.

What i really mean is, your 'When you were 12' cartoon just makes you look like a giant prick.

Actually, virgin sacrifice wasn't exclusive to Victorian fictional demon worshippers.

Greek Vestal virgins being the classical example. I'll bet the discovery of Vestal temples in Pompeii in 18th/19th century probably inspired the idea that "pagan" religions sacrificed virgins, in collaboration with the knowledge of Aztec ritual sacrifice...

This seems like another generic horror movie. At least it would be if Megan Fox wasn't in it, with her, any intelligence gets thrown out the window. Not that horror movies had much intelligence in the first place (minus Saw).

i was expecting as much considering megan fox is in it.

MovieBob, you are my hero.

God I love bob's reviews, every one has made me laugh my ass off.

Megan Fox truly is one of the worst actors to ever appear in hollywood, I've seen her in three movies now and in every one I wanted to just jump in the screen and tell her to shut the fuck up. She cant act worth a shit and she isn't even attractive in my opinion.

oh my god thank you MEGON FOX IS NOT THAT HOT y do tons of guys think shes the perfect body shes ugly as fuck i think her face is creepy and dos anyone know if shes in the next tomerader film i herd somthing ind if she is in puting a gun to my head...... scrap that hers

I will pay someone lots of currency if they can please explain exactly why she:

a) Still exists
b) is famous (I would also like to know how she became famous in the first place - something unsavoury no doubt).
and c) is popular (I mean really, WHO likes her?).

I finally saw this movie today.

We'll start with MF. Although she is sexy, I hated her in the Transformers Movies. I don't fault her solely for that. The scripted dialogue was bad, I have no respect for what the director brings from the actors in his movies, and her character literally served no purpose to the plot other than eye candy and obligitory romance subplot. The role got her noticed, but did start setting her up for people that like good acting to backlash.

I saw How To Lose Friends And Alienate People. She was in it. Her character was a rich, pampered, and sterotyped starlet. She didn't have much dialogue and as with Transformers they played up the eye candy aspect. They did make fun of the character archtype, but she again was stuck in a superficial role.

Now Jennifer's Body. I liked it. I went in a happy mood just wanting some entertainment. It is one of those horrer movies that poke fun of the genre. This type is indeed a subgenre to itself. It did well to that subgenre. The reason why is some dialogue and situations were well written. They also didn't beat a dead horror horse like vampires, government experiment gone wrong, or some dude with mommy issues gone slasher.

I liked that the lead characters were female. It is nice to change up from the grizzled guy that saves everybody but the horny or black characters that always seem to die first and often. It was also cool that they stayed feminine. In so many movies the chick that gets the job done (whatever the job may be) is always just mean towards the male characters and their roles in the film. Of course by the end of the movie she (usually for no reason) falls in love with the male lead. In this movie, sure Jennifer is mean but at least there is a reason; she is the popular girl in high school and a demon (usually the same thing in RL).

Overall I liked the movie compared to others in the horror class. They deviated from the standard formula enough to make it entertaining and not boring for me. Will it win an Oscar, no. But I had fun. They did have the archtypes but changed their situations enough to seem different.

The best acting came from Amanda Seyfried. I saw her in Mean Girls. She played a total ditz blonde and was funny. Here, I thought she was great and it was nice to see her show some range. I see her getting regular work with a wide range of roles in the future. They tried to nerd her up. She, to me seemed sweet in her nerdy garb. To see her go badarse was almost a shock and I credit her acting talent. She is earning my respect. The lesibian kiss she did was nice to watch, but unnecessary. Fun, but pointless to the plot. Maybe the producers wanted it to get the repressively horny males (like me) in the seats.

I agree with Bob on one point regarding the scripts dialogue. The actors are all playing teens. Some of the dialogue sounded like fully made up words and phrases the are not used in conversation or even blogging. Some of it sounded like the writer was hoping it would catch on and be used by others in blogs to validate her that somebody watched her movie. It did get annoying after a while.

Overall, I had fun.

Back to MF. In this movie, she did a good job. She showed more range in this. Don't get me wrong she was eye candied to death. But I think she actually had something to do beside serve Michael Bay's desire to have had sex with her before she turned 18. Based on this I think if she keeps taking acting lessons, learns/develops, and her agent gets her some roles that don't require her moneymaker; I will give her a shot to see if she is more than a hot chick in perpetual porn make up.

I am not a fan of hers. This is the first thing I have seen her in I liked. I hope she gets an indepth role for us to say "finally, I have a non-horny reason to watch her on screen." Maybe they could remake It's A Wonderful Life and let her play Donna Reed's part. If she can pull it off without shaking her moneymaker, great. If Mary Baily is handing out cash at her husband's savings and loan during depression era 1930s while wearing a corset french kissing one of the female tellers; she's done.

oh my god thank you MEGON FOX IS NOT THAT HOT y do tons of guys think shes the perfect body shes ugly as fuck i think her face is creepy and dos anyone know if shes in the next tomerader film i herd somthing ind if she is in puting a gun to my head...... scrap that hers

For the record, I am more attracted to the other actress in the movie. Amanda Seyfried. I think she is every bit as beautiful as Fox. I like that not only can she be the "hot girl" (Mean Girls), but she can also dress up to the "nerdy girl" (this movie); something MF I don't think would ever do. As a guy I actually look at the individual woman to see if her physical attracivness just works for me. I am not as concerned with what Maxum or other such media outlets tell me. I tend to prefer brunettes, even bordering to the "goth" style of dark/dress. I like piercings beyond the earlobs, but not so much tatoos. I actually don't like Megan's tatoo's. I find them distracting. Where as a woman that has enough piercings to piss-off an airport security gaurd is cool. Just me.

To be honest after seeing MF for the last three years in essentially porn makeup it was nice to see her "uglied" in this movie in a few scenes.

I agree, MF is not "that" hot. She is hot for what/who she has. She has it for herself and only herself. What I am trying to say is that all women are beautiful (hot) in their own way. It is great that not all women are the same and I appreciate the differences. Because most media I have seen her in has a definate "porn" quality to her looks, she seems unrealistic in her appearance; the creepy you mentioned. Plus not all guys want chicks dressed up like porn stars. Since it is acceptable for women to dress it up (all us guys have are suits or blue jeans) it would be nice to see MF change her style around.

After seeing Fanboys, Kristen Bell is way hotter than MF in my opinion. If I ran across her and she said we should get married and have kids without knowing her an hour, I would. She so far has also been proven to me to be a better actress than Fox.

I like Bob's taste in women.

So where's the review of Jennifer's Body?

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