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Wait, so now NOT ONLY do I get a new Nostalgia Critic (on ) and a new Zero Punctuation on Wednesdays, I ALSO get this?

Wednesdays just got a little more awesome.

ODST - Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, also known as Helljumpers.

... Crap, I am at risk from the nerd flu!

Now, thanks to you, all of us are. Thanks a lot![/sarcasm]

In my opinion, this is better than the new Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live already (I don't think anything can top, "Janine, you're a slut!", unless you can get Dan Akroyd in on this show.). I will definitely keep watching this show.

Fantastic! Nerd Flu, oh shit...

This is a Score! I R0F1'd quite a bit.

A far superior beginning compared to the awful Apocalypse Lane.

Crap, I'm infected!

:Runs to shower turns to scoilding hot water:

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! IT'S BURNS!!!!!

Wow, didn't expect this.

Odd that it's up at the same time as Zero Punctuation though.

Nerd flu huh? good thing I immune to all manner of viruses! (and that I don't leave my house)

Team Ninja says they're are going to have the PS3's 'six-axis-thing' control breast jiggling? okay if thats true, someone really needs to stop these guys. pretty soon it will be controlled with the power of thought ^^

Man I laughed at the one in the couch playing wii!

Well done LRR. More classic comedy from my favorite group of canadians (aside from the Kids in the Hall guys. You want to beat them, you're going to need your own version of Buddy Cole).

Nerd Flu

The Escapist presents, ENN, "news you can watch," with exclusive coverage of a horrible pandemic - nerd flu.

Watch Video

I love all of you guys at!

YES! I'm completey safe. No idea what 'ODST' stands for and I don't indulge in any of the contributing factors! Result.

Me too, I'm totaly in the clear (non desease carring boosh).

It's ok, but it's kinda like they made a less funny, video version of "Reliable Source".

"R0F1" - Brilliant! I'll definately be looking out for more of these.

You just cannot go wrong with a Monty Python reference. I loved the banter. Also, I hope my knowledge of what ODST doesn't effect me too much.

Well that was... random haha!

I fit a small degree of that chart so I better checked then. But Japan shouldn't worry about nerd flu, they've got something far FAR worse! Just look at their pop culture!

Nice; always glad to see LRR spread its nerdy influence over the interwebs!

Freakin awesome.
Think i´ll quarentine(?) myself with the computer for some days just to be shure...

Not all DJs look like that....

Darn it why is this on Wednesday? Tuesday and Friday both require some quality programming now. C'mon Escapist hibernating like this is really effecting my body. Can't you help a guy out?

I agree, Tuesday is in dire need of a good show and I think this would fit it wonderfully.

Hurrah! Something relevant and fun, through serious-esque as well.

I've found a new 'weekly'!

hoo its seems another gr8 series is coming to escapists
looking forward to more eps ;3


This video is what got me to finally register for an account here. I simply cannot wait to watch this on a weekly basis. Go LRR!

Not all DJs look like that....

You're correct, all DJs BUT the two guys in Daft Punk look like that. Haha.

Good show. Wednesdays are becoming an onslaught of amusing media. The escapist is very early week heavy I have noticed. Wouldn't mind a bit more of an even spread. But that's just one man's opinion, won't try to claim it's representative.

What if I know what ODST stands for but really hate Halo games?

Hilarious. I've recently discovered LRR and love almost everything they've done. Wonderful to get even more of their awesomeness on the already awesome Escapist.

That was great! Even more reasons to visit The Escapist!
Also, first post.. woot.

cool news show! Gonna watch it next time!

Lucky for the world around me, I'm pretty much quarantining myself at the moment... seeing how I at least have a chin beard and also play M:TG, it's safe to say that I am a carrier.

Also, ODST is NOT a fucking acronym!!!!!! Gah, why does the world keep getting it wrong? An acronym is an abbreviation that can be read aloud using convential rules of reading and pronunciation, which does NOT apply here! Since every letter of this particular abbreviation is pronounced separately, 'ODST' is an INITIALISM!!!!!!
... My god, I think the flu is getting worse. Need pizz- I mean, need chicken soup! GAH!!! Oh god, help meeeeee!!

"News you can watch" I love it.
Keep doing this. There's very little news you can watch... at least that's the case here in the states.

Now this I can wholeheartedly enjoy. Although, I found those Wii-breasts a bit disturbing. But that´s my loss.

Hope to see more of this.

whoot daft punk. i hope justice will get in on that too.

Oh god, I'm going to die from nerd flu XD
And this is weekly? that makes me so happy i don't care i have nerd flu

Graham <3
I'm sitting with a bunch of nerds and had to ask them what ODST stood for. They, thankfully, did not know what it actually meant.

This definitely made my day!

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